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So glad you are doing your bit for Hsllowern! Apparently there a mainly witches and other evil parties praying daily currently for the election to go to the left. Every night … not sure wag at time in the US… but 10 pm in South Africa… Amir Tsarfati is having a zoom prayer meeting against lawlessness and praying for Israel… you can join in… here is the link I went into last night Election Countdown Prayer Meeting - YouTube May Gd bless us all and May many more get saved before we rapture. Maranatha!!

Id like to know where I can get a jpeg or pdf file of the ABC’s of salvation image. thinking seriously of a billboard rental. thanks

Hi @thedeez
I have an existing topic where we discussed the ABCs printouts and ABC business cards:

If you’d like a direct link to my content including the ABCs check out that topic. :smile:

Or check out the direct link to all my content:

God Bless!

@fluidicice Could I ask you to send me the info re getting the material in correct format for the ABC s of salvation so that I can also use it… sorry I’m a bit not so savvy… God bless you and Maranatha

@Kina1234 Hi Kariena, what do you mean exactly by getting it in the correct format?
How were you going to distribute them? By printing some at home?

God Bless!

Edit: I made an A4 (Microsoft Word) sheet of the ABCs (4 to a page) which is easily printable if that’s how you want to do it :slight_smile:


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Thanks so much… Just what I need. God bless! Praying for the election her from Johannesburg South Africa

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Super helpful!

Could you share w/ me the original format? Did you work with indesign/illustrator? I’d like to translate it to Dutch so will have to be able to edit the file. Perhaps I can also resize it to a banner-type of format.

Hey Jam,

Here’s the photoshop file for your conversion to Dutch!
(Link edited - you can search for what you need through this link)

It can also be found on my Proclaim! page with my other content.

If you don’t have photoshop, you could translate it word by word and send that to me - then I can paste it over the current text and export it as a picture.

God Bless,

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Amazing!! Will work on it tomorrow (hopefully). You’re a star, Chris!


Hi Peter,

I was sent an email with your message and uploaded a version with 2 to a page for you.
(Link edited - you can search for what you need through this link)

For my tracts page, head to: Tracts

God Bless,

Hey Chris,

Ugh. I told you before I have issues with space on my laptop/devices. I can’t open Photoshop, because the working drive is apparently full and it doesn’t let me redirect it to one of my hard drives. Anyway, I’m going to send you the translation of the ABC to you in PM. So sorry if this gives you more work, this wasn’t my intention.

Also, I have a question about the business cards. I got very excited when I saw them on your website. I want to print out a bunch, perhaps a 1000. To get a proper quotation, though, I need to know the exact measures. Did you use the standard formatting of business cards? I could have checked it out myself, if only my Adobe programs would open (very frustrated atm, can’t figure out how to solve that working drive issue).

Thanks again for everything so far!

Here you go:

For the other versions, see: Creative Content

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Well done!! We are getting the word out. Ek praat Afrikaans en ek is seker jy verstaan my…baie naby aan die Nederlands! Mag die Here jou ryklik seën!!

Hi Jam, Yes I used the standard dimensions for the cards:
90mm x 50mm (3.54331 in x 1.9685 in)
The U.S. sizing is: 3.5 x 2 in - so there will be 1mm extra cut off in both dimensions, but with the 5mm of bleed this shouldn’t be an issue. Just make sure you use the buttons to download the RGB cards with the extra ‘bleed’ - or length around the edges.

I’m glad you like the designs!

Hey Kina, that would be @JamNL who speaks Dutch, but perhaps I could change the wording so it works for Afrikaans too if you want?

@fluidicice Thanks so much. I got the email re translations…I’ll do the Afrikaans translate. God bless⚘⚘⚘

@Kina1234 I understand what you’re saying! It (phonetically) sounds like my grandmother’s accent. She spoke with a heavy southern Dutch accent :slightly_smiling_face:

De Heere zal ook jou rijkelijk zegenen, zuster!

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@JamNL El verstaan jou ook heeltemal! Afrikaans as n taal het ontwikkel van die Nedelanders wie na Suid Afrika gekom het as setlaars…so Afrikaans is bale na aan Nederlands! Die spelling en uitspraak is net anders. Ons kan heerlik gesels! Selfs die kerke wat gevorm het se naam is: Nederduits Hervormend en Gereformerde Kerk. Ek behoort nie as n grootmens meer aan hierdie kerk nie as gevolg van die feit dat hulle ook maar baie liberaalisties geword het. Ek hoop die Here sal jou en jou familie ryklik seën. Beste groete vanuit Sud Afrika

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