How have you nudged someone towards God this week?

Hello my online fellowship in Christ!

With the recent stories at the end of J.D’s videos I thought it a good opportunity to hear what other amazing things God has been doing in your lives! Especially since JD has a limited amount of time to share these stories and there’s probably more than you can poke a stick at.

I hope this post encourages you all to give someone a nudge this week!

[ My Story ]
This week my wife and I moved house which has been the most stressful week of the year so far! As we were finishing up the cleaning I thought I should leave a couple of the ABCs of salvation hidden around the house for the next tenants to find. Additionally I put one in the neighbors letterbox who we could hear swearing at each other most nights.

Who have you nudged?
[ Nudge till they Budge ]


I put up a banner at my business. Lots of long haul truck drivers wash at my place in Chino, CA.


Hi Theresa, that’s amazing, such a great job! :heart: :+1:

I pray that many will become saved through your banner and hopefully a domino effect takes places where they spread the message even further!

God Bless

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That’s wonderful to hear Hugh!

It’s amazing how God uses even current politics and pandemics to awaken people to what’s going on in the world regardless of religion, race, income etc.

Keep up the great work you’re doing for the kingdom brother!

Something pretty cool I saw this week in Brisbane Australia:


I get so excited reading all of these comments! :grin::grin::grin: and wow!! So awesome @Kapukai @fluidicice. Am thinking to distribute flyers (nothing fancy) with the ABC’s.

I invited a friend of mine. She’s French and such a sweet young woman. We met in 2014 when we were both interns at this awful NGO (I’ll spare you the details). She is always touched by the hurt in the world, but as a result is now deeply involved in BLM, LGBT rights, combating islamophobia and all these things. I invited her over for lunch in 2 weeks so I can share with her the Good News. She’s so sweet but deceived by the master of lies. She always says she loves the friendship we have and always feels energized after having spoken to me (including girl talk obv), and she knows I’m a follower of Jesus.

Hopefully, God willing, I will be able to plant a seed. I put forward in prayer all my friends, none of whom are followers (yet) but I believe in God’s ability to do the unthinkable.


I can hear the “uhhh hello?” in my head right now. Wow!, though. Luckily your dad was around!

Whenever I feel spiritually attacked, I envision dragging satan by his neck (because I am WAY stronger as a child of God than he ever could be!) to the cross. Let him gaze upon his eternal humiliation, as Jesus conquered death by resurrection. Amen!

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That’s so great to hear Jam! (Is that your name or a username?) I’ll pray that the seeds you plant will take hold in her life and bring her to Jesus!

Sorry to hear she’s caught up in all that rubbish, but with God’s help and your nudges she can find the way, the truth and the life!


@Kapukai That’s so awesome!! God bless you.

Greetings from the UK Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Mindful of a softly softly approach, I try to slip signposts in where I can to conversations. Just this morning I sent this to my line manager…


Our chat with Catherine today reminded me of a new site that impressed me yesterday.

Incidentally JD Farag is a great minister (16 years) who blends sincerity with humour conveying God’s word. We’ve been viewing his sermons for some time on YouTube.

I was struck with how their (tidy) forum structure might work for research collaboration University wide providing comfort in unusual times, confidence and supportive/inspiring KE in an array of areas, monitored and supported by faculties and RBI. Broad categories for discussion, then loads of Q&A.

Take a look and see what you think?

In my email to a colleague yesterday, following a tricky chat we’d had about end times, I rounded off by saying…

“Don’t worry, I’m not losing the plot! Just trying to keep up with it as usual! There’s only one plan and it’s a good one……with one winner. I would venture that forewarned is forearmed and we do well to be awake, keep an open mind, alert and watchful so as not to be deceived. We cannot put our trust in man only God. Deceit is often mixed with the truth to confuse us which is why we must be vigilant and well versed in the truth”

I am at peace and not unnerved or shocked by developments but often feel downhearted and powerless to save lost souls, so always pray for guidance and the words through the Holy Spirit. I don’t have the confidence or charisma to do this on a grand scale so I’m hoping little nudges when I get the opportunity will bear fruit and grow. Unlike Covid, anything above an r rate of 1 is good right? :slight_smile:

Have a blessed week all! :pray:


Welcome to the forum @trustandfaith!

Wonderful job with those nudges, I hope they will be taken to heart by those who it was directed to.

Sometimes tiny pushes over a long period of time work best for those people who are set in their ways and aren’t interested in ‘religion’.

Keep doing the Lord’s work!

Sadly, I have moved more away from the Lord this past week.
Having issues with adult children. :pensive:

This week I invited a friend over and shared the Gospel. She believes in what the media pushes down our throats, but I just hope I planted a seed. I shared with her the ABCs, salvation and conveyed a message of hope.

I trust God will do the rest :white_heart::lady_beetle:.

On another note, I had bold conversations with my husband who has not taken on Jesus as an integral part of God, nor does he believes he died. He does find him a great prophet, but that’s it. I have to be patient. It breaks my heart to think he could be left behind, but if that is the case, he will know the Truth and the Truth will set him free. Just now working on leaving proper studies and alike behind. Will do the same at my office.


Hang in there @Seoullessginger . It is not easy. God knows your heart, though. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be present in your house and your heart that you get to speak the rights words and the right time.

Listen to that voice inside of you. Pick your moments. And at some times, all you can do is to show love. :white_heart::lady_beetle:


Is this the person you mentioned earlier in the chat who is into BLM, LGBT rights and combating Islamophobia?

I hope you made an impact on her life and she will question the true nature of these groups in the future!

Great job JamNL!

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I like those ideas @lookingup83, hopefully the people who are seeking the truth in the world find some of those tracts.

A Jesus shirt is a bold move too! Hopefully even seeing it will nudge people a little closer to Him each day.

Great job and God Bless!

Hey Chris @fluidicice
Yes, that’s her. Right from the bat the told me: the masks work! So it was a little difficult to start the convo, but she and I are real good friends, so she was open to what I had to say and respectful.

I told her before she went home: don’t you dare think I’m a looney! We laughed. She’s reasonable. I hope the conversation sticks. The next day she texted me thanking me for the fun time we had, the lunch, but I sensed there was more to it (in a good way).


These are crazy times at the moment and we’re not sure how much longer we’ve got left till His return.

Therefore I’d like to encourage as many of you as possible to do something this week to reach people in your area. That might be:

Having a chat to a friend about Jesus,
Mailbox dropping flyers or business cards,
Coming alongside people who are struggling amidst the crisis and helping them out,
Funding a Christian themed Billboard locally,
Posting Bible verses on social media.

Perhaps my ABCs megathread will give you some ideas? (I recommend printing some business cards to give out)



About 2000 cards are about to be mailbox dropped! Thanks to @fluidicice designs!

My friends whom I chatted with now keep me on a low fire because I can’t stop talking about the rapture and Gospel. It’s a bummer but the Lord will take it from there.



I love the work you’re doing Jam! @JamNL
It’s truly incredible the number of people you’re reaching in the community! I’ll continue to pray that the people who finds the cards are nudged closer to Jesus!

Keep it up blessed servant of God!

  • Chris
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