Going back to church

I am asking for prayer about going back to our church that we attended for over 30 years.
We have been very few times this year for a variety of reasons and watched pastors on tv.

Before Covid I had begun to sense( feel? Idk) that we should consider searching for another church.
Now, although the messages are biblically sound, it is weak and there is no mention of end times and only a hint that times are tough-A disconnect that irritates and grieves me.

Sometimes I feel that we should go, and then when I think about sitting there, it feels like something is wrong. I waffle back and forth not knowing if the Lord is leading me to go or not go.

Anyway please pray for my husband and me. Honestly, I don’t want to go but want to be in church and be with other people. I’m not confident that there is another church in our area that is sound.

Thank you all for your prayers.


Sister, I will Pray for you and your husband. :pray: