Hoping its not Covid

I’ll be taking a home test soon to see if i might have Covid. Started out with a little irritation in my throat last night and it kept getting worse plus some sneezing. I have sinus drainage and one side of my nose is getting stopped up but other than that i feel ok. Just tired from not sleeping much.
Never had to test before or have had covid. My uncle died months ago from Covid so it makes me a little nervous.
Not sure how accurate home tests are. But apparently sinus drainage and sore throat are symptoms according to friends who have had it. Just pray its not covid and this won’t get worse. Thank you.


Morning @LA,

Please reconsider taking test. Many reports about it containing contents similar to injection. Better to take a wait-and-see attitude and
treat yourself as if you have it than take test and infect yourself with something. I was very sick earlier this year, to the point of losing my sense of taste. I used vitamins and ivermectin in doses advised for someone who had it and got well. I believe ivermectin was the key.

I have done a lot of research on covid— actual documents not just listening to videos. While I haven’t looked into the tests with the same rigor, it is quite possible— to the point of being “a given” when you consider the end goal of the disease and the globalists.

Here are a couple videos. The first doctor is speaking about clinic tests. The second video refers to home tests. Please pray for wisdom about taking a test.


Yes at times those can be symptoms of the flu and covid but also of a head cold or sinus infection.

But do you have a fever, aches and pains, headaches? Also was the onset abrupt or gradual? Do you notice a change in ability to smell or taste.

The reason I ask is because other than a strong loss of taste and smell which can happen to a lessor degree with even the flu only the loss of taste and smell points to covid. Things like fever, aches and pains, headaches can happen also with the flu or a cold.

Generally speaking colds have a slower onset over several days while the flu can have a more rapid onset of 24 to 36 hours when symptoms get more severe. Many of the symptoms can be similar but certain symptoms are more severe with the flu which is what COVID is a form of flu and generally speaking those affect the lungs and breathing. As such breathing becomes more difficult in the lungs as in chest pains inability to take deep breathes due to inflammation and so on. Colds as general rule do not affect you that way and stay mostly in the head area, throat, nose and sinuses.

My reason for asking this is because since the 2020 many doctors take the easy way out partly because it is easy and partly if they are part of some medical facility go straight to COVID because it financially helps the facility if they do.

As for the PCR and rapid test, PCR is considered the gold standard but that is questionable from the number of false positives where the claim of having COVID was made but symptoms of any kind never showed up. Rapid test such as home test are even less accurate.

That being said, I only encourage caution on jumping on any testing procedure and accepting it as solid proof. Still the best test is done as an antigen test from a blood draw. But if you are greatly concerned might I suggest getting some oil of Oregano and start taking it at least a couple times a day maybe even go to 3 times a day if you think it would help. The method of use is 2 to 3 drops under the tongue. If that is too strong as it burns then try putting those drops in orange juice. While you do this get as much rest as possible. That is don’t do anything strenuous. If you can sleep all the better but if not then resting quietly with your eyes closed and breathing long slow deep breaths as often as you can.

Of course if you can get it Ivermectin is also a good choice but if not Oil of Oregano will do. You may also want to start on vitamin C and quericetin, and Zinc. Genereally the latter three are considered best as a preventative by the fact that strengthen the immune system to deal with infections very early on but can still be used on a daily basis to combat an existing infection. The only caution is that if you have ever tried any of these and had an allergic reaction then avoid those that caused an allergic reaction. Otherwise the three supplements and oil of oregano can and does a good job of lowering symptoms and defeating viral infections of the flu nature like Covid.

Note I am not a doctor or a nurse. I am only telling you what I have been using for a number of years pre-Covid to fight on colds and flus. As such I have only had the flu 3 times since 1975 and colds were gone in the matter of 4 to 5 days but symptoms generally reduced in 2 to 3 days at least to point of being able to function well.

Just remember prior to COVID or even the older SARS, the common flu was also taking lives but generally in the elderly and those with serious comorbidities. Most common normally healthy adults came out of the infection in time with just some meds to deal with the symptoms such as Vicks nasal inhaler for nasal congestion, cough med for coughs, and often aspirin for aches usually caused from localized inflammation. I say this because over the course of the COVID scare I worked non stop, without PPE unless really forced to use it then only to the extent I wore a shield not a mask so I was breathing the surrounding air that I would get infected even without someone sneezing or coughing on me if they were infected. I had a number of coworkers who were said to be infected all who returned to work and none who passed away from it. That goes for the people on the street that I saw daily. In short I can say I know of no one personally that has succumbed to COVID only heard lots and lots of people say they have a family member or friend who did. I have no proof that is true. And since it has now come out that infection and death numbers were proven to be inflated it is probably safe to say even if you have COVID it will pass unless you are very elderly and/or have serious comorbidities.

What I am basically saying is two things, don’t let the hyped fear of COVID bring fear to you and second there are things you can do now at home to help with both symptoms and the actual infection to get rid of it. I hope this has been encouraging and you can put your fears aside. Final note is that if you don’t do it now then you can start and keep it going always and that is take a daily supplement of Vitamin D. This particular vitamin supports your immune system to keep it strong at all times.


If PCR’s and home tests are dodgy I’m stuffed, I’ve done loads for work.
I had covid in March, and I wouldn’t compare it to a cold or flu. I know it’s different for everyone, but I can say it was just weird. The symptoms came in waves, so much of the time I felt fine, but what strange symptoms they were.
I have asthma and it didn’t affect my throat, chest or my ability to breathe, at all. I took 4 paracetamols throughout the 10 days because that’s all I needed. So don’t panic, most people die with Covid, not from it.
Also, if you use fresh orange juice in the home tests it gives a positive result! As I said, I’ve tested alot, and all were negative until I had covid, then they were unmistakably positive.


Several people i know said it started out with a sore throat, sneezing, drainage than it went to headaches, fever, pain all over and breathing difficulties.
One side of my nose is congested, still have the sore throat. I have some dizziness, but no headache or fever but I’ve been getting chills every now and then. And my toes are cold, thats odd to me. I have no idea how fast the symptoms come on for Covid. But the sore throat came out of nowhere. I did take a home test before i read the above replies. It was negative but one of my friends said he tested 3 times before it was positive and another friend said hers was positive first time.


Mine started when all the energy drained out of my legs. Its was noticeable and weird. Then that night, intense chills for about 3 hours. Went to bed, gone in the morning, felt fine all day. Mine was mostly headaches, again on and off, but very different to a normal headache. And I was tired, on and off. Day 6, both my girl and I got a bog standard cold, then it went. I tested positive straight away, my girl on day 6. She was negative until then, despite obviously having it. My neighbours were the same, not until day 6. My daughter had a completely different set of symptoms to me. No headache, she had the weighty feeling on her chest and was actually worse than me, she’s 14. Neither of us needed to take to our beds though.


Yeah its definitely weird. I lnow some who didn’t have a fever, some had diarrhea, but most everybody i know who had it said the headaches and fatgue was the worse.


I’d agree with that. Most people I know never mistook it for a cold or flu, as its got a distinctive feel to it. I’ve had colds, flu and all the rest over the years, and covid was nothing like. It’s hard to describe, but I’d bet my dog its man made. Nothing else could feel like that. Also, many of the care home residents here got the diarrhoea version in the early days.


It’s also symptoms of allergies, sinus infection, cold air inhaling when you sleep, and a litany of other things. Chances are all you need is a ricola and decongestant.

Father in Heaven

Please alleviate @LA’s afflictions and ailments with something as simple as I mentioned, or hot and moist air inhaled. Hinder the confusion and worry from entering further as we ask You to arrest the concerns entering her mind.

The tests aren’t even meant for this and the tests give false positives like they give false negatives…how then can you trust a test with pass fail of such magnitude, right? Please aide LA in overcoming whatever is going in with her. I speak from experience, allergies are ultra high right now on lists of problems for the world, people AND animals are having problems. Settle LA’s heart and mind with a blessing of peace and calm and allow this a simple fix.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Praying for you , LA. Everyone here has great advice. I will just add, take it to the Lord in prayer.


Heavenly Father, we pray that you, who are near and always waiting to hear our prayers in times of need, would heal LA of whatever this ailment might be. Whether of nature in our fallen world, or made by the hand of evil, your word assures us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper! LA is your child; fearfully and wonderfully made!! May her body, with the help of your healing hand, fight this sickness and restore her health quickly and completely in the name of Jesus! We pray that, as these pestilences continue to assault us, you would cover us all with an impenetrable hedge of protection. Surround us with your light and love. Cast away all fear and anxiety as we place our trust and hope in you, our Creator and the Sustainer of Life. In the name of Jesus!! Amen


Hello LA! Just want to let you know I’ve worked in healthcare for 30 years and until you get tested you won’t know if you have the virus or something else. Omicron the 3rd variant emerged in November 2021 and has broken into 2 variants BA.4 and BA.5. From what I’ve seen since November 2021 until present, at my hospital, it’s not as severe as the original Covid-19 or Delta variant. I’ve treated a few patients in their 90’s who have beaten it and been discharged home. Younger patients are sent home to quarantine and are doing well with these 3 variants. Do not worry! Will pray for a speedy recovery. :pray:


My wife and both got it in February- the loss of taste was what made me think it was Covid. I assume it was the Omicron variant- the symptoms were very mild for me, like a bad head cold, my wife’s was not as mild.
I have a close friend who is an infectious disease specialist in NJ, and he prescribed Ivermectin. None of the big name pharmacies would fill the Rx- they claimed they could be fined and have their license revoked by the state of NC- which I knew was a lie, but it shows how all the authorities were and still are complicit in the whole Covid thing. I had to go to a mom & pop compounding pharmacy to get it filled, and of course had to pay OOP(~$100) because health insurers are part of the whole scam.
I felt better within 24 hrs. and was over the symptoms in 3 days. The stuff works (which is why they don’t want you taking it). No lasting effects from the Ivermectin, except an occasional craving for a feed bag of oats. :horse:
And my sense of taste -except for my choice in clothes - returned as well.

My wife refused to take Ivermectin- she does not like any pills -and consequently was down for about 2 weeks… I’m not one to say “told you so” but I did write “nyeah -nyeah!” on her bookmarks. :wink:

So, I definitely recommend Ivermectin.


My sore throat is gone, so yay for that. Its still a little irritated, some sneezing and my sinuses are still bad. I had a low grade fever last night of 100.2, my temp always run low, 97-98. Only thing I’m taking is coricidin, cause i have high blood pressure and I’m staying away from decongestants. I also use a saline nasal spray. I still have my taste and smell, no headaches, no muscle pain, joint pain etc. Theres 2 other people who live here and neither has any symptoms. So I’m thinking its just allergies. I usually get a nasty sinus virus every year and end up having to get an antibiotic shot. Plus monday evening i was cutting back some limbs on some small trees and bushes and i could smell something strong from one of them, it was a sycamore tree. Just wondering if thats the cuplrit.


Hey Jack @BayouBushi,
What oil of oregano do you use? You can PM with info if you’d prefer. IF you prefer to say at all, lol.


Any that I can find in the health food section or at a health food store. It is pretty much the same with some variances in quantity and price. All that I have ever used has worked quite well. If you have a certain brand of supplements you like then I say see if they also have oil of oregano and use that.


Thanks for the info Jack @BayouBushi,
When I’ve looked on Amazon there seems to be a wide array of prices and descriptions. I’ll just choose one and see what happens! :woozy_face: :grinning: :woozy_face:


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Pretty much what I do. I decide how much I am willing to pay and how much I need if for the home or for my first aid kit. One way to know for sure is taste test. If it is very strong burning then you got stuff that will work. I can only remember coming across some off brand in a small pharmacy. It was a little weak so I think it was diluted.


Thanks for all the prayers. I went to urgent care this morning. I have a nasty sinus infection and found out I’m allergic to steroids. I was given an antibiotic shot and a prescription for antibiotics. And I don’t have covid.


I bought some oregano oil for consumption but… how do you Take it? It doesn’t dissolve in water very well. :nauseated_face:

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