HELP: Covid19 Vaccine at Work Advice


My name is Brianna… This is my first post on here. I need advice and prayers. I work at a veterinary hospital as a licensed technician and our office manager is emailing everyone saying how we are eligible for the vaccine due to our profession- I would say a third of the clinic already got vaccinated- 5 people went in a group today to get vaccinated together.

I feel like they are soon going to ask me when I’ll get mine- but I don’t want to because of so many reasons Pastor Farag has talked about. So far they haven’t blatantly said it is required for us- they assume everyone wants it.

Please pray for me. I’m scared but I need to be strong. Has anyone else had to face this? What have you done about it? I didn’t think I would have to face this so soon.


Hi, I’ve been offered the vax at work 3 times in the space of this week. I’ve refused 3 times :wink: It’s not mandatory yet so you don’t have to. I’m a front line worker so it’s expected but I’m too scared to take something so new. I also have some allergies so that’s an acceptable excuse with my boss so far. I’m waiting for nova vaccine I think it is, as that’s made in the usual way I think, so hopefully safer. I’ve also figured that saying ‘not yet’ rather than no goes a long way with managers and might buy you some time


praying for you! I havent had to face this. my dad is 21 months away from retirement (hospital) and so far hasn’t been required to take it. I hope he will take my advice to just retire early (with a reduction in benefits) if they try to force him to take the vaccine. but as for you, it doesn’t seem there is an immediate solution like that. it will have to come down to the faith that God will take care of you. there are probably other vet hospitals that will care for your plight and hire you under the pretense of not requiring you to take it. I’m not sure what the route would be for you, but there is no valid reason to force you to take the vaccine, and I pray that you will have the courage to refuse it, and I pray there will be another route for you quickly if you must quit your job. might be good to go ahead and take a look around what other options might be available so that you’re more prepared if the time suddenly comes to look for a new job.


Hello. I am in the same situation. I work in the pharmaceutical field. I know for sure, this vaccine is still in trial mode, anyone getting it at this point is considered a volunteer. You cannot sue anyone for any thing that may go wrong because you would be volunteering. No one can legally force you…
Yet, until the FDA takes it from emergency use to approved use, which should take years, but the studies on this vaccine should have taken years also. I don’t trust Any of it. I will not be taking it, and Am willing to lose my job over it. Keep researching, the main stream media lies . Keep praying! Where one door closes, another one opens


I’m in the same position, myself and 2 of my daughters are frontline workers here in the UK. It’s not mandatory yet but there is a lot of emotive language being used. I can see us all being out of work soon.


I Agree. I think the Lord has been preparing us for this. I seem okay with the thought of no main stream job. No fear, just faith. It will work out somehow.


Christian President of Ghana is whistle blower on Covid


Hi the pressure to take it is heating up even more, esp this week. I had to answer to my manager today, lots of questions about why not, and when. He also named all the ones taking it to the entire team in an email on monday, so now we know who is getting it, and who is not. I noticed my colleague and neighbour wasn’t on the list so I gave her a call ( non believer) she was nearly in tears over it all, and hiding. She thought she was the only one and was so relieved when I said I wasn’t getting it either. I see the end of the road looming for my job soonish…


I’m prepared to lose my job, currently looking for a new one. I’m standing my ground. What ever happened to hippa? There are no legal grounds to have to take this vaccine. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. When asked tell them you would prefer not to discuss it with them, you will discuss it with your doctor. There are too many unknowns about the long term effects, and you have a smart body God gave you, and your own immune system. Have faith!


Same. My contract ends in March, it’s been renewed for 2 and a half years so far, so we shall see if it’s renewed or not


Thank you to everyone who replied with advice and opinions.

They are now “strongly encouraging” everyone get vaccinated by a certain deadline- and they said if you choose not to then you need a doctor’s note to not have to wear a mask or you will have to continue always wearing a mask.

It is going to be so bad. I feel like I will be persecuted like crazy from everyone here. The mask will now identify you as someone who is an outlier/rebel.

Pray for me- this will be so difficult. It is hard to stay away from peer pressure and to have them ask me why I won’t take it.


Have faith in God. He will provide for you in this time of trial and testing. God is faithful.


Do not take the needle. This is a huge mistake. Do not try to gamble with your salvation. Please watch Decision Time on this web site. The needle clearly becomes the mark of the beast. Hold firm your faith you are not alone in refusing this.


@Briivanne I inboxed you. :slight_smile:

Tell them you will have a SEVERE allergic reaction and you must NOT take the vaccine. All those that have severe allergic reactions are EXEMPT from taking the vaccine. You don’t know that you would NOT have a severe allergic reaction so why not use this exemption for now?
That is what I am going to do.
I have nearly died in the past from vaccines!!!

Thanks Gilbert, I think we will all need this help!

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Please don’t take this vaccine! I myself am vaccine damaged because of the MMR in the 90‘s I lost the majority of my most productive years to autoimmune disease. Here is a testimony from someone who has been damaged by this vaccine.

Nurse gets Bells Palsy from covid vaccine

As a church, I propose we take up an offering to help those who stand up to the tyrants and against this and any other very harmful vaccine in the weeks ahead.

„If anyone is sick among you, let him come to the elders of the church. The prayer of faith shall heal the sick.“

Do not fear, Jesus is our vaccine.


I was going to create a new posting but came across this thread. I am in a similar situation where my parents are asking if I will need the shot to return to in-person school ( I am a school nurse). I told them upfront I will refuse the shot no matter what, because it’s my decision, my body, my right and I know from all the discussion and messages I’ve heard that it changes DNA and there is a bigger agenda to this vaccination scheme. They said I can’t afford to lose my job and even say I am following a cult religion for refusing the shot. I am so angry! I hope I won’t come to that point where it’s required to be vaccinated to work and that we will have a right to choose/refuse. I am sick of this world and everything going on. #WEFLYSOON. I am serious about this and I eagerly wait every minute for leaving this evil world. Any feedback to encourage or help would be appreciated.


Welcome Ruth!

Stand strong, we are with you and support you. Don’t let them assault you with that poison they call a vaccine. You may need to withdraw and disconnect from your parents for a time to gather your strength. The devil will use their tongues to wear you down. Be encouraged, this is a safe place for you to rejuvenate your faith.



Hi Ruth. So my parents sound like the opposite of yours. They are absolutely encouraging me to refuse the vaccine and know what it is all about. Everything stresses me out so much I almost thought to myself that life would be easier if I just took the vaccine. Everyone at work wouldn’t bother asking me about it anymore and I wouldn’t have to worry about being embarrassed by them or losing my job. It isn’t required for my job but is strongly recommended and everyone talks about it constantly. Most people have gotten their 2nd dose of the vaccine and are getting really varied side effects- some people have fevers and chills, others have nausea and dizziness and rashes- others feel spacey and not quite there- it is weird. They all think their side effects are worse than they thought it would be.

I just think that when I was doubting my decision to not take the vaccine- it reminded me of the end times, and of all the Christians in the past who were persecuted for their faith. If we can’t even refuse a vaccine or else lose a job or friends or respect from others- how could we ever stand up and potentially be killed for our faith? It doesn’t even compare to the suffering Christians have gone through for just following Christ and sharing the gospel.

I was uncertain for a moment, but I know in my heart that I shouldn’t take it- not just for the health hazards and the agenda behind it, as well as its connection to abortion- but because it is a statement of my faith to refuse it. I hope you have other people in your life that can support you 100%. Sadly even if it isn’t your parents, I hope that you have or can find someone who will support you. It is hard to stand alone in this and as believers we need community and support. Take care, praying for you!

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