Happy Mothers Day

I will. Thank you for that. My little sister went to Colorado today to attend her twin grandsons’ high school graduation. I’m remembering taking my mom to Colorado when they were born - they were her first great grand babies. Mom refused to fly anywhere, and it was about a 30-hour drive. I’m so glad I took her. She said it was the best trip she had ever taken.




Thank you Steph! @Stephmerm



Happy Mother’s Day to all.

My mother has passed away some years ago… I am hopeful that she is with the Lord. She never went to church that I remember but she sent us to church as kids and I remember vividly her singing hymns in the kitchen like The Old Rugged Cross, How Great Thou Art, and Rock of Ages. We never had heart to heart talks, she wasn’t that kind of person… at least not with me. But I hope she is with the Lord.

Also… my two daughters gave me the best Mother’s Day gift. It hasn’t arrive yet, just the slip to pick it up, but they told me what it was. My oldest dog is 15 and has cancer. She still loves to go on outings to the park, gets so excited, but she has very little stamina. After a meet up with my daughters and granddaughters at the park this week, which she absolutely adored… spent her time mooching everyone’s lunch despite that she is mostly blind, I had to carry her to the car (she weighs 50 lbs) and she slept for the rest of the recuperating her strength. So they bought her one of those foldable wagons with the big wheels and the high sides so next time we go to the park she does not have to walk. :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did just that, except she is in a mausoleum. No butterfly’s or buttercups, but a handful of flowers and ribbon. She is buried with my oldest brother, so I cried twice as hard. She died last May 10th.


A Godly Mother

A Godly Mother is a treasure –
A gift more precious than gold…
Her children rise up, and call her blessed,
And in high esteem do hold.

Her love is like that of our Savior
Who sacrificed His own life…
That we might live joyful, Godly lives
In a troubled world of strife.

Her heart is like His, holding us close
No matter how far we roam,
And her arms are always open wide…
To forgive and welcome home.

Her hands are busy molding our lives
From the moment we are born…
Planting seeds, loving, disciplining,
Even when weary and worn.

Her feet are always careful to go
Where her child can follow there…
How could we thank our Mother enough
For her tender loving care?

A Godly Mother fervently prays
For that child she loves so much,
For she knows the fruit of her vineyard…
Depends on the Master’s touch.

“Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.”

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it”

(Prov. 31:28; Ps. 127:1)


Well the birthed kids are away today in CA. So the kid she married had to make dinner. Tonight’s fair was shrimp Etouffe’.


Because of JESUS, I will see her again! :raised_hands:t3::heart::tada: