Halloween - Trick or treaters

HI all :smiley: I do not celebrate Halloween but God put on my heart a way to share the gospel instead. I went to the dollar store and got candy bags to prefill and i will be sharing the ABC’s of salvation in them. I am praying the Lord blesses me and sends many families my way so that Jesus can be a light on such a dark holiday.


That is formidable. October is time for us, the God’s People, the God’s Army, to get into fierce fight against our enemy; and since our weapons are not made of iron, we must Fasten, Pray, Praise, Listen, Read, Seek. We do not have to spend time within the things of this world, watching TV, spending endless time surfing the web in our cell phones.

It is deadly sad we (and I remark myself), instead of being in the battlefield, are sleeping. By the way, the enemy’s people do fasten and make prayers, and some blood shedding too.

This day,specially, is intended to be a celebration of victory for the fallen (even when we know they have been defeated for ever since the beginning).

God, wakeup America, Don let what appears as amazing customs or traditions damn you.

Army of The Only God, stand up.

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For the first time ever in a very very long time we did participate in giving out candy and I also gave out tracks and a postcard with the ABC’s of salvation and the link to JD’s website. I just feel that it was a good opportunity to give out the tracks because I just feel like I’m sitting here not doing much. Not that many people came to our house maybe about 15, but 15 people were just given something that will hopefully resonate and lead them to the Lord.


I don’t celebrate either, but that is a great idea. I will share this with my daughters and my grandchildren.