HELP: Covid19 Vaccine at Work Advice

how is it going now, Ruth? I hope there is good news <3 for your parents to go against you like this, makes it harder to hold your head up high. I pray they have stopped doing that. but if they havent I’m praying for additional support to come for you. it sounds like you won’t give in no matter what. you’re doing great. I pray there is good news. let us know if you’d like <3


Dear Ruth and Brianna,
I will pray for you both.
Brianna said:
" all the Christians in the past who were persecuted for their faith. If we can’t even refuse a vaccine or else lose a job or friends or respect from others- how could we ever stand up and potentially be killed for our faith? It doesn’t even compare to the suffering Christians have gone through for just following Christ and sharing the gospel"

And then I think Brianna may have had the comment earlier (or Ruth) about the peer pressure on this.

Sisters, you are set apart and holy. We will have pressure on this and we must follow Jesus. God does not call us to take a jab that changes our DNA and how He made us. We can follow the world (its easier) or God. If He has given you this wisdom about what this is all about it then follow Him.
The Jesus Freaks book is a great testimony of so many that have gone before us to suffer for their faith. Continue to be encouraged and prayed for by this forum and please please make sure you have people in your life (Brianna has parents praise God) that support you in this- that have eyes to see and ears to hear. Continue the faith, stay steadfast. Reject the world.


My own doctor told me that the vax is not working. Go to and learn about the drug Ivermectin. It has a better safety record than aspirin. The discoverers of this drug won the Noble prize for Medicine in 2015

It kills covid 19 and also treats those with the disease no matter what stage they are in. It prevents infection and the transmission of covid 19


I’m not understanding… so the vax is not working or does it “kill covid and treat other diseases and prevents transmission of covid 19?” Can you clarify? Thanks.

he’s talking about the drug Ivermectin, not any vaccine <3

first he said the vax doesn’t work, then he changed the subject to Ivermectin. hope you’ve been doing well Ruth!! hope things have improved with the parents!!

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All I can highly recommend is to hold on tight to our Lord Jesus.

Look at all that’s happening. Just look. There is no more time or place for debates. Pure faith will get us to the kingdom of heaven. Remember what is on the line here. We are only passing through. Consult the Holy Spirit on what to do and pray without ceasing.

Jesus said we must be willing to lose our lives to gain life.

Luke 9:57-62 NIV
As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.” [58] Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” [59] He said to another man, “Follow me.” But he replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” [60] Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” [61] Still another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.” [62] Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

Everything is pointing to Christ’s return. We have to hold on to Him alone. Especially right now.


Hi , thanks for responding!! So he is saying that the covid V doesn’t work? does the V include Ivermectin? I’m not getting it… (but it won’t change my mind about the V… LOL). I’m OK, looking up everyday. Things are status quo… hopefully no mandatory V for the school year. I bet a lot of staff would be gone too.

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Omg! Do you have access to this pdf? I want to read it and share it with as many as possible!

Praying for you. Look at it this way: No matter what they do to us here, it is nothing compared to the torture of hell for eternity. Be strong in the Lord and trust Him.

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I’m SO glad to hear things are improving at home <3 that’s such a huge blessing, praise God. no matter what happens at school, at least your home life is on the road through recovery. so much more important. I’ll continue to pray over the school issue. <3 good to hear from you again and look forward to another update from you!

as for the V and ivermectin, they are 2 totally separate things. there is no ivermectin in the V.



So at my workplace, I actually have the choice not to take the vaccine. I am only one of 3 people total who are not taking it.

The pressure is almost unbearable at some moments, especially when you’re asked if you’ve been vaccinated and why you’re wearing a mask.

I’m glad I still have my job, but I feel like an outcast and as if I appear very “uninformed” and “unintelligent” to everyone. I hope and pray I can get through this and stay strong and not fall into pressure.

I pray everyone else going through this stays strong and relies on God.


I was perhaps confused when I did respond. If you are asking about Ivermectin the place to go is this is a very good source of data regarding Ivermectin.

The Indian Bar Association ( a branch of the Indian government) formally charge the head scientist at the WHO Dr. Soumya Swaminathan with legal notice that she is part of a misinformation campaign against Ivermectin. They also did file criminal charges against her. They claim that millions of citizens of India needlessly suffered and died because she withheld information regarding this drug in order to increase the profits of Big Parma who is selling the vax.

Just recently the Indian government reversed its position banning Ivermectin and a list of other drugs in favour of the vax This is a clear example of Big Pharma and bribery at work.


Hi Ruth,

No the vax does not work at all to stop Covid 19. It in fact does quite the opposite. The vax is a deadly bioweapon that is being deployed to reduce the population levels. I also personally believe that it is in fact the mark of the beast.

God gave us a counter to Covid 19, Sars 2 and all variants. Ivermectin is the drug that you need at the web site you will find a list of doctors that will prescribe this drug in the US. There is a similar org in Canada that will hook you up.

A lot of people are accessing this drug through vetenary supplies. I did buy the horse paste through The pharmacy in Canada wanted to charge me $507.00 for a set of pills they then dropped the amount to $250.00 after I did complain that the doctor told me that it will cost about $70.00

God bless



stay strong. You are learning that now thru this trial - how to be a follower of Jesus- so you will stand out. Count it all joy and rejoice each time you are insulted for His name and standing on truth. God is preparing us for what is ahead. Remain steadfast!


I watched a good ministry about this topic. Go to you tube, search TyGreen, title of video is H.R. Walked out after I said this… really good. I hope this helps you.


@Briivanne ,

I am new here to the forum, but not new to Pastor’s website which I have “attended” for over a year now. Please stay strong in your resolve and seek the Lord’s guidance on this.
I am a registered nurse that works in an office serving patients over the phone. I learned last week that my employer is mandating vaccines as of October 1, or face the consequences… I think we all know what that means- I will NEVER TAKE THIS POISON.
I encourage you and everyone here to go to the Algora Blog regarding “scamdemic” there is a wealth of information there from scientists and healthcare professionals from which you can educate yourself.
I have printed so much of it, I need a large binder to contain it.
I am prepared to lose my job because of this- and I’m not so sure about it being the mark of the Beast, but as JD has alluded to, it is certainly and without a doubt paving the way.
Praying hard for all of us. I know he hears us, and that’s what gives me great peace.


Thanks for asking. Nope, still NOT V’d. and submitted my exemption. I trust the Lord will guide every step and protect me (let me stay to work, and keep us healthy). Come, Lord Jesus! We are waiting with eagerness and excitement for you!!


The vax is deadly toxic to your body and does not prevent covid. Ivermectin works. Go to but please now use duckduckgo as google will lie and misdirect you. They will also lie about duckduckgo which is a browser that collects no information on you

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Keep strong and also pray. This can not be mandated until the supreme court is lost and there is a totalitarian government in power. The mandate violated the Nuremberg code. You can sue for a lot of money if you get fired. If you tell your employer this it might save your job.

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I did get fired from my job on October 8. My religious exemption was denied.

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