Having a rough day

Its been pouring rain all day. I’ve had a bad headache all day and my husbands uncle is here to stay the night and well hes not the most pleasant person to be around. He basically uses us as a free hotel room lol. And my husband got attitude with me earlier about if we didn’t go to the mall tomorrow he would go by himself somewhere. Well he has epilepsy and knows he shouldn’t drive. So i showed him pics of major flooding near the mall so he didn’t say anything else about it. Everybodys on edge here. They’re giving us 80% rain tomorrow. So just pray for us that we get thru these next couple days. I can’t believe his uncle showed up in this weather to just go look at some property.


Quite honestly I’d be willing to say, considering the state of the world, this country and the fact that we’re surround by pure evil…just about everyone is on edge.
The best way to cope with what you’re experiencing is to calmly remove yourself from the chaos…go to a quiet place and talk with God about it. What others feel and do is their decision so as long as you refuse to react to any of it you’ll be blessed with His peace.


Great advice @HIS…and I do agree so many are on edge. @LA praying things stay peaceful at your home.


Im actually in the bedroom reading some. So far it sounds peaceful here. We have flooding in our area and getting ready for more rain shortly. But i feel calm and at peace. God is good.


Praise God…for He hears every word you say and think then provides exactly what you need.

Loving Heavenly Father. as you are able to do ALL things, slow and minimize the rains that threatens flooding. Restore peace to LA’s mind, home and marriage.

Please Father, in Jesus’ precious name fill her with strength, patience, love and speak to her in such a way that she’ll know that what she hears is YOUR VOICE. Protect her heart AS ONLY YOU CAN.

Remember LA…Romans 11:36 For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.