He is the Strength of my Heart

Given less than 10% chance to survive. Being premature 3/4 months early. Doctors made a mistake on my first surgery leaving me with the use of only 1 functioning lung. They severed the left pulmonary artery when they wanted to close the duct. They found out 4 years later the duct was still open and I only had 1 fully functional lung and limited capacity on the other lung as it was severed.

I was on a ventilator for 5 months. I was not breathing on my own or independently. My Mom prayed with some amazing godly women. I came home that Christmas.

I am very fortunate that I am not on a list for a heart transplant, although my valves ARE leaking moderate to severely. My heart muscle is strong. Although my heart IS enlarged on the left side and I have congenital heart disease - I am still stabilized as we go every 6 months. Although I have had 3 major heart surgeries - I am still here. Doctors are baffled. Yet all these complex medical conditions seek to TAKE every bit of independence I have. It makes me MORE dependent on Jesus. He IS the strength of my heart. The song that I sing. The reason why I stand here to testify with the blood of Christ - my testimony. Nothing scares Satan more then YOUR testimony that God Himself as done in your life with the blood of the Lamb that purchased your ransom.This body is nothing but a vessel for the Lord my Saviour. Whatever valley and shadow of darkness I will FEAR no evil because HE comforts me. He restores my soul. He lays me down by still waters.

But God…

I will proclaim your grace, salvation and goodness for ALL the days of my life.

Only you Jesus. Only you.