Guys, please pray

Hello my brothers and sisters. I really need some strong shoulders to lean on right now…I’m having lots of trouble with fear and anxiety over my job. I knew eventually this would happen…but to hear it in person today at work was just so jarring. My supervisor told me and another unvaccinated coworker that we probably had no longer than September to get our shots, or we would be let go. I just feel angry, scared, and sad.
This has to be a part of the mark? I’m watching the massive protests in France right now & worldwide…how strange that these are not main stories in the news? We are hearing the exact words of - won’t be able to “buy or sell” without it. At this point, we are choosing the world or God, imo. Please pray for strength for all of us. I have quite a few health issues and will be without insurance soon. But God… Love to all :heart:


Oh Jewel. . . You are treasured by our Lord! More precious than a whole flock of sparrows. . . Your house is built on the rock solid foundation of Christ, the cornerstone. These are the days that try our souls. The storms just keep coming, it seems, each one more threatening and fierce than the last. Pray that you might picture Jesus in the boat with you in this storm. Pray peace and absolute calm wash over you in waves. You know who holds the future, and the rescue IS coming . . . Hold fast to your hope . . .cling tightly to your Rock. . .

When I stop in for a visit, my 2 year old grandson often greets me from the top of a short flight of stairs that leads from the entryway to the living room. He calls my name with great excitement and JUMPS!! The first time he did that he took me completely by surprise! Thank God that I caught the little guy! I’ve often imagined that just hurling ourselves into life’s unknowns, in perfect confidence that our Heavenly Father will “catch us” would just bless our Father’s heart! Maybe that’s just what we often need to do these days?? Pray. Trust. Jump!

Hebrews 6:17-19

emphasized textHeavenly Father, who loves us so, you’ve wrapped Jewel in the warmth and protection of your love. Let her experience that, FEEL that, be strengthened by that love, especially now. I imagine her climbing up into your lap and just resting there like a frightened child awakened by a nightmare. . . Her fear and anxiety just melts away as she rests in your love and protective embrace. Father, these days in which we live ARE fearful days. It seems we have woken up in the middle of a war we feel ill equipped to fight. . . Strengthen us, Father! Give us wisdom and courage to stand for truth in this battle. “We have decided to follow Jesus. . . No turning back!”
Father, protect and keep Jewel, and all of us who will face similar circumstances. Show her clearly what to do. Put the words in her mouth which you would have her speak. Provide for her every need! We believe! Her eyes fixed on you, Lord, she WILL walk on these stormy seas and not sink!! Amen, in the name of Jesus!


Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Lord, We all come to you in prayer for fear of this world, that in their hatred of you, they look to dismay us to wound you. Our love for you is greater than their hatred Lord but the fear for family and friends creeps into our hearts, where you reside Lord, and attempts to weaken our trust in you. Embolden our resolve Lord, to face that fear and those that come against you through us. Use our Faith in you to light the fire of our love for you Lord to fight back that darkness of fear and anxiety of things to come. You are greater than all these things Lord and our Faith in you waivers. Enlighten us this day to be strong, fear not and chase out that fear that seeks to weaken us against you Lord.


Bless you, Brenda, @SongSparrow!
I thank God that you have responded in such lovely words and images to encourage and comfort our sister, @1jewel.


I am praying for you in my secret place with our LORD God.

It is such a heartfelt blessing to witness the body of Christ coming together in prayer for another in need. And we do need you Father! Come soon Lord Jesus!

Loving Heavenly Father, in the name of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ I pray and thank you for hearing our prayers! We stand in faith watching what you do best in delivering us and covering us with your peace and protection. You our God Most High and Almighty. We praise you in thanksgiving. Glory to you oh God of our hearts, minds and souls. Blessed be your Holy name. Jehovah Jireh, Lord of provision. In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


Bless you back, Pax! When I was a little girl I attended church with my grandmother. All during the sermon, which seemed such a long time to me, I gazed up at a picture representing Christ which hung over the alter. His eyes seemed to look right in to mine, and his arms were outstretched toward me. I used to daydream about climbing into his arms and snuggling in. When I’m afraid, I imagine that even now that I’m a gray haired lady. Thought that thought might be a gift to someone else in these days when we seem to be in a constant battle against fearful things! :two_hearts:


Heavenly Father, You tell us in Your Word, You go before us and will never leave us. Lord we just ask that You will help Jewel in her time of need. Go before her and make straight a path that she may follow. May she stand strong and be courageous and trust in You every step of the way. Lord protect and keep her oh so safe in Your Loving care.
In Jesus’ Mighty and Merciful Name, Amen.

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

[Deuteronomy 31:8


Oh Lord, help us all. Most of us worry about our livelihoods at some point. We know that You tell us not to fear. We want to put our complete trust in You at all times, but you know our anxious thoughts. Give us peace when the time comes and make our path straight as we take steps of faith. Jewel’s time is now, so we ask that You show Yourself mighty on her behalf.

In the name of Jesus, amen.


Below is one of the daily prayers of Oswald Chambers found in his personal journal. This is included in his Complete Works.

“ Oh Lord, what great and glorious outlines have passed and are passing before the vision of our personal spirits about Thy plans. Lord we do not see the way, but we know Thee and trust. Keep our minds and hearts strong and quiet in Thee. “


Guess I should’ve said “yesterday” I heard that…but I fell asleep typing the prayer request last night & finished it this morning. Also, I want the right words to speak to my coworkers when I’m finally asked to leave…I have worked closely with them all for about 6 + years. They are already asking me why I would want to give up my job & maybe my home, etc. Most are being kind, but a couple, I think, would want me to leave because I’m a health threat without the vaccine. They have been talking about the unvaxed that way.
Thank you all for the prayers :heart:


That thought is a comfort to me


and I’m grey-haired too


@1jewel Ive just read your appeal for prayer and before I read your responses, in case they influence my response, I just want to say to you have trust and faith in the Lord’s promises. Where one door closes, another opens. Please don’t live in fear. Know that the Lord will provide. I speak from experience and a position of utter faith. Keep your eyes focussed on the Lord and have no fear of the fiery darts of the enemy. You will overcome this. Keep praying as I and your brethren will do on your behalf. Cast your cares and the Lord will provide my love xx :pray::pray::pray:


Praying for you! Others have expressed beautifully what I wish I could write. I’m trying to have a plan A, B, C if that time comes, but it’s still a jolt to consider. What a blessing our forum family is. You are loved. Let us trust in Him. :pray:


That makes me :relaxed:


Praying with everyone here for strength. This verse (one personal and dear through many trials) came to mind…

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:26

Without any doubt, this God ^ is just ahead, waiting for us–the Author and Finisher of our faith. He will sustain and strengthen us and satisfy us. :relaxed: The finish line of life’s marathon is surely not far off now…nearer than it has ever been. :heart:



No 1jewel this is not the mark of the beast yet. The mark does not happen until 3.5 years into the 7-year tribulation and we will be long gone.

Well you could point out that a large percentage of people who are vaccinated are getting Covid anyway. So what is the point of getting vaccinated if they can still get Covid? Covid is 99.98% survivable, or don’t they know this.

The unvaccinated are not the problem, Covid is, with all the alleged variants that they are supposed to be protected from?
But are not? A second vaccination, third, forth, and so on. Is that the solution? Until they stumble on getting it right?

This is insanity and I think you will agree. They are reacting to all the brainwashing on the fake news and what is coming out of the Whitehouse like they should be trusted?

Sister no mater what you are SAVED and in God’s good hands. Lean not on your own understanding but on every word that comes out of the mouth of God.

So now that you know what is happening at work, and how much time you have until the deadline, are you looking for another job? Could God be telling you start looking? Could God have another job all lined up just waiting for you?

We all will pray for you, but you should be praying for another job and then start looking, unless you are going to get the human gene therapy shot. It is not a vaccine by definition, CDC changed the definition to accommodate it.

In my old self before I knew the Lord, and if I found myself in your position, I would be pretty angry at my employer and be telling them that they can not force me to get the vaccination, that they have to accommodate me without docking my pay. I do not believe that they have a legal standing to fire you without subjecting themselves to a wrongful termination law suit. I believe that a legal precedent has already been set by a federal judge. So you might want to research an attorney that can give you legal advice on the subject.

With all that being said I am so sorry that you have been put in this position, it angers me. And I will take that up with my Lord and Savior in prayer for you tonight.
God Bless you and stay strong in your faith, God will see you through that is His promise to you.


Thank you :heart:

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For some reason everything is pointing towards September. No matter where I turn I hear mid August to end of Sep

Hang in there. I believe Almighty God himself is about to set some things right. There are just too many coincidences in times and days. I encourage you stay strong in the Lord. Hold fast in your strength. He is going to help. Blessings my friend. In love e


I hear you!!!

My husband works in a hospital in Metro Manila, Philippines. We are holding on by a thread. President Duterte and his administration has given a deadline for the local governments to submit all the names of the people in their areas that has been vaccinated, JULY 31, 2021.

Come by August 1, 2021, the future is UNKNOWN to us who are unvaxxed. Honestly, fear, worry, is creeping in my heart. But you know what, it is also making my faith grow stronger and stronger and my conviction that SOON, WE SHALL ALL GO HOME… but if not yet, and we get into all kinds of trouble and problems, then I pray, just like my brothers and sisters in communist countries like China, MAY GOD GIVE US PEACE AND COMFORT AND JOY, in the midst of this darkness, protection, financial provision, good health…

I am praying for you!!! Do not think that you are alone. MY HUSBAND AND I WILL PRAY FOR YOU.

God bless!!!