Having to give in and make a request

The plan was to retire the end of May. After a Skype call with my son last night situation has again changed in a way where my wife has to go back and live with him for a time because my soon to be ex-DIL has just filed for divorce. Now chances are good she will not succeed in what she is asking for but the time running through the courts is such that my wife will likely be gone till late October.

I was hoping to retire the end of May and down size and head south to help my sister but that is not an option now. I could retire and supplement while I remain where I am with its associated higher cost if I supplement work but things like Amazon flex and Grubhub don’t provide sufficient hours or hourly wage that I make now. So that leaves hanging on till at least the end of August, maybe longer.

So my request is that my body holds out health wise to remain employed for at least that long. I do have one saving grace to fall back on and that is go on a permanent medical 8 hours restriction at work. That will go a long way to helping being able to continue to work for at least 4 more months provide I don’t have any flare ups that force me out of work for any length of time.

So I am asking for prayers of strength and endurance to continue working.


What about taking a leave of absence? To buy yourself a couple of months. Or try to get a medical leave due to the stress of your situation. It’s not shady…although for us old school, don’t call in sick unless you are literally dying kind of folks it can seem that way. In reality, self care is hugely important and there is no shame in getting a Dr’s note stating that you need some TIME OFF. I did that last year and just burned through my PTO (which I had plenty of since we were always too short staffed for me to use it) but it held my job and my benefits. Maybe just for a month so you can truly assess the situation? Then decide :woman_shrugging: It must be stressful to watch your son go through this…glad he has his mom to watch his back!


Oh Jack , what a heavy burden this is. So many trying things are happening to so many of us.
You have a combination of 2 of the heaviest burdens: family and health. I will pray for you.
It seems that perhaps Satan is either working hard to weary us all so we don’t have the strength to hold each other up, or God is trying us to make us stronger.
I too am struggling with family conflicts on several fronts. I am a bit surprised at how much it has drained me physically in such a short time.
I will pray the Lord holds you up and strengthens your body to keep going.


Nahhh gotta stay working. Need the income for now. But a limit on hours will do nicely enough. Just tired for the bureaucracy garbage of this government job. Same stupid things get said day after day and it has gotten old.


Praying for your family and health @BayouBushi; that you will be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to endure through this challenging time and that His will be done. You’re a strong and righteous person and a blessing to us all here on the forum. Stay strong brother :pray:


I lift up @BayouBushi and his entire family, and place them in your Loving Hands.
I ask that your Sovereign Will, would be done in his life, and all those family members involved.
The very same prayer that Jesus used, “Not my will, but yours be done.”
A Bottom Line Prayer
Blessings Doc :pray: :dove:


Lord, I am asking that if there is an option that hasn’t been considered that You would make it plain. Give Jack wisdom and discernment and supernatural strength to obey the path that You have for him. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Praying with you and for you, Jack. As Naomi said, so many of us are finding ourselves in some complex issues, right now. Nothing is complex to God, however, and He wants to do the heavy lifting. :pray:


I am also agreeing in prayer with everyone here. I will pray for your family, health, wisdom, knowledge, strength and endurance for what God has planned for you. May His will be done. :pray:


Morning Jack @BayouBushi,
I’m so sorry for all that has beset you and your family! It must really weigh on you when the relief that retirement would have brought was so close. I will continue to pray for you to stay strong and healthy and for safety and protection for your wife while she is at your son’s (and for his sad situation too). It would seem that your family is definitely under attack. Take comfort in the fact that you guys must be livin’ right!

Abba, we come to You with grateful hearts for this child of Yours who has brought such joy and strength and wisdom into our midst. You have truly blessed us with Tommy’s presence. We thank You for this!

Please protect his family from the assault of our enemy. Give Tommy all that he needs to bring glory to Your Name. Pour out blessings from Heaven upon him and his, please— give them such abundance that there be no question that it comes from Your hands. Please give Tommy good health, patience, wisdom and strength, as he faces more time working than he had hoped for. Please dispose his bosses and coworkers to show him favor. Bless Tommy in his workplace, bless his health, family, friends, finances and other resources. Hold him up so that weariness does not overtake him Father. Thank You.

Please keep his wife safe while she helps their son in his trials. If there must be divorce, let the courts favor their son and let the process be quick and as painless as possible. Bless this DIL with a heart for You and a peaceful disposition, especially towards her husband and MIL. Keep the children safe from the fallout too, Father. We thank You for this. We praise You for all You will do on behalf of this family. In the Name of Yeshua, Your blessed Son, our Kinsman-Redeemer we pray and praise You, Abba. And we long for our rescue from this world. Please call us home soon! Amen.


Heavenly Father

At this time we ask and beg that You protect @BayouBushi from those not of You and keep him in good health, or if You’d have the time, strengthen his body inside and out and rejuvenate his immune system and well, I mean if You intend on us being here a little longer than we anticipate (like past 5 minutes from now), could You just heal the man so he could continue the arduous task of working till a little later than his original retirement date if need be? OR, I mean, Creator’s choice, find him something that will be even better for him and cover all his expenses, I mean, whichever You’re down with, we’d love to have from You.

Please guide his steps and place the stones for his mind to skip down during these coming months ahead. Whatever that means, I’m meaning it for something ultra good.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you Jon.

A little something to go along with the prayer.

Get Up and Go

How do I know my youth has been spent:

Because my get-up-and-go, got up and went
But in spite of all that, I’m able to grin
When I think where my get-up-and-go has been

Old age is golden, I’ve heard it said,
But sometimes I wonder as I go to bed
My ears are in a drawer, my teeth in a cup,
My eyes on a table until I wake up

When I was young my slippers were red
I could kick my heels right over my head
When I grew older my slippers were blue
But I could still dance the whole night thru

Now that I am old my slippers are black
I walk to the corner and puff my way back
The reason I know my youth is spent
My get-up-and-go got up and went

I get up each morning dust off my wits
Pick up the paper and read the “orbits”
If my name is missing, I know I’m not dead
So I eat a good breakfast and go back to bed


@BayouBushi Jack, that sense of humor of yours will keep you ‘forever’ young at heart. Praying in agreement with others for you and your family at this challenging time for all.


Young at heart or eternally immature?


That sounds rather heretical. ( EDIT : this comment of mine was too blunt. I know you were just joking again. You’re going to need that sense of humor in days to come.)
With all due respect, you know very well that “when we see Him, we shall be like Him”.
(NB. I did put ‘forever’ in inverted commas, meaning just as long as you’re on this earth…) :grinning:


Sorry I am late to the prayers but am trusting that God will give you clear and immediate direction. I can’t imagine being away from your love for that long and know it has been LONG. The Lord clearly has a plan and know you are in good hands. The many who have responded shows how much you mean to this crazy group of sinners saved by His Grace. We all are standing in the gap for you dear brother. Don’t give in to the doubt and insecurity that will be thrown your way. We are covering you with encouragement and prayer for finances, health, and wisdom.