Help for our online members

I was just thinking… As there are a lot of online members about to lose their jobs, would there be a possibility to create a special place on this forum where people can ask for help if needed? And where other members could donate help or money. It would be great to take care of each other in practical ways besides prayer.
Just a thought and as I live in the Netherlands I wouldn’t know where to start but maybe other members can think and pray about this.
Blessings to all of you.


I’m new to the forum, so idk if this topic has been created…

But one resource I thought beneficial:

  1. Known corporations offering remote work (no jab)
  2. Known corporations not mandating the vaccine (weekly testing option)

For instance, in my city (U.S.) I know of a University and a Hospital that are not mandating the vaccine, they plan to offer a weekly testing option instead.


Great idea. I would say start specific resource threads. Like, the two specific ones from Heather above and any other specific resource threads. I try to keep it specific to one topic/resource otherwise the variety of resources will get lost in one thread.