Happy Mothers Day


Happy Mother’s Day !

It’s a life long “career “ that I’m blessed to have :heart::heart::heart::heart:




Proverbs 31:28

Her children rise up and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms out there. Hope this day is just a little reminder of just how loved and appreciated you truly are💐

:two_hearts: Alissa



For the first time in I don’t know how many years, my son reached out and sent me a Mother’s Day wish (via text). No words, just a happy Mother’s Day image.

Tomorrow is his 21st birthday.
He denounced Christ more than a year ago.
I haven’t heard from him - not one word- and nothing in reply when I reached out, in more than a year, either. So, that’s pretty significant.
Long history of drama and parental alienation there against me and against the position of being his mom (to demonstrate the significance).

Sometimes we get surprised. I know better at this point than to believe there’s a sudden reconciliation of family so to speak, as many years/decade now this has been a struggle where I’ve seen him only a small handful of times. And out of those years there was one other year I was acknowledged. But at least I know now that he acknowledges this day this time.

I know there’s others on this forum who have also been heartbroken over your kids even to this day. And I’m thinking of you, and your kids.

Prayers they will all know and understand that regardless of how this world appears; regardless of anything people may do or have done, to hurt their heart and let’s face it their soul…that they know Christ. Time is short I think. And - Above all else that’s what matters, their salvation.

Thinking of you all, moms. I know this has been a long (and for many of us deeply painful) haul.

We’re almost there.

I updated this recently on my profile, and I thought I’d share with the moms. If you are hurting today as I have for so long, know this:

Who am I?

I am created by God.
He designed me; so I am NOT a mistake.
His son died for me; just so I could be forgiven.
He picked me, to be his own; so I am chosen.
He redeemed me; so I AM wanted.
He showed me Grace; just so I could be saved.
He has a future for me; because he loves me.
So I don’t wonder anymore.
I am a child of God.

Reference: Overcomer

(I don’t share the video of this beautifully spoken clip from the movie, because it seems like all of those are being moved over to “links and resources”)

Praying for you and your children, moms.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there :heart:


Mother’s day is where I make shrimp Etouffe’ and give her red velvet cake for desert. Just me and the Mrs. as the daughter left 0dark:30 on a business trip this morning and son is still out of the country for about a week but even so will not get a chance to get to come by and see Mom. So she gets a quiet favorite dinner and lots of peace and quiet.


I’m sorry, Kris. It’s bittersweet. Yes, so many of us can relate to the feelings you express. ThanK you for sharing, and sending love and peace to you. You know who you are in Christ. I pray your son finds his way back.

In His name,





First poem I ever wrote.
A Mother’s Role


My mother’s birthday was May 7.
I sent her a box for her birthday and Mother’s Day. She’s 88.
I will not go into much history but I had a tumultuous relationship with her at times. She didn’t get along with my older sister either.
Over the years however, I knew deep down my love for her. She has a hard life as a child. Very poor and not the best home environment.
I was able to look at her as a fellow human being with feelings, trials and talents. I credit her for my faith as she put me in Christian schools and took me to church etc.
I’m so glad God gave her as my mother despite our past.

She got the box I sent and called me. She said there was another box and she thought it was from my brother. But when she opened it, there were flowers and chocolates. The card said Happy Mother’s Day and ended with God bless you.
It was from my son John Michael.
He sent it to her on his own volition. He is not saved and my mother has prayed for him, sent him Christian literature and explained the gospel to him many times.
He’s 23. I agree that salvation is the greatest priority for people especially for our kids.

She was beside herself and said he was so kind. She and him get a long great. I was in tears. My son isn’t perfect of course and we’ve had our moments. But I was beyond touched at what he did.
She called him yesterday too.
God is working so never ever give up on family no matter what has happened in the past.
Again, Happy Mother’s Day​:heart::latin_cross::cherry_blossom::hibiscus:


Oh how I miss my mom. Sad day for me today.


That is a testament to your guidance as a Christian mom. Raise a child up in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. :pray:t2::heart::sunflower:

God’s at work, Steph! Never lose faith.




@Stephmerm What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing that! Awww! :heart:


Thank you. Yes, great hug.


With you @Janet7

1 thessalonians 4:13-18

In Christ and in anticipation


Deeply moved by this thread. Happy Mothers Day to all my sisters here on the forum. :heart:


@Janet7 same :sob:

i miss my mom so much! She was my favorite person to shop with, eat out with, go to white water park with, to the movies with and i still remember her laugh, her tears as we watched the movie " Beaches". She always put me first, she always brought pink carnations flowers to me for my birthday every year. She was a sweet, gentle soul and i love her so much and Lord knows how much i miss her. :heart::sob:


I feel for you too. My little sister put fresh flowers on her grave. I just can’t make myself go. It’s been over 2 years, but still can’t go.