Husband has Cancer

I’m asking for prayers for my family. My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer, stage 4. When he was in the OR, the doctors said it was one of the worst cases they have saw. I’m asking prayers for his healing of his throat, his whole body, so he may swallow again and eat normally. I also ask for prayers for his body to be able to handle the chemo and radiation well and he doesn’t have much or any sickness with it. I pray to the dear lord to keep the cancer away from his body. In Yahshua’s name please hear our prayers.


Loving and Merciful Heavenly Father

Abba, this one’s a tall order for anyone who isn’t not You. This is a situation that we look at and wince just knowing it exists. But You have a plan, You have a path for all and while we don’t know the path You always have for us, we come to You in love and hope that You will provide us a kiosk to show us the way.

Heavenly Father, we ask that You place upon Your surgical table, Karen’s husband and as the Great Physician You are, provide a miracle. Faith, trust, and hope are our tools and for You, everything is a tool even shear nothingness is a tool for You! Please place upon Karen a heavenly calm and peace in her heart and mind as we ask You to comfort her in the waiting room as we plead with You to provide her husband with a miracle above all miracles. Please heal and even cure this man of the affliction and disease he faces with cancer. Please be the beacon of heavenly healing light that strikes down into his body like a lightning rod of health and heal his body. Please strengthen him so endure (if he must face it) the chemo radiation to improve him. Please place upon him a soothing balm from Your hands to allow his throat to heal just so swallow and consume food again.

I know there’s one way to defeat cancer with You, Lord but let’s put a pin in that option for now, please and help this man to improve and be a walking testament to Your healing grace and mercy.

May the heavens open up and reveal the millions of angels singing praise to You, Lord as we ask You to bless the medical staff with laser-like focus upon the issues at hand with this husband of Karen (or Karen’s husband). Please envelop every fiber of their being and may they look upon him as a person and nothing of greed or arrogance or pride within themselves. May they look upon You Lord will seeking help and instruction and may they find it as we ask you deliver unto them the answers and solutions they need to render aide on Your medical operating room and may he be cared for in ways we could only dream of in order to help him improve.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I pray for you, your family and your husband.

God has a plan!

I wish I could hug you but God has you already. Give it ALL to God and let him take you in his hand. Feel His love and embrace! Hold on to God!

…I have MADE you and I will CARRY you and I will SUSTAIN you and I will RESCUE you.
Isaiah 46:4


I am trusting in the Lord for you dear sister. To know that your sweet husband is suffering from a horrible disease tears at the heart strings. God knows your needs and will hear our cries to Him for an answer. I am a survivor (5 yrs) and know my time was not yet. I am thankful He has given me more opportunity to grow and share Him with others. I pray for God to renew your strength each day so you may be a blessing and strength to your husband. We are joined together in unity which is a blessing from the Lord, and He dwells in our midst. Victory and complete healing is our request, oh Lord!


God Bless you my friend!


I’m praying for you both… Let Your mercy flow Lord Jesus…


Praying, @Lillystar09. Praying for you both. :cherry_blossom:


This Bible verse is always good to remember when times are overwhelming. Thank you for the prayer and virtual hug! It’s amazing to see people I don’t know, be so kind and there for you. Thanks a bunch! :heart: Hugs are Awesome! and make you feel so much better. @Qtip


Thank you, for the wonderful prayers! @Flamingogirl49563


Thank you @Gracings for all of the prayers! Prayers are powerful and they do help!


What type of cancer is this?

Are you open to cancer treatments which do not include chemotherapy and radiation


Will keep your husband in our prayers and for strength for you and your whole family. May God be gracious over you and heal your husband completely. Please Lord, we ask for Your loving care and mercy over this family. In Jesus’ powerful Name.


Prayers going up for you and your husband. God has this!! He always has his children and prayer is powerful. Wishing you both peace and comfort that only comes from God. Judy Norris

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Praying again ! And again… Please Lord Jesus Come back for us all.!

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i lifted your husband up to Jehovah God for complete healing in the name of Yeshua :heart::hibiscus:

I just read that Michael Douglas had stage 4 throat cancer and has pulled through it. So, it is possible. The article says the treatment is intense. I survived head and neck cancer, but it was caught early. Even with that, it was not an easy road. I was told my cancer was rare and they did not know if the treatment would work because there was not enough data. That was a weird thing to hear. But, almost 7 years later, I am doing well. I am sure they will tell you what to do. Take one day at a time and look for blessings where every you can find them. Invest in things to eat that can be swallowed easily. Get medicines that are liquid. Tell the oncologist about problems and they will give you meds to help. Also, do your own research. At one point, I had an issue they had not encountered. I looked online and found medicines that made my salivary glands produce saliva. I told them I wanted one of the meds and they gave me a prescription for one of them -Salagen. (That helped stop my tongue from cracking and bleeding.) Biotene gel and spray were helpful for dry mouth. Biotene tooth paste is gentle. After radiation, I tried to use chipped ice to cool down the mouth. I went through breast cancer also and it seems like radiation grows. I found it helpful to cool things down to prevent more problems. Don’t wear turtle necks or things like that which hold in the heat. You want the heat out. They will give you a recipe of water and either baking soda or salt to often rinse in the mouth often. Use a humidifier in the house. That will help the dryness from radiation. Avoid going near the oven or dryer as it can almost instantly hurt a dried out throat/mouth. Even after treatment, it takes time for the body to get back to healthy. I, myself, got mad a people who said I was fighting cancer. Actually, I was fighting to survive the treatment. But, as I said, look for blessings every where you can find them. I remember the radiation on my neck also seemed to affect my lungs and I could not breathe laying down. If that happens to you, sleep in a recliner. I found that I could breathe better in the recliner that was near the humidifer. I also went to an integrative physician who gave me supplements and etc. to help me make it through the treatments. But, I ran all of his suggestions through my oncologist and only did the things approved by my oncologist. Be prepared for changes. Things I could swallow one day, I could not swallow the next. But, that’s O.K. It gets worse before it gets better. I don’t mean to discourage you. But, help you know some things to expect and what you can do about it. I am sure there are medical advances since I had my treatment and I hope and pray that they have better treatments today. I hear about a lot of people who have had head and neck cancers so chances are good that treatments have improved. I wil be praying for your husband. There was a website that was full of helpful information. But, I see it is no longer there. I made a copy of it. Most of the information I have included above. Other things they mentioned on caring4cancer was that Ethyol (amifostine) can help protect against damage of radiation. Cryotherapy (ice chips) decreases the risk of mouth sores. Gently brush 2-3 times a day with a soft bristle brush and warm water. Rinse 4 -6 times a day with a solution of salt and baking soda. Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol. Avoid foods with lots of sugar as that increases tooth decay in a dry mouth. Drink plenty of water. Eat moist foods. Suck on hard candy or chew gum. Eat frozen desserts, or ice pops, ice chips. Use a straw to drink liquids. Prescription meds to help treat mouth sores from chemo are : Gelclair (glcyrrhetinic acid) and Caphosol (artificial saliva) “In addition, the coating agents Maalox and Milk of Magnesia can ease pain and help promote healing. Your doctor may also give you a slurry of Carafate (sucralfate), which you swish and spit out, to reduce the sores. Also rinsing with topical anesthetics, such as lidocaine, xylocain, or benzocain, before meals can helop numb your mouth.” “Content last remived August 15, 2010 by Dr. Reshma L. Mahtani.” I had found this website after I had treatment. I wish I had found it earlier. I am saddened that the website is no longer there. But, as in all things, don’t do any of this until you talk to your doctor. I apologize for being upfront and honest. But, for me, it helps to know what to expect to plan for how to handle it. If swallowing is too difficult right now, at some point the oncologist might want to use a stomach tube and when you are healed, you can eat again. You will have to talk to your doctor about how hard it is right now to swallow. I wish you the best and know that God is with you. He will never leave your side. I am praying for your husband.


I’ve been there several times. As I read your post I could hear your voice requesting pray.
We are praying for your husband and your family as a whole. God is GOOD and merciful!

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I will add you, your husband, and family to my prayer journal.

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Hi, I saw this article about a new treatment for head and neck cancers. I thought it would be of interest to you. It sounds like a better treatment. Perhaps you can talk to your husband’s doctor about this. Newfound Cancer Treatment Destroys Tumors, Trial Shows – Faithwire :Faithwire, “Newfound Cancer Treatment Destroys Tumors, Trial Shows” There is hope and it looks like there are new and better treatments. Blessings, Mercy Seeker

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I would be bless to pray for your husband and you . Lets pray that God will, will be done here . And that an answer come quickly. Be strong and keep your faith in front of you , not always easy but you can do this… Good luck

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