Husband is having total knee replacement

Hi everyone. My husband is having total knee replacement May 24th. We have a joint class on the 17th and labs and pre-op on the 19th. Please pray all goes well and he recovers quickly and does what the doctor tells him. thank you.


My Dad went through two of these. First one was way back in the early 80s and as painful as it was he gutted it out with the walking to be off the cane in 9 month. He was upset when he lived long enough for the other one that was done in the early 2000s. That one was much better as technology had advanced tremendously. Not nearly as painful with a faster recovery time. I suspect since then it has gotten even better yet.

Just get him walking as soon as possible and keep him walking daily with good rest periods in between and it will come back like new.


Lord, we lift up Gary in prayer for his upcoming knee surgery asking that the procedure goes well and his recovery would be full of healing relieving his discomfort and also providing help for them from friends and family with their daily task. We thank you Father in advance for answering our prayers and for your continued love and care for us. In the mighty name of JESUS we pray. Amen :heart:


My Dad had knee replacement and it went smoothly. I pray the Lord will prepare, calm and cover both of you. Settle within your spirit and on that day everyone and everything will flow smoothly and effortlessly by His hand.


Thanks to all of you. Gary is 82 but very, very fit. What I most worry about is that he will want to be down in his workout room doing exercises that are too much for him before he recovers. He has only 25% heart function also but does not let that slow him down. I am sure he will do fine. Follow doctor’s orders??? Not so sure.


Hi…i had one done almost a year ago and it all went well. I was doing great on the PT until i stretched wrong and got a stress fracture in leg leading to an osteoporosis diagnosis. So, i haven’t kept up because i’m worried ill break something else. Please be advised, your husband will feel a different kind of pain for about 2 weeks. I likened it to darts. It passes!! And when it passes, he will no longer need the pain medication. I just knew they left something in my leg, lol. As far as any more knee pain, its gone! But like the other commenter, im starting to feel the snap, crackle, pop in other knee. Prayers for your husband and you. You will be on duty for 2 weeks so get some additional help if you can.:pray::blue_heart:


Father thank You for Linda and Gary, for their faith and faithfulness to You. Thank You for what You are doing in their lives. You are so good to us! We thank You for that.

Thank You that Gary is able to get the medical care he needs Father. Please bless his doctors, surgeons, and healthcare team with wisdom and compassion, with integrity and success. Please put the desire in their hearts for the very best of outcomes for Gary—and give them all they need to achieve that goal. Thank You that Linda will be there to support her husband through this medical situation.

Please bless these people—Linda, Gary, their healthcare team, and their friends and families personally LORD. If there are any among them who have not accepted Your salvation, please turn their hearts to You before it is too late. You are a God of miracles and I’m asking for miracles in all their lives.

I praise You for all You are doing in the lives of Your people LORD. Help us to walk ever closer to You and bear Your Name boldly. In the Name of Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, thank You. Amen.


Father God, I pray for our sister’s husband. Please guide the hands of the doctor and the nurses that will operate on him. Please give the doctors wisdom and revelation before, during and after the surgery. Also, I pray for peace, comfort and joy for my sister and her husband. Also, I pray for speedy healing for her husband, in Jesus’ name I pray amen!!!

“LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” — Psalm 30:2


We went to a joint class today. I have to say of all the people there having surgery in next week or two, he is the most fit and will definitely be the one to keep moving after surgery. He is also the oldest one there by far. Thanks to all of you! God bless you. Linda