How to Use Tracts Properly?

I do not want to just hand out money to those on the corners asking for it. I want to be able to do more and so I decided to purchase tracts to hand out to people and want to put something inside. The idea is maybe to put in $5 or a gift certificate for a meal at a local fast-food place.

I also am considering putting my phone number on the back.

Does any of my brothers and sisters have any council on this plan?


Hello Dean,

What a great idea, especially the gift cards instead of cash. I would be reluctant to give my personal cell phone number to a stranger though. The concept of being available to minister to someone who has questions is awesome though. Perhaps you could get a “burner phone” - the prepaid kind and use that phone/number exclusively for ministering.



I love the idea Dean!
These are my thoughts:

I would say to carry around a few with cash in them as well as the regular gift card ones because people would be more receptive of the tracts the more desperate they are:

Say there’s someone who realised they can’t pay for their lunch in front of you, or a person at a bus stop without enough money to get back home. I think those individuals would be incredibly grateful and be more accepting of the tract, as long as you’re selective of who you give them to.

The gift card idea is great though and should be used for most people you give them to, I don’t know America well so I’m afraid I can’t help you with the card selection. But the sounds of a meal would be amazing if I was given one on the street!

Let us know how it goes Dean!

  • Love in Christ
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I have never seen this tract ‘thing’ you speak of. I’m from South Africa. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone handing out anything remotely religious. Apologies for my ignorance :south_africa:

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Janine, @J.Locke, you might find this account interesting, even inspiring…

Tracting In George Street, Sydney. Australia - YouTube

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