Husband in emergency room

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Please pray for my husband. Severe left sided pain, dizzy and vertigo.
He started with some left hip area pain Monday.
Like most men he is stoic and doesn’t go to the Dr.
But this afternoon, he could hardly walk. He agreed to go get evaluated.
They think a pinched nerve or herniated disc.
He’s getting a CT scan now.

Satan just loves adding fuel to our fires. :sweat:

Thank you all :pray::heart:


Praying for your husband’s complete healing and comfort!


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that Stephanie’s husband has a wife who is a prayer warrior. Thank You that he has agreed to go to the hospital. We pray for his protection there from any harm and that whatever treatment is provided will only do him good. Please would you swiftly alleviate all the symptoms and may the doctors have wisdom to discover the cause. Please bless Stephanie with a calm mind and deep trust in Your overarching goodness, no matter what the enemy tries to deal out to this family.

For we ask this in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ.



Please hear our prayer for @Stephmerm ’s hubby.
Please intervene, in Jesus’s name. Let this ailment and weakness leave him as fast as it came on. Give them both your peace that passes all understanding, and competent skilled care to figure out what is going on. In the perfect name of Jesus,
Amen. :pray:t2:


Father God,
Lifting Steph’s husband to You, Lord. You know exactly what is going on and I ask Father God that You give the doctor’s knowledge to treat him correctly. Give Steph peace and calm, knowing You are in control. Thank You, Father, for the way You always take care of Your children. Give Steph a hug from us here on the forum. I ask in the most precious Name of Jesus. amen.


CT revealed severe disc problems causing nerve issues/ damage
Likely will need back surgery but that is so risky but also risky is not doing surgery because of possible chronic nerve damage.
He absolutely does not want surgery and I can’t blame him.

He’s headed to get an MRI now so with more information we can proceed in the best way possible regarding treatment. The goal of course to avoid surgery but time will tell.

Neither option is great but God will guide us to the best choice. :pray:

Thank you all for your prayers.


Thanks for your update, Steph. will keep on praying along those lines…


So appreciated. Thank you :heart:


Can I add the following… I think as we age we realize our mortality. I could honestly say he had that thought in his mind. I could see he was scared before we came so I asked God on the way there to use this for his good regarding my husband’s need for true salvation in relation to his mortality.


Dear Jesus please work in the situation with Stephanie’s husband. I pray your hand of protection and healing on him. Give them peace. Your peace. I pray his pain and the cause of it will be resolved spontaneously.
Jesus I pray Stephanie and her husband will be a good testimony and a blessing to those in the ER who are helping them.




I am praying his heart is opening to receive Christ as his Savior as well as praying for the best option for your husband’s physical need. In Jesus precious name, Amen.


Thank you Susan :heart:


Praying for the best treatment navigation and outcomes, and let’s watch God at work regarding your husband’s salvation. :cherry_blossom:


Sorry to hear that Stephanie. Will keep him in prayer. Hope he can find some PT that helps eleviate the problem are at least reduces it to a manageable level to avoid surgery. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Stephanie, Lifting up both your husband and you. May His will be done.
Blessings Doc :pray:


That is the ultimate goal. Thank you :pray::heart:


Thank you :heart:


Hey Steph @Stephmerm,
You guys should check out the type of procedures offered at Bonati. He’s trained surgeons worldwide. If you live near a metropolitan area there will be doctors that specialize in laser surgery of the spine (even if they haven’t been trained by Bonati).

Thirty years ago Bonati gave me back the use of my hands (and stopped the lightning bolts that were attacking my forearms). One of his associates also took care of a really bad sciatic nerve problem in one of my legs. The amazing thing about this type of procedure is the relatively easy and quick recovery time— due to the minute incisions. In fact, they do all their procedures on an outpatient basis. Pretty sure all laser surgeries are done out patient.

I’ve since had a “traditional” spinal surgery (had a cervical disc replaced). As my family doctor once told me concerning back surgeries, ‘They’re like Lays potato chips— you can’t have just one.’ lol Although I had a top notch surgeon, traditional methods require longer recovery.

Anyways, make sure you look into all your husband’s options before you make your decision. Some people never get better after traditional surgery. I’ve met a few… If I can answer any questions you may have, I’d be happy to.

Father God, thank You for Steph’s faithfulness to You. Please bless her husband on her behalf. Pour out Your blessings upon this family so abundantly that everyone will know You are our Source for every good thing. Thank You for even now working to bring about the best resolution to this situation— however You may choose. In the Name of Your blessed Son Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, amen.


@Stephmerm Lifting up Steph and her husband in prayer :pray:, I ask your Sovereign will be done in their lives. In the Name of Jesus.
Blessings Doc :dove: