Government Vaccine Mandates - I Could Lose My Job by December

Good evening. As many of you know, I work at a military installation in Indiana, a member of the federal employee workforce. With all of the talk of vaccine mandates everyone has been on edge. Many are really upset (I mean REALLY UPSET, I mean 4-letter word rantings UPSET), but the vast majority are scared of what is happening not only in the world, this nation, but locally as well.

Today, members of the military here received their “marching orders” sort to speak. What follows is the directive that came down from local leadership. It’s been edited to eliminate names and items that could be considered sensitive information, but I think you’ll get the jist of what is happening to our military members:

To ensure we meet expectations directed from higher headquarters and get members vaccinated, I want to have a gathering in the afternoon on Sunday. This assembly will be an answer and question session for all to participate in, and we will answer any questions not covered previous to today. We will also cover a written order that will be issued this Sunday to members present who have not been vaccinated. In addition, those who are presently undecided must now decide whether to volunteer to get either the J&J or Moderna vaccines. If military members want to retire instead of getting the vaccine, they need to submit an application for retirement by COB Sunday with a retirement date of December 2nd. They will be excused from duty until then. If any date later than 2 Dec is chosen, the vaccination is required.

We want to guarantee our members know we value their health and welfare. They must also understand we are a military organization. We have been given an order and will carry that out.

So this was mandated to the military folks at the base.

As I said, I cut out some verbiage so it won’t give away my location or the military installation I work at, but the message is clear; you either get the jab or you’re out. It’s that simple. This is the world that Biden has created. He said he would not mandate vaccinations, and he lied!

The civilian employees like me will likely get our marching orders some time next week, but I fully expect to be out of a job by the first part of December if my religious exemption is not granted, which I’m hearing is likely to be the case. I will not quit, however, I will force them to fire me. That way I can get reinstated once this madness ends, if it ever does.

So that’s the nature of my prayer request. I honestly don’t know what the Lord has for me, but I’m ready to grasp it. Yes, I’m nervous about what the future will hold, but I’m not afraid. I’ve had to start over in life 3 or 4 times already, I can do it again. Thank you for your prayers.


I’m almost speechless. I predict in a matter of days if not hours the nation will be in an uproar. Even vaxxed folks aren’t happy because the definition of fully vaccinated is likely to change just as it has in Israel. So even they are subject to aggressive invasion of their civil rights.

This is unprecedented.

I just read that 72% of the unvaxxed workforce is ready to walk rather than submit.

Most definitely praying for you.


Sir, I have a question for you: as you stated many are visibly angry and verbally expressing it. Are these same people sounding more of the, we will walk away or march to the drum? I ask this respectfully as I am curious as from a tidbit of information coming out about military staff being told to get the shot or lose their job and some whom I’m guessing are not officers, are walking away. Kinda like to know where those who make up the spine of the military plan to go now. After all, people get mad, then comply afterward a lot in life,


Many are already in an uproar, but I predict that since people don’t want to lose their livelihood, they will comply. I say that after seeing a Christian man and wife, who before hand said they would never take the vaccine, did so just because they wanted to vacation in Greece while he was deployed there for two weeks earlier in the year. This example was very hurtful to a military Christian lady who works in my worksection. She now faces the prospect of having to retire by Dec 2nd because of these new mandates because she says she will not take the jab.

Can you provide a link to the source of the 72%? Thanks.


I predict that many will “march to the beat of the drum.” Yes, there are some that will in no way take the jab and will walk away, and some will retire. I know of a O-6 (Air Force Colonel) who is just biding his time until a definitely decision has to be made, then he’s putting in his retirement paperwork. But most are of the “I’m upset, but I want life to return to normal” camp and will, after expressing their anger and dismay, comply with the order. They are being put between a rock and hard place, and I understand that. Granted, this vaccine isn’t the “Mark of Beast” (at least, I hope not!) but the precedent is the same, “you can’t buy or sell unless…”


I believe I saw it in the Western Journal Telegram feed this morning. I will see if I can locate it.

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Not to mention it’s just plain wrong for the government to force it.


Wow this just made me so sad! :cry: Things are moving quick. Praying for you and your family. :pray:


Thank you so much for your input. I seriously don’t believe this to be the mark. I mean, can we see Biden as the beast image to worship? Only in his own mind maybe. Yet I agree this is a testing ground to see just how many will comply because they are told to do so, whether through fear or intimidation.


I certainly am hopeful that military will stand ground. If they don’t we don’t have much hope. This is very symbolic of losing our liberties and will accelerate societal collapse. The overreaching is the part that we really need to be concerned with. Pandemics will ultimately go away…unless Gain of Function contorts the natural cycle… but liberty will not return. So let’s hope that most will act not only in their own best interests but the interest of the Constitution. :us:

Praying for all of our military!


Sometimes harder than other times to really grapple with this part of their oath of enlistment

that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies , foreign and domestic

For some, it’s hard to really admit who the enemy is.


Domestic….yes my friend it is absolutely surreal


But that’s for employees of companies in the US, not federal employees. That is the group of people I work with, and we are being told that there will be a “no excuse” provision that will mandate we get jabbed or face termination. That’s what thousands of the military members will be told this weekend! It’s just wrong to do that to any group of individuals in the workplace, regular or government civilian.


Fortunately, it’s just me! No other family members to worry about, except maybe Bob the Cricket. :laughing: So if I have to sell everything, back what I got left in my little ole 1997 Toyota and hit the road, that’s what I’ll do. God will provide.


It’s an abhorrent dealing to the men and women who are currently assigned to our national defense as well as a slap in the face to those who sacrificed.

Yes the article is relative to the civilian population but it shows how the nation as a whole feels about the mandates and will hopefully empower our military. I honestly don’t know what it will take to turn this around. A literal act of God.


Some scientists are speculating that the vaccinated might not have very long to live - 3 to 8 years maybe. There are concerns that the long-term ramifications of this shot are unknown, that it might interfere with natural immune function, cause micro-clotting, cause cancers, not to mention a host of other problems. If these concerns are true . . . how terrifying would that be to have our entire military out of commission almost simultaneously! Just from a logical defense perspective, it does not make sense to put all of your eggs in one basket. If the basket falls, all of the eggs break. It makes better sense to diversify. Should the long-term impacts of this shot turn out deadly, we would become a nation of weak sitting ducks. Obviously people who plan military strategy should know this?!?? (Or is that the goal, a weak and defenseless America?)

The type of people who keep the military honest are the same types of people who are more likely to raise religious and philosophical objections. What they are doing is purging people of conscience from their ranks. I shudder at the thought of a U.S. military that is devoid of such persons. All you will have left is the “just following orders” types of people – and we saw those types in Nazi Germany. It wasn’t a good idea then. It is not a good idea now.

Praying for all the government and military employees who have religious objections. May the Lord bless you and keep you and provide for your needs. And may God help us and save us all from the monster that they are creating.


I believe that is the goal.


You bring up a great point. We need more people in the military, like the Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who resigned his commission after demanding accountability from his superiors. This makes me think of 2 Thessalonians 2 where Paul mentioned the great restrainer being removed before the Antichrist is revealed. It’s a good topic for a different thread, but I feel it’s the bride, indwelled with the Holy Spirit is the restrainer mentioned. That same line of thinking goes for a mass exodus of good people leaving the military. Begs the question of what do you have left.


This is indeed a slap in the face. All the years that I put in, both in the military and civilian service, could possibly all go to waste. But you know, I’m 60 years old, I might not have long left on this mortal coil, and I consider everything here nothing compared to the goal of being in Heaven soon. It’s just a shame that this once great nation is being laid waste before our very eyes, and we have to witness it.