How Are You Holding On?

With current events playing out like they are, the question is ‘How are you holding on?’

A bit about myself. Im medically retired due to a heart and knee condition. I am also a single Dad raising a Teen son. So I have a plate full so to speak.

However…But God. Love that when Pastor JD uses that phrase.

I find myself having more time to study in the Word, which has really opened my eyes. I also use my TV time to YouTube other pastors for additional teachings. Pastors like John Macarthur, Pastor Jack Hibbs, John Barnett and more. I stay away from those who are all about selling merchandise or making a fuss about taking offerings.

My hobbies have dwindled lately, although I still shoot archery.

It seems like my life is focused on studying and taking care of my son. Some weeks I go days on end without heading out to do any shopping or anything like that.

Im not all worked up over our political situation, after all, God has put His plan in motion, so who am I to complain? Im too busy ‘Looking up as my redemption is drawing nigh.’

What about you? What keeps you centered?


What is keeping me centered right now is God and knowing I better appreciate what peace we have while we have it. I like, you, have a lot more time to look into things. My work is very slow so I’ve been listening to a LOT on YouTube & Bitchute. Words cannot express how much I appreciate Pastor JD. If you haven’t listened to Chuck Missler (RIP), I HIGHLY recommend his videos, they will blow you away! : )

The more you know, the less people it seems you can talk to. I feel very isolated, more so than ever. I’ve always been one to research heavily & when you try to talk to people, they look at you like you’re crazy even when the writing is on the wall. I’m glad there is this forum, because other than my mom, I don’t have anybody to talk to.

Like you, I don’t care about who becomes the new CEO of USA INC. because things will proceed as it is written. JD is the only person in the ministry or not in the ministry that has stated that trying to control what is happening is futile. You can’t say that to either side of the isle right now. I keep saying, “you can stand up or sit down but it isn’t going to make a difference,” not to imply to go along with the NWO, but just realizing you can’t change the outcome. You can only choose for yourself & if it requires laying down your life to spare your soul, it’s a no-brainer.

Back in September, I was driving to work & saw an unintentional PSALM37 on a thirty day tag on the car in front of me & decided to look it up; very fitting: - I really feel like God wanted me to read it.

We are here in this time for a reason & I feel very fortunate to experience this & there is HOPE that is REAL & it isn’t offered by the world. I hope other people find & care to seek out the TRUTH NOW. I am grieved by the fact most people don’t want to know what is going on even though they KNOW something isn’t right. I don’t know how to help someone that doesn’t want to listen or care to know. It is so sad to me.

God Bless you & your son & thank you for your post!


@AndreaEvertson Wow, thank you for sharing Psalm 37, this is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. thank you, and peace to you sister!


Hey Jmurman!

Sorry if my post is too long; I’m just super happy to be able to vent my thoughts here.

Reading your post (like many here on the forum) is close to home. Now more than ever I feel the world is burning: chaos everywhere. There have been moments earlier this year where I felt so afraid, so depressed of the rona bug; because I was convinced there was a killer virus out there to get us all. One day in March I had such a breakdown, I just couldn’t anymore. I went on my knees and looked up to the stars and prayed to our Lord to please give me the rest, because I just couldn’t anymore. That same night I slept like a baby. Praise the Lord! Since then, I started to indulge myself in the videos of JD (among others) that my mom sent me earlier in January. My dad always complains how my mom has changed since she is reborn again, because she is not into the worldly things anymore. Now, I am neither and understand finally her transformation.

JD’s messages along with other trustworthy material opened my eyes and I was willing to see! More and more I get the courage to speak up to family members who do not want to hear the message. It hurts, but some family members even completely ignored my messages… it makes you bummed out for a while. I guess it comes down to showing His Grace through my works which will hopefully make them realise Who is the Truth and that the Truth will set them free.

Nowadays I really filter what I do and say. I kind of lost interest in my hobbies, really, but I like embroidery, so I do that on my clothes and give out gifts to loved ones that are related to His Word. The other day I made the peace dove of Noah and the dove that came down the heavens when Jesus got baptised. I feel like now my work and everything else MUST be God-related. Now that going out to nature is severely limited due to gov’tal measures here, I try to combine embroidery when listening to sermons at home.

Let me try out this quoting thingy that I see here on the forum…

It worked :smile:. I understand you completely. Even though I am not a US citizen, it affects us all, but why bother, because God is in control like you said. That doesn’t take away I am very curious to see how this all will work out in the coming weeks. Like JD said in the After the Election message, the plan will keep rolling out, but we must remember that Jesus died for ALL, and all we can do on our end is pray for them.

What keeps me centred is this awesome forum (finally I can speak to so many international brothers and sisters), my mom, the blessings of God (recently moved to a way better neighbourhood and beautiful house which I promised to dedicate to God. Now I have plenty of room/privacy/silence for Bible study, prayer, etc.).

The only thing that made me worry some days ago were the fact that if it continues the way it does, some close relatives, including my husband, will stay behind. I couldn’t sleep some nights ago. I read so many messages here of brothers and sisters with similar thoughts/worries. It felt like if I don’t say something now, it will be too late. But the next day I laid it before God and he gave me the GUTS to finally say as it is to some of my family members. To be honest, none of them had a positive reply. Some said I shouldn’t go ‘too deep’ into what I study, but that ‘it’s good that I research it for myself’, but be careful as it will make me go crazy. Some ignored me. At least now I have told them what will happen, bluntly really, not sweet-talking it, so I can give it a rest, but won’t give up :slight_smile:

Have a blessed day with your son!


This is a good set of questions. In 2012 I was so stressed about how things were going with how people were acting I started getting chest pains through stress and anxiety…and exertion . I warned people back then that from here on out each election, people will be begging for the demeanor of the people from the last election as it will get worse and worse.

I sometimes get chest pains still but from lifting heavy objects (cracked sternum in high school) not worrying, thankfully. So, how am I holding up? With what is going on in the world? Eh, I’m doing okay. Feeling blessed.

How am I keeping it together? The blessings God has put in my life and through the countless trials I have been put through; the perseverance He has guided me to. The knowledge His Word has delivered into my heart and soul, and mind.

I admit I have an extensive movie and tv series library I go to when I feel the need for a laugh or thought provoking moment such as the Rockford Files, or 80’s Magnum P.I… I like the 60’s-80’s tv shows. But like others, I have gravitated to YouTube for JD and Hibbs, and yes, cooking, woodworking, mechanics, EMT information, auto detailing, art, philosophy, and hot wheels die cast racing (I need some mindless entertainment). But the center of the calm is God. When I start to get nervous, I hear the Holy Spirit talk me down and converse with me.

Here is one of those mindless entertainment pieces on YouTube. Still learning how to post on here.


@JamNL Thank you for the heartfelt reply. I don’t know what part of the world you’re from but I know we are all over feeling like things are going to burn up. I feel for Israel for sure, they are going to take a hard hit when AC comes on the scene…as all the other Christians who make a decision for Christ after the Rapture.

I think that maybe all we can do is pray and be the very best witness we can. Thru us God plants, God waters and God gets the harvest, right?

I used to embroider many years ago. I was stationed in Alaska when I was in the Air Force. So during those long winter nights (I was a medic at the base hospital) I would embroider jeans. It was fun then.

Have a blessed day!


I don’t need to because Christ is holding on to me. He’s my savior, my strength, my joy, my peace, my shepard, my King, my protector, my friend and my all.

Meditating on His word and the intimate communication through prayer. I will be holding just fine awaiting His soon return. Jesus come quickly. Maranatha!!

God bless. Your brother in Christ, Jonathan


With both hands like my life depended on it because it does. Good thing is Jesus is holding onto me even more tightly.


and I love the last verse…
Psalm 37:40
And the Lord shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them,
because they trust in him. Amen. Thank you for sharing, Andrea.


Encouraging post - thank you:)


I am retired as of last year. I live with my son and his family in their home. i have a few close friends who also believe we are in the last of the last days so am able to share with them as well as with my daughters. i follow JD as well as Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel and Rock Harbour Church Bakersfield prophecy updates. I share the links to these so my family can be encouraged as well.
The lockdowns have been hard but being able to share what we can helps us keep the focus on the Lord.
My mom passed on April 1st this year at the age of 96. I came to know the Lord because of her.
We as a family, were able to have and attend a funeral for her and I’m Thankful for that.
I have hobbies but i dont seem to have the same interest in them that i once had.
These days that we are in actually reveal to us were the real treasures are and its not the material but in a person. We are seated with Him in heavenly places for the earth is His footstool.


You are so right. God is in control. He raises up one and puts down another according to His plans and purposes.
I, like you, have continued to voice to my son the things that are coming and my concerns regarding the vaccines etc.
They just shrug it off and put down what i say. Without the Holy Spirit they cant see.
Keep on praying for your loved ones.


For me, i take communion once or more a week, pondering and chewing on scriptures throughout the day, pray and i keep my focus on JESUS, also i watch Karen Wheaton’s Live video every Wed night at 9pm cst, she is a powerful prayer warrior encouraging me in my faith. Here’s a video that’s very encouraging!!


Dear Andrea, thank you for sharing Psalm37, our HOPE and Truth.
God’s Word is beautiful, and I appreciate your reaching out to comfort others with the Word.
Thank you again, dear sister.

Yes! I completely agree. Even my local church family that I talk to have this nonchalant attitude about prophecy and the Rapture. They say, “He’ll come when He comes” or “I used to think Jesus was coming years ago but He never came”. I love them dearly. Just wished we could talk about the Rapture.

I’m so very grateful the Holy Spirit led me to the prophecy updates and to more church family that are actively seeking His return.


How am I holding on? Tightly……to God’s unchanging hand

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Can’t answer that one sadly. Pretty sure I’ve been left of center most of my life if not all of it.
My life has been hell on earth. Finally eventually my faith grew I just realize there was nothing to do but take one day at a time. I pretty much am not connected to this world in anyway anymore and haven’t been for at least many years now. Just waiting on rapture to be honest.

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