Head vs 5th Wheel Hitch

Hi folks; I need to touch base and let you know how I am.
As you can tell by the title, not as good as I’d like to be.

You know how sometimes you’re trying to help someone else with a huge project so while they are at work you tackle what you know you can do? Then your busy working away, forget your hardhat and your surroundings and you stand up…only when you stand up you end up hitting something VERY solid with full force?

Yep. That’d be me on Monday. I was trying to stack some firewood for the season and I had been asked to stack it in a specific location under the bed area of the 5th wheel trailer on the yard. I’m merrily working away, then I get a pain in my lower back so I go to straighten up (I should have been crouched in the first place) BANG followed by OUCH! I shook myself off, headed inside and had a nap. not sure if it was 5 minutes or 2 hours honestly. All I know is my head STILL hurts, I still feel different and I have noticed anger issues beginning to creep in. It all sounds like your basic concussion until you factor in the Epilepsy aspect of my life. Now before we going running me into some emergency room and everyone panicking more than is necessary, I have been dealing with these kinds of scenarios all my life (Nearly 60 years now). I listen to my body and when it says rest, I rest. I have been praying that God would heal my brain because although it’s beautiful to be able to access information from both hemispheres of the brain, the fact that I keep forgetting vital prophetic information I just read 5 minutes ago, that’s becoming problematic. Maybe this is how GOD is doing my brain surgery. Who am I to tell GOD how to do something right? lol

I know head trauma is a serious event and I do take it seriously, however due to recent global events I have lost faith in the god of science, technology, evolution and “climate change”.
I need to be honest and if I’ve said this before I’m sorry but thanks to the COVID agenda I don’t trust any of them anymore. I don’t trust anyone with an MD behind their name because they have been indoctrinated by the god of science. I don’t trust politicians at all anymore, not even the conservative ones. They all lie and just want the $$$$ chaching.
I know for a fact that we are being tracked and spied on. Here’s how I know the last one.
Like I said, I’m in the country right now. That means I’m using a different ISP, right? Well I decided I was going to cancel my city internet and was working on that while my friend was working on something else online. Suddenly the internet starts going out. He only had it installed a week ago and it was working like a dream and perfectly UNTIL I was on the line with shaw in an online chat. All of a sudden it’s like they were trying top remote access my CITY internet through their COUNTRY internet. I’m hoping that rebooting his modem will work otherwise he may have realign the dish another way. Now, you still think they don’t know where we are? We can’t hide anywhere. Not from man and certainly not from GOD.

So if you wouldn’t mind I’d appreciate some prayer for healing for my brain specifically, the rest will heal in it’s appointed time too, but extra prayer for the brain would be great because while it’s healing maybe I’ll learn what GOD is trying to tell me. He might simply be trying to get me to slow down or… hmmm Wonder if this has anything to do with my Armour…hmmmm

You all stay safe out there. This is no time to be walking around spiritually naked. Get your gear on. Don’t what I’m talking about? Ephesian 6 specifically, but all of Ephesians is good too.

Thanks for your time. God bless you all.


Praying for the complete healing of your brain, Marianne.

These things must be comforting -

  • you can still communicate well in writing and tell a good story (even though it’s not a happy one yet)

  • and you haven’t lost your sense of humor.

Sure must be difficult to have an ongoing medical condition and not be able to trust any of the medicos.

. :butgod_dark: However we have the Great Physician on your case. Capture3

Image credit [Banner of Faith - The Lord is near to all who call upon him.]

Blessings and :hugs: :hugs:,
Your sister in Christ


Amen and Amen!
Thanks for praying for me. It is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:
Yes it is very comforting to know I didn’t damage myself further and that I still find humor a great medicine. :wink:

I had been praying for God to heal me and I asked what to do about it, if anything. I heard “take ONE asa”, so I asked hubby to pick up 1 bottle of Asprin (as close to old fashioned ASA as he could find. He did and I took ONE pill. First pill I have taken in months.
Long story short; Took that ONE Asprin and and now I feel GREAT! God is so good to us WHEN WE LISTEN to HIS instructions.

I will add one more item to this prayer request. I am preparing to move back to live with hubby and need the money end to work out and not be a thing. As you know government income is my source and I really don’t like it at all. Last fall I published my first book but I don’t know anything about sales (someone else’s job), I only know to write what God tells me to write. Maybe HE will use that to help me get off of the government money, at least that’s my prayer. It would be most helpful if the money end of life was not something I had to deal with but I know we all do so I have to adjust there. lol Anyway, please pray that the money would be there so my relocation will not be a financial hardship for hubby or I. The plan is to be relocated by the end of November 2021.

I know GOD can, will and continually does answer prayer. If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t ask for nor offer prayer. I KNOW it works so let’s keep praying.
One other request; Please pray for hubby. He has a pinhole in one of his heart valves that has started to leak again. Healing please. Hubby = Art.
Years ago I saw a poster that simply read, “Prayer changes things.” Truer words are hard to find unless one is in the Word of God. Be blessed and don’t forget to keep JD and his family and all our church in your prayers. So people will never tell you they are in need of prayer until it’s almost too late.

Thanks and God bless you all real good. Know each one of you are prayed for daily.


I would be bless to pray for you. God of wonder please help in this healing request, take your Spirit and lead her to the waters of life. And take away any fears she has of the nations and the world. Let your peace, rest upon her sole .Amen


Yes, you still have your wit and writing skills intact, so as @Pax said, that humor is a good sign.
I stand with your sisters who have prayed for a complete healing, relief from headaches, and any other pain or discomfort from your injury.

In Jesus’ Name,


Thank you all <3

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Dear Marianne…
Praying for your brain!

Concerning the memory and forgetfullness and epilepsy…
I am now 61…
I read your testimony on another thread. Wow!

Having a history of as you say epilepsy…
Here is some info I looked up for you if you want to read it…


I suffered from epilepsy till age 22 when I actually had a miraculous healing at 22 years old when I gave my life to Jesus.

I never had another attack.
I have however been diagnosed with Bi Polar 8 years or so ago …so I am on a very light dose of Epitec which I take daily.

I also kind of forget things just after I read or listened to something…I often lose my train of thought in conversation…

Medication can cause this forgetfulness as well.
I don’t know if you are on any chronic medication?

I will pray for you concerning this…over tiredness and lack of sleep also causes this…so maybe try and rest a bit more.
I know…easier said than done…

Get some rest… I am here for you if you need to chat!
lol K :blossom:

Edit…busy watching this…:blossom::blossom::blossom::blossom:

I have been medication free a portion of 2020 and all of 2021 until I took the ASA this week. Ever since this whole “C.V.” thing started I became a bit of a sleuth on what I really need to take.
They tried a few different medications that were “the best we have to offer you” and I actually got WORSE rather than BETTER. So I told the neurologist thanks but no thanks. I managed for 53 years without it and I can keep doing that until I meet Jesus face to face and HE can fix my brain IF HE thinks it needs fixing. lol

Sleep is typically 6-10 hours a night, 6 being minimum. Once I understood that sleep and stress reduction were keys to controlling seizures I started taking those steps.

My sleep schedule is set and I typically get about 6-110 hours a night of fairly decent restful sleep. However, (Oh I’m getting tired of saying this…) ever since my Mama died in January of 2020, nothing is what I’m accustomed to and it doesn’t take a lot to make me cry or to get so quiet you can’t get a word out of me. (I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.) This past week I woke up screaming about my sister and how vehemently she stood for our enemy even though she was brought up in a very STRONG Mennonite family. Yep, we grew up Mennonite and so some of the strict upbringing has helped with the managing of the Epilepsy. Mama had actually been told when I was born that she should be grateful that I was not “more brain damaged than she is. It could have been much worse.” Although I agree with the doctor it would have been nice to know that I had a damaged brain when I was in the educational system.
Point - most of the time I rest very well, C.V. has increased my stress level so much it’s hard to deal with city living and all the new “rules” (demonically enforced if you ask me, but I digress.).
By the end of November, LORD WILLING, I will be back in the country where I can manage the stress better.

According to D.H. I need to wear a hard hat more often and especially when working in the wood supply area (5th wheel hitch area) to protect my beautiful brain. LOL After living apart for nearly 10 years we have finally worked out our differences and have decided it’s time to remember WHO is really in charge of our relationship and started praying together. Pray we can start doing prophetic research studies together. We both know where we’re at on the prophetic timeclock, but there are some things we need to understand better so that we can prepare for the coming challenges ahead and make sure we are in line with GOD’s PLAN rather than our own. Sometime a proud woman needs to be humbled by GOD in order for HER to understand that GOD had everything in place but SHE didn’t get the picture. (Looks in the mirror: Pride you’re outta here! You’re evicted!) lol Hey if I can’t laugh at myself neither can you laugh at me. ROFL

I recently started watching him and listening to him is like having a chat with my Dad some nights. :slight_smile:

I would like to thank everyone who has been praying for me not only about this, but ever since I joined this beautiful congregation of believers from Hawaii and allover the world. Have a great day/night in the LORD.