Having a difficult time

I’m having a rough time this morning. The rash on my scalp seems to be spreading and I’ve been using a steroid shampoo daily like the dr is having me to do. This has been a huge burden, it takes up most of my morning, and its getting tiresome. I’ll be going to get it cut tomorrow. This also has saddened me cause it took me 4 years to grow it out but i know I’ll be ok with it. My mind keeps asking why this is happening to me. I’m mentally exhausted. Lots of things have come against me lately and I’m not understanding why. I’m at the point I’m asking God to just bring me home. Thank you all and God bless.


I am praying for you, Lena.:cherry_blossom:


I am going to join @Gracings in her prayers. :pray:
Warmly Doc :dove:

@LA remember God understands where you are at. Paul himself despaired of life.
" We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about the troubles we experienced in the province of Asia. We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself." 2 Corin.1:8


Well, the solution I took will not please you nor console you, but for me, I was already along the path anyway so unlike you, I shaved my head. BTW, if you ever see a bald guy in the middle of a really freezing winter, feel for them. Meaning have a caring feeling for them, don’t go feeling their head. I mean some may like that but I would have been rather stroppy over it. Summer is also kinda bad because the sweat just rolls down your face whereas with hair it at least is the sham-wow of the natural world (for the most part). Perhaps a message fitly spoken will come to you.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please comfort Lena with a blessing of peace and calm in her heart and mind. Allowing all the things that are stressing her to fade from a notion of needing attention and concern right away. Transform her problems into solutions and her anxiety into laughter while changing her fear into courage and weaknesses into strengths.

Help her to see the importance of what is and what isn’t important (that’ll make anyone sit and think). Guide her to the reveal of truth within this world and the truth within Your kingdom and aide her in discerning the two. Pierce that day with a holy song to lull her to rest and calm. Please allow her to feel the presence of a hundred angels singing praise to You and place a hand on her shoulder to know You have whatever problems she faces under control for Your good.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you Jon. My sister had to shave her head years ago when she did chemo. It was devastating for her at first but when it started coming back in, it looked really good on her. I certainly hope i won’t have to do that but if i ever do i hope i can look half as good as she did. Thank you for your continuous prayers. :heart:


It’s becoming a rather attractive status symbol for people. For me, I just have to keep working out so I look like someone you don’t wanna mess with lol. I’ve heard it affectionately referred to as God’s solar panel of peace and [Sorry, caught my iPad autocorrect and it’s LOVE not ‘leave’, sorry], or God’s Awesomeness symbol :rofl:.

Don’t worry. Be calm and know that He is with you even through some harder to cope times like this. Or, running out of gas half way home and you have to use the restroom.



Have you checked into home remedies for scalp?

Dear Lord,
Touch Lena’s scalp and stop the rash from spreading and comfort Lena, free her from all pain in your powerful name Jesus.


Yes I’ve tried different things. Changed all my hair products, tried ACV rinse, coconut oil, tea tree shampoos, etc. I was anointed at church not long ago. The itching on back of my head stopped but it started on the top now.
Thank you for the prayers, i appreciate it. God bless you.


This might sound crazy…but many foods release histamine that cause inflammation an itching.
I will see if I can find a link to an article about histamine intolerance.
Proceessd sugar is a culprit for a lot of things.



I was wondering, could this be an allergic reaction to something introduced into your environment, diet, etc??

Also, an oral steroid (Prednisone) is something to consider asking your doctor about too!

~ :pray: ~


i used to juice alot and i know there’s healing for hundreds of symptoms in the celery juice. I found this so maybe try this.


I’ve been using Clobestol shampoo, its a steroid. Dr said if it didn’t work she’d prescribe something else. I’m suppose to go back in June to see her.


You could be on the trail. Inflammation has all sorts of triggers.



I went through a wacky hair incident a few years back and a bottle of tea tree shampoo and dandruff shampoo cleared up the scalp and smell. I hope the new steroid shampoo works for you and gives you some sweet relief.

Oral Prednisone is something I hope the doctor will consider prescribing if the steroid shampoo fails. That stuff is a wonder drug. I couldn’t live without when my RA flares up. I liken it to the invention of Aspirin and Penicillin…whatever ails a person, one of these will knock it out :grin: :wink: :joy:!

Keep us all updated, my friend :tulip:.


Hey there Lena @LA,
I too lean towards rashes often being caused by allergies. Trick is to figure out the allergy! If you haven’t had actual allergy tests done, it might be something to consider, especially if you don’t want to cut your hair. I don’t understand how cutting your hair would help unless you have really thick hair and a fungal infection… and there are medicines for those that are not steroidal in nature.

Benadryl is really good if you itch; internal or topical. They even make a spray which might be easier to apply to your scalp. Comes in generic too.

Maybe you’re also having a reaction to the clobestal? I did a quick search and rashes are one of the main side effects listed.

I also sent you a PM. Will keep both you and Jim in my prayers!

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I’ve had 3 different diagnosis from 3 different drs lol. One said it was eczema, a dermatologist said it was psoriasis (she took a quick look, no tests) and this last dermatologist said it didnt look like psoriasis at all but wrote in her notes it was irritant contact dermatitis. I asked for a biopsy to rule out psoriasis but she wouldn’t citing it would raise my insurance premiums (which my insurance comes from my husbands employer). We don’t have many drs around here, especially dermatologists that are in network on my insurance so its slim pickings. So i really don’t know 100% what it is on my scalp. If its contact dermatitis i would think a patch test would tell me but alas dr didn’t offer that either. Only thing I’m using on my hair is a shampoo that has no fragrance, dyes, or sulfates, plus the clobestol shampoo. I have very thick hair which takes a long time to dry and i can’t use heat to dry it so thats why I’m thinking of cutting it and so i can get medicine better to my scalp.

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This is how thick my hair is. I had it short for years.


Wow Lena, you have the hair of my dreams, except for your color. Those waves and that heft! I hear you on doctors, especially the scarcity of dermatologists. is there an allergy specialist in your group? Testing is their go to for prognoses.
If it’s contact dermatitis, shorter hair probably isn’t gonna offer much relief. Some of these remedies have helped my rash/itching problems in the past. FYI I have rashes on my arms and legs sometimes for months. I’ve tried just about everything, lol. Your hair is amazing; it would be a shame to cut years of growth and NOT get any relief.

ps. scanning time for article is probably less than two minutes. It’s well organized.


@LA This is an expensive idea and one that doesn’t use insurance which gives the doctor more freedom to do tests and prescribe treatments.

Off grid medical doctor.

This is a link to the information about a doctor in Northern Idaho who will treat by telehealth if necessary.


3 different drs with 3 different diagnosis, eczema, psoriasis and the last dermatologist i saw said it didn’t look like psoriasis at all, her notes said irritant contact dermatitis. I’ve had no tests to confirm anything.

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