Guidance and strength for our widow support group

Please pray that my Christian widow friends will stand firm and trust the Lord and not take the vaccine. We used to have a Sunday early evening support group a t a park with a mask , but now a certificate of vaccination is required to attend. Many of us have recently lost our husbands and now are being denied meeting together because we choose not to be vaccinated. May God direct our path and give us strength and courage to start another group without this requirement.


As a widow my heart is with you, Cheryl, and the other women in your group. I am sorry for your collective loss. :heart: This is the cruelest thing…denying those who so need extra support in day-to-day life and now…?

God says He has a special place in His heart for us—the widowed, the fatherless and the “alien.” He is attentive to our prayers. You are all most definitely in mine. God bless you all richly and keep you. :hugs:


Hi, Cheryl. I’m a widow in California & I’m assuming you’re in Hawaii? That’s un-American what they’re doing to you! I will pray for the others in your group not to give in to this demonic influence but find a way to continue to meet together for mutual support during these trying times. God bless & keep you.


My group meets at the Doylestown Park in Bucks county Pennsylvania ! If most ladies have the vaccine why are they pushing the five of us to get it too? I don’t feel led by the Lord to get the vaccine.

I enjoyed Pastor JD Farag 4/18 message yesterday. I will share it with the other ladies! We are loosing our medical privacy and being Pushed in all directions to comply. It just another thing we have to deal with!

I am looking to God fir strength and comfort!
Thank you for your words of encouragement!!


Since that widows group denied access to me I have the Never Alone group of widows meet every other Saturday in my home for brunch, fellowship and Bible Study. Between eight to twelve ladies come!!

God is good, he provides!


Praise the Lord for His ever flowing provisions and thank you for providing the update Cheryl; it’s always encouraging to hear the ways God works in our lives.

In Christ

Please pray as two of us are not feeling well with sore throats cough and headache. Of course one can not get a cold anymore it must be the Covid virus. So we called our local CVS in PA and the prompts took us to a call center in the Philippines where we made an appointment, To use the China created test swaps. My personal medical information is all over the world. Feeling much pressure to get the shot. If I have Covid then I will develop good strong God designed TCells to combat this disease. If I have a cold/ sore throat virus I will get over it with herbal teas/Honey and rest.