Having a bad run

I sincerely thank those of you who prayed for me during my recent hospital stay. Tbh i was getting more afraid of being in the hospital …but God …
Git home water coming through cieling in landing again our incredible father overulrd. Just relaxing and the electrics in kitchen went insane. Trying each socket and aplliance to see where prob originates.

At the moment its a bank holiday weekend due to queens funeral. Will contact electrician tomorrow. I think its my poor old fridhe freezer at end. Friend said to get electrician out and then i need to get new appliance appreciate prayers that God will send an honest reliable man to check the electrics and that i can get the right appliance. Thank you .


Loving Heavenly Father

Please deliver to @Margaret a Godly influenced electrician capable of solving the problem she faces with her electricity and appliances. Please protect her from those not of You at this time and help her find means in which to pay the man, should it be needed to pay at the end of the job on the spot.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you Jon, you are so diligent in prayer, thank you. As today was the Queens funeral nothing moving will make some phone calls in morning. Thank you


Hello Margaret. I’m having these things going on to. I prayed over my refrigerator. I’m getting high electric bills and more than my neighbors. But I’m not having all the technology in home like my neighbors do. It’s a suggestion to stand in front of stove and pray. Holy Spirit may tell you what to do. Praying fir you. As a woman I know these things are frustrating. God cares about these little things be blessed in Jesus name


Thank you Sandra i did, i must continue to do so. I am so sorry the enemy is having a go at you also. Thank goodness we have others in forim to encourage and pray with. The Lord abhours dishonest scales may he overule so the enemy cant continue to steal from you. May he be forced to restore that which he has taken.
The electrian didn’t come today, praying he does tomorrow.
Thank you and God bless you


Thanks for prayers see my prayer request. Emergency prayers. Need apartment in 2 months. Sandra


Hey Margaret @Margaret,
I was just checking in on you. I’m sorry the electrician hasn’t been by yet. Just remember, God is never early, never late— He’s always on time.

In the meantime, I hope you’re getting stronger and healthier— and getting some Smurf love!


Thank you Georgia Rose, you are so right and kind. GOD’S timing is perfect. Thank you so much for praying so faithfully

Wee Smurf is a gift she isnt a cuddle bug but having company is a real blessing. And last night a sweet lady from church dropped by with a microwaveble meal for me…so lunch is sorted.

Thank you


Morning Margaret,
I gathered Smurf is not a cuddle bug, but had hopes since she had sat on your knee a few days ago. Thought the old girl might have turned a new leaf…. But you’re so right, her company is good medicine. I’m praying for a competent and Godly electrician to find and fix your problems— and not charge too much.


Thank you, electrician arrived no problem with sockets or fuse box its the fridge. I offerred to pay cash but he said he will talk to his boss so prob get an invoice in the next few days lovely kind and thoughtful young man .
Now to get a new fridge and get my poor old monster away. I loved tgat fridge my late uncle bought me it in 2004.


You will really love it after you see more ‘modern’ choices. We had to buy a new washing machine last year…. they don’t make ‘em like they used to. New one is so loud, often stops washing midway through because lid pops up and I must add water manually to it every time I wash in order for water level to cover clothes. I looked online— apparently everyone has the same problems with this model. Wish I would have been able to fix old one. Good luck in your search! Perhaps you can find a gently used older model……


Oh dear that sounds ominous but we wont need the new items for long we have a brand new model fully loaded home waiting for us. Soon and very soon.
Smurf was upset at stranger being in but did stop by for a quick pat.


Well, ya know, it’s probably good it’s not an electrical problem cause sometimes there’s just no end to those.

God has blessed you again and I’m so glad. Are you feeling ok and taking care of yourself? Give Smurf a big ol hug from me.

God bless you sister in so many more ways!


Yes electric problems can be very dangerous. God really has been extremely good to me. His banner over me is love. And i had a lovely walk through park earlier, my birds recognised me. So glad my dear midnight is well. Hope you r well. Have you any time off due?


I’ve got today off and that’s it til November 15th. Spent this morning getting my car serviced but taking it easy the rest of the day. I’ll start staying with a labradoodle named Capone tomorrow. He loves listening to Pastor JD’s sermons.

Great that you got out and mingled with your birds.


Thank you, i had a couple of doggie friendscrun over too, and being able to get back to the prayer meeting was great. Sorry you seem to be permanently working. But great that your next assignment is Capone. Smurf doesnt like sermons. She views tge phone with deep suspicion


Haha. Cats are suspicious of everything. :blush:


Yes but she figured out where the cat trests ate and can let me know her favourite flavours with no problem at all.
One if my previous cat, Patch loved the gois old fashined hymns likevPower in the blood and would sign along with me. Smuf looks at me in disgust.


Yeah, I know that look.


Dewey, my deaf Turkish Angora loves for me to sing. Well its a sing and dance combo but actually it is not a dance. confused?
I hold him while I gently move around to the music and sing. Now he’s no cuddler either but he will stay in my arms purring loudly until I stop. His favorite, Jesus, Jesus Jesus, sweetest name I know.