He knew reading was the key for me

Greetings. I don’t know where we introduce ourselves but this seems like the most logical place. I’m still figuring the place out, but it’s not like they’ve been around a while, I’m sure others are, too. :slight_smile:

I was extremely docile as a kid. That was great for my family, I listened really well, but it was hard for me to know what was true so I listened to pretty much anyone in authority no matter what. (Might even be a bit of developmental delay along with my vision and hearing handicaps.)

So, I might have prayed with someone in Sunday School when I was 5-6. I went to an Evangelical Lutheran church and they did a great job of sharign the facts of the Bible, but I don’t recall l a lot about making sure it was a personal relationship. It’s possible I prayed, but it’s also possible I only did so because someone said to without knowing what it meant.

So, the Gideons were passing out New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs my sophomore year in college. I was excited to take one and read it - I’ve heard some say that only a saved person it that excited about reading the Bible. I always loved reading and felt it was a great study break, and I loved knowing about Jesus. So, again, I don’t know if that meant I was saved - but God knew I was hungry to know Him.

I didn’t get halfway through Matthew before I starfted to realize while I had always tried hard to be good and nice to others and stuff like that, I never smoked, drank, cursed, etc., but I was still a sinner. Where Jesus spoke of how one’s thought life could be all messed up, for instance, I realized I was a sinner in need of His salvation. I wasn’t perfect like Jesus demanded.

It wasn’t right at first, but not long after I started reading, that I knelt by my bed in my dorm room and called on Jesus to save me from my sin and make me new inside, and clean up that thought life.

I recall right away certain thought patterns changed as I gave them over to the Lord. Especially in the area that you’d expect a 19YO guy to struggle with his thought life. :slight_smile: I wanted others to know Jesus. I remember vividly thinking about my biological dad, who had a drinking and womanizing problem - my mom was his 2nd of 3 wives, we left when I was 20 months and moved back with my grandparents for a while. He’d died a few years earlier (alcohol-related suicide) and I wished dI could write him telling him I forgave him, I loved him, and Jesus could save him.) (Great news - according to my sister from his first wifewhom I met a number of years later, he almost surely did get saved in the end. He just hadn’t been able to fully shake his drinking.)

I think, deep down, when I thought about it I knew there had to be something more than just knowing the facts about Jesus. Nicodemus might be a goodBiblical comparison to my life, at least in my relationship with God.

I’ve served the Lord in a variety of ministries in my church and outside of it over the years, including an inner city youth ministry and Global Media Outreach. It’s great to see God at work.

I don’t know how much I’ll really post here, I’m trying to stay away from news and stuff in general and focus on the Lord - all the stuff going on is enough to drive one crazy, and personality-wise I can still be like Elijah if I’m ot careful - having great faith (partly becasue of how God has helped me overcome my handicaps) but tempted to fret under a juniper tree if the de3vil really starts attacking. It really doesn’t matter what happens with this election - I am so anxious to go hom to Heaven to see my departed loved ones and the one I haven’t yet met - I prayed hard to adopt and eventually God gave me assurance, as I began praying like Hannah did for Samuel, that He has a child in Heaven for me, maybe one of the many who get aborted each year. I include the Gospel in a good number of blog posts about it, thinking maybe someone reading will get saved. [It's here if interested](https://tomychildinheaven.blogspot.com) (I’m figuring out how to link stuff, which is nice. :slight_smile: ) I try to share the Good News any way we can spread the Gospel. I also have written a number of Print On Demand fiction books.


Thank you for sharing. Beautiful testimony, very touching.

God Bless, Jonathan

Well hello there Anewcreature :wink:

Just want to say welcome to the forum hopefully you will find loads of inspiration on here xx there are a lot of brothers and sisters with a tremendous amount of knowledge …I’m only here to make the numbers up but yeh hello and welcome

Cheryl x

Welcome @Anewcreature!

What a wonderful salvation story!
I’m sure we can never know on this side of heaven how much good the seeds we plant have affected someone’s life. But certainly the Gideons have been instrumental in bringing entire generations to find salvation in Jesus, and it sounds like you’re doing a great job planting more of those seeds to continue His work.

Stay strong and firmly grounded in the scriptures in this tumultuous time.

God Bless,