Hypocricsy/Ignorance/Corruption in Churches (SBC in particular)

I’m so disappointed with our local churches. I finally worked up the courage to email the pastor of the church I’ve been attending since January (a Baptist church belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention). I wanted to inquire about his opinion on the vaccine and whether he ever intended to encourage his congregation to take it. I told him I was concerned because Franklin Graham has promoted it. Also, the Southern Baptist Convention president, JD Greear, posted a photo of himself receiving the shot, and has stated “These vaccines are cause for evangelicals to celebrate and give thanks to God.” The man favored to be the next SBC president, Albert Mohler, wrote an article presenting seven “points for consideration” regarding (ie: arguments in favor of) the COVID jab. In praising the warp-speed development of this jab, he even went so far as compare it to the miraculous moon landing of 1969. And lastly, SBC Life published a glowing article about a church which volunteered to serve as a vaccine site for local childcare workers, an event the pastor stated was “one more step towards a new normal.

In my email to this pastor, I poured out my heart. I confided that I’ve suffered many sleepless nights, agonizing over this shot and its disastrous effects, and attempted to summarize it for him:

"It’s come to light that the virus is not the root cause of all the troublesome symptoms associated with COVID. It’s the spike protein. The spike protein has been shown to cause disease even when researchers removed the virus. And although it’s commonly thought of as a respiratory virus, it’s been found that it actually targets the vascular system.

So when someone is injected with the shot, what happens? The recipient’s body begins manufacturing these spike proteins. Dr. Byram Bridle explains what can then occur: “When it [the spike protein] gets into circulation, the protein can bind to the receptors that are on our platelets and the cells that line our blood vessels. When that happens it can do one of two things: it can either cause platelets to clump, and that can lead to clotting. That’s why we’ve been seeing clotting disorders associated with these vaccines. It can also lead to bleeding. And, of course, the heart’s involved. That’s why we’re seeing heart problems. It can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological problems… [ie: stroke, aneurysm]. In short, the conclusion is, we made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it till now. We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen. We never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin, and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.”

I have done hours upon hours of research. I am not a doctor, but I am a troubled Christian, a frustrated wife, a concerned mother, daughter, neighbor, and friend. I have connected with women across the country through an app called Telegram. There are countless mothers, teachers, and healthcare workers speaking out about what they’re seeing. We don’t have many outlets anymore with the current censorship campaign, but Telegram is one of the few which remain.
Teachers have reported that children are having nosebleeds and getting sick after a majority of the teachers got the shot. Women are experiencing abnormal menstrual cycles. There’s been an alarming increase in miscarriages and stillbirths, and a noticeable uptick in a pregnancy condition called IUGR, (Intrauterine Growth Restriction), a condition which causes babies to be born small. One doctor reported that a stillbirth happens “once in a blue moon.” She’s witnessed five in the last month. Umbilical cords filled with blood clots, stating she’s never seen anything like it.
5,165 deaths have been reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) so far, but historically vaccine adverse events are drastically underreported. Family members are reporting that most doctors deny any link between the vaccine and adverse events or deaths, so this number is probably exponentially smaller than the real one.
To put faces to the numbers: Telegram: Contact @covidvaccinevictims

This was his reply:

“Thank you for you note and inquiry regarding the COVID vaccine. For time sake, let me answer simply… I have no plans to promote or encourage people here to take the vaccine. Neither I or my family have taken it and I told my doctor that I was not ready to take it. I may have to later this year just to get into Israel for a planned group trip since they require it… if I do take it, I personally will be taking it begrudgingly. Like you, I and my wife I done a great deal of reading and research about the matter. That being said however, as to others who do take it, or feel that they need to take it, I leave that up to them, just like the mask matter.”

This pastor, I feel, is towing the line so to speak so as not to offend or alienate any potential congregants. His sermons seem to be fueled by his own personal agenda (ie: a month-long sermon series on tithing prior to him announcing the church will be starting its own Christian school. He attends a Pastor’s Conference on the “problem” of church attendance, and a month-long series on the importance of attending/being involved in church follows.)
I’ve been so torn about attending this church, so I started looking for another church, only to be sorely disappointed by it as well. Turns out, it’s also affiliated with the SBC.

Here’s a quote from that church’s most recent sermon:

“Average attendance now across the United States is once a month. Once a month. We’ve had people that, because of COVID, haven’t come back to church. I’ve been vaccinated. And they tell me once you get vaccinated, I don’t need a mask. Praise Jesus. Amen? And so what COVID has done is not kept people out of church. It’s revealed people’s hearts. I heard Adrian Rogers say this-- ‘If you don’t have enough faith to take you to church every Sunday, then you probably don’t have faith that’s going to get you to heaven.’ Yeah, that’s a doozy. Jesus didn’t create this whole entity just so you could have an option of whether to go or not to go, and if you choose not to go, still claim that you’re a Christian.”

Another SBC pastor harping on the importance of attending church. Only THIS pastor goes so far as to imply you are NOT a Christian if you don’t go to church. Isn’t that a faith-by-works philosophy he’s peddling here? Please excuse my cyncism but I don’t think it’s a far stretch of the imagination to say that he probably attended the same Pastor’s Conference about the “problem” of church attendance that my pastor attended.

And I find it ironic that the same pastors and Christians who praise the Christians in China for defying government orders to attend church… are the same Christians and pastors who SHAMED pastors and Christians in the US for defying government orders a year ago. And now that it’s “safe” to return to church because “praise Jesus! We have a vaccine!” these pastors are metaphorically thumping Christians over the head for not getting their butts back in the pew. The hypocrisy is astounding.
And also, it’s NOT necessarily safe to return to church because these brainwashed churches are now filled with jabbed individuals who are transmitting these dangerous spike proteins to those around them. My children have been sick three times in the last three months and I have suffered side effects as well after being in close contact with jabbed individuals.

So… my prayer request. My prayer request is that God would help me to overcome the anger and bitterness that anyone who’s read this far has probaby sensed in this post. I’m so angry at our churches, our church leaders. Please pray for the wisdom to decide whether to continue going to this church, in spite of my better judgement. I don’t trust my pastor. Not one bit. But I do have young children and I don’t want to isolate them from others. Please pray for discernment. I know others are in my shoes too… please pray for them also!

Thank you to everyone on this forum. Even if you don’t read this or read all the way through it, it helps to get it out. Thank you, Pastor JD, if you read this too. Thank you for being the brave beacon of light and hope, a true spiritual leader. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I totally feel your sentiments. I go to a church where the pastor took the vaccine and voted for Joe Biden. I have let that cause some division but dedicated to remember there is no condemnation for those in Christ. I don’t get their point of view, I don’t think they should be doing this, and I will not be silenced. The only person you have left to trust in this world is Jesus! Apostasy abounds. Aside from the adverse reactions…how about the fact that aborted fetal stem cells have been used for this vaccine? The end does not justify the means. I listen to JD Grear each day on Moody Radio, and I was so disappointed that he not only took the vaccine but was showing it off. I did read an article where the government is infiltrating key religious leaders to get them to convince the flocks to take the vaccine. Remember most churches are 501c…they get tax exempt status from the government…but that comes with a price…churches are not free to say what they want to say.


wow, this is how my church responded as well. avoiding the chance to warn “their” flock. making it sound like they don’t want to tell people what medical decisions to take, when really it’s something else they aren’t wanting to do.

as for yours, you’ve taken the time to warn the pastor. what else can you do there? probably not much. especially when you consider that he is pushing tithing and such. I’m sure it’s expensive to run a church. but it sounds like that, and the jab, are raw truths he’s not willing to address plainly. just say it, Pastor: “These shots are a bad deal. also we are trying to open a Christian School, so if you can donate for that sake, please consider.”

I understand it’s scary sometimes to be real. but that’s the burden of a pastor, and if they aren’t willing to carry that, then we must question why they are even being a pastor. not that they have evil intents. but lukewarmth isn’t too far from such.

I am praying for you in your church decision. I agree in not wanting to isolate your kids. maybe some others around you feel the same, though. maybe just a few minutes of networking would help solve that part of the problem? I recently reconnected with an old friend, and soon we are going to be gathering on Sundays for home church. it’s not as important for our kids to have a million friend opportunities, as it is for them to have quality company and adult role models. I don’t know if this idea is helpful to you but I find that most parents are happy to get together with other parents and their children. so it might not take much effort.

I am praying over your frustration and bitterness. I’ve gotten to that place too. I am praying that it all gives way to understanding what it means you must do in response. home-based church, or whatever other option is better, it sounds like the one you’re at right now is not going to serve the spiritual needs of its people. my opinion is small since I’m not there to experience it. but you were bold enough to take the concerns to your pastor, and he chose to be PC and simply friendly about it. he is the head of that church and greatly controls the direction it heads in. if you’ve banged your head against the wall enough, some space to decompress and figure out a better way to worship and study with others, will come clear to you through prayer and time.

I do not want to steer you in the wrong direction. but that is the sense I get, all that I said. will be praying for you in your decisions here <3


As you have pointed out there is a separation happening right before our eyes.

Christian Churches and believers who are more like Lot’s wife than they are like Jesus.

They really aren’t ready to leave Sodom, they want what they want and just expect Jesus to put up with it.

Travel is more important than respecting the Temple of the Holy Spirit. We were bought with a price, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives within me?

Not for these people.

The separation is happening and those who want to be faithful to Jesus Christ will recognize the deception and compromise in those who don’t.


Praying, Sarah :heart:


Yes, that has been my main concern. How can I continue being a part of this church when I’m so troubled by the direction in which this pastor is leading his flock?

Honestly I’d love the idea of a small home Church, but because I’m new in the area I don’t know many people. It’s not a bad idea at all and maybe I could stay at my current church long enough to see if there are any like minded people who are interested in a home church also.

Thank you for your advice and prayer! And I’m so glad to hear you’ve found someone you can have home church with as well :white_heart:


Exactly. It is not a missions trip to Israel but a tourist trip the pastor has planned. A vacation (and he’s been there before). If he’s willing to take the jab for a vacation, he surely does not see or believe the truth about it. He also believes in post trib rapture, but that’s a whole different topic. Or maybe… maybe his belief in post trib rapture is part of why he doesn’t see the truth about the jab.

The separation is certainly happening.


I attended an SBC flavored church for a while. Mainly, it was a Sunday School class that did a verse by verse thing. We left off towards the end of the Gospel of John about the time Covid shut everything down. We never joined, just attended there. The class was mainly older people and hasn’t resumed. I would have probably gone back just for that but certainly not because of any SBC connection, perhaps in spite of it.

It was a mid sized church, probably 500 to 600 in attendance for the main church service. Pastor seemed quite knowledgeable and well studied in private but sermons were “Kindergarten Christianity 101”, week after week. Wanted meat, got a little milk. Never really got involved otherwise.

Would love just a plain, simple, conservative Bible church, no weekly rock concert and light show, just some simple hymns and straight from the Bible teaching with some fellowship among like believers. Just doesn’t exist here. :frowning:


We are living in the Laodicea church age…pretty much anywhere you go is going to be off. I get very frustrated. But lately, I have thinking about Jesus must have felt. Despite all the corruption, He still went to the Temple. If you are currently in a subpar church, pray and consider staying and being that resistance so needed in churches.


Whether to stay or to go is something only you can decide.

If it is a question of lack of mature teaching then perhaps you could stay and have home Bible studies with other believers who are not satisfied with the Sunday milk service.

If it a question of false teaching though and after confronting the pastor about that and nothing changes then I believe you should move on.


Sadly, the Pastor is selling out for a trip. Some are selling out for donuts, alcohol or perhaps a chance to win 1 million dollars in bizarre state sponsored lotteries. This may not be the mark of the beast, but it certainly shows you how cheaply “Christians” are willing to sell out for a prototype.


Thanks so much for sharing what you shared, StillWaters. My wife and I used to belong to a SBC church, but left for many reasons. We are attending an independent Baptist church and not happy because it seems that the leaders are all too willing to submit to government leaders. The amount of kowtowing as far as closure, social mandates and all the rest is a bit too much. I’ve also learned that the pastor has received the two-shot jab. It’s almost like there is no real leadership.

We’ve found another church where the pastor is an excellent expositor, but I doubt we will join though we may attend for a bit. The problem is that it also is an SBC church and cannot equate to what is happening in that denomination.

I’m beginning to think (and actually have thought this for a while now), that soon, there will be more in-home small churches like the ones in the New Testament by people avoiding large churches where so much compromise seems to be happening. It’s sad to say the least.


I have wondered whether that may not be something that God has in mind for us for the times we live in. Finding just a plain ol’ Bible church seems to be like finding a needle in a haystack.


I think, the most important thing is to pray that God show you the way. For me, it was a blessing, that I left my church before all this plandemic started. God worked on me for years to left this place and I wasnt sure, if it came from God or from the enemy.

After I left the church, the plandemic started and I saw that my church bend down their knee to this satanic agenda (still today!). It wasnt easy to left the church and I left it with bitterness. But this is completely gone. I am in peace now and I pray for my brothers and sisters, that some open their eyes and not getting the shot, because its dangerous.

Oh and I forgot - I tried to warn two brothers about this last year. And they did not listen to me. One was answering with “fact checkers” statements. I was angry, I couldnt not understand, why they dont see what I was seeing. But then God gave me peace and said in my heart “let them go!” and I did that. Now I am having my own Youtube/Odysee channel and my website (which I am having for over 8 years) I am completely free to make videos or write articles about this situation.

My Webseite never received much visitors. It was average and I was always happy that some people read what I wrote. But now I am writing about this plandemic thing and say what I thing it is, the visitors have not doubled but tripled and I receive much more emails then before. Mostly from brothers and sisters in christ who are have no church no more because they have left it because the church is Laodizea and dont see the evil or even promote it.

What I want to say is: Be encouraged. You belong to the Lord. He is the head of us. We are the body of christ. And follow God, what he is telling you. For me - its not making sense, to be in a church, which is bending down to the satanic rituals (and they are rituals!). It would make me sad, to see, that a church is singing with masks or even stay silent. This is not a church anymore. There are no hugs, no gatherings nothing. Its empty. Can such a church praise the Lord? I doubt it.



Hi Sarah,

We are certainly living in challenging times and the apostate church abounds, just as scripture says it will in the end of days before the return.

Go online and start a church search close to where you live. I would start with non-denominational Bible believing churches first. Look for their statement of Faith, and children’s programs. Call the office if you have any questions. See if the pastor has some sermons on their web page for your review. Then go for a visit.

I pray that the Lord will settle your anger down and lead you to a great church that is a good fit. Keep in mind that none of them are perfect. But the one’s that are in blatant hypocrisy will stick out like a sore thumb.

If you would like to ask me anything just PM me, I will be happy to help in any way that I can.




Yep, I hear from a lot of my readers that finding the right church is next to impossible.


Finding a church that believes the Bible, teaches the Bible and doesn’t bow the knee to the world system is like finding a Pearl of great price.

If you decide to do a home church remember that you are just as qualified as anyone else.

People have the idea that only pastors can share the Word of God. As we have seen, some of the biggest disappointments in the Church today are college taught Megalomaniac’s with huge congregations, jet aircraft, mansions and diamonds rings who make it all about themselves.

Each of us have the Holy Spirit living within us. We don’t have to act like we know it all and put on airs.

Just sing a song of worship, pray that the Holy Spirit would fill your gathering with His presence, read directly from the Word of God without letting opinions enter in and just see what the Holy Spirit does.

God said “His Word”, (not our words) would not return void but would achieve His purpose.

End by asking for any prayer requests, lay hands on the sick and hurting, physical or emotional hurting,

End with a prayer of Blessing.

I would highly recommend playing the song “The Blessing” on YouTube.

I especially love the one Christafari does!

It always lifts my heart when I see the faces of our brothers and sisters singing to Our Lord.


Wow, thank you for posting this! Your words are exactly my thoughts. I too am angry about how all of this is playing out. The Pastor at my Church gave a strange message before the election saying that Christians have been duped with current administration about confusing Patriotism with Nationalism. Then went on to say that some words have become trigger words causing much division such as BLM. He left it at that. Didn’t explain how or why. I took all of that as he was compelled to vote for Biden and that to me is a hard pill to swallow knowing what I know and any Christian should know about who and what Biden represents. This is all very disheartening as I thought I found a Church that was not afraid to speak truth.
In Illinois we are just opening after 400 + days of lockdowns and restrictions. Even though mask mandates have finally been lifted our Church still requires them to enter the building and while moving around. This is beyond absurd to me. There’s no common sense with any of this. I haven’t been back to my physical location church since mask mandates because I am one of those people who gets a horrible headache every time I wear the mask for more than 30 minutes. Especially if I have to talk with it on. They have a section for where unmasked people can go but I haven’t been able to bring myself back there because I am very concerned about them pushing vaccines and confused as to where they stand on all of this. I am in a womens group there and we are not allowed to discuss politics which is fine, but also not the vaccine. I feel like I am being silenced during a time when it’s critical to get the truth out. I also believe that Pastors being leaders should not be leading their flocks to the path of destruction. This election was the most black and white ever as far as everything regarding religious freedom in our history. I believe everybody has a free choice to vote the way they want and good job if they want, but when we have pastors that are silent on these matters and people get their news from corrupt Communist sources which is all of our news then people are being extremely deceived and making bad decisions based on that, which in turn affects all of us.
I know that God is in control and Biden was elected because He allowed it, and will continue to allow the consequences that follow having evil leader ship. But for our church to still be going along with these mask mandates after they have been lifted so it could look good to the government? So are they trying to please the government are they trying to please God? This is where I cannot bring myself to go back because I do not want to be under the leader ship of a church that is compliant with the government and not compliant with what God says.
And with everything and all the craziness that is going on in this world today I need to hear a message that speaks from God‘s word on all of this. There are very few places that I have actually heard that and one of them is JD Farag. So I have mainly been doing church online and I do feel that I am really missing out on the fellowship and worship with other believers and I want to find a church like JDs in my state but I don’t know if there is such a church my his in my state. It is also very concerning because when you go to a church that is extremely government compliant I feel like I cannot speak out on what I am concerned about because I might offend somebody. The church should all be on the same page and should be preaching out of the word of God concerning the times that we are in and I believe this way we would not be so divided but everybody is afraid to offend, so in being afraid to offend we are extremely divided.
I would rather have somebody speak truth no matter how hard it is then feed me with some pretty words that have no truth.
I wish I could find a church that could be on the same page where I can go and be not afraid to talk about all of these concerns.
I am sick and tired of of the brainwashing and I have not listen to any of the news since Trump was elected because all it was was half truths and lies. I feel very alone and disconnected there are only a few people that believe the way that I do maybe there are more but I don’t know how to find them in my area.
With everything being so censored I don’t know how to find them. I read on your post that you are a part of telegram what groups do you follow to stay connected to fellow believers whose eyes are open?
We live in a very evil days and I feel I need to stay connected to people who are very aware of the times that we are entering.
Thank you for your post and every word that I read I feel strongly the same way that you do.
God bless !


I agree! And I don’t think we’re alone. I think many people are hungry-- no, starving-- for spiritual guidance from a Christian leader who is willing to speak the truth in love. JD said he felt God was commanding him to do one thing: “Feed My sheep.” And he is obeying, boldly. I wish more pastors would do the same, but sadly it isn’t so.

Because churches in my area are not mandating masks or actively pushing the shot, I think I will try to stay active and involved in a local church. Perhaps I can awaken some who attend, or meet others who are interested in a home Church. While I’m grateful for this forum and the connections we have here, I do feel called to be out in my community. I feel that keeping to myself is not what God would have me do right now. If the church ever requires masks or pushes vaccines, though, I won’t go.

I follow a few channels on Telegram that share information relating to covid/the shot. Not Christians, all of them, but good information is shared.

I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling alone and disconnected. I feel that way too, a lot. Even when I’m surrounded by people, I feel alone… Alone in the knowledge of the truth. But I’d rather be alone in the light than alone in the dark. And HE is the light, right? It says that in Scripture SO many times! Jesus is the light of this world. So we’re never alone. Not ever. It’s hard to keep that in mind when strong negative emotions overshadow us. I suppose that’s why He left us the lamp-- His word-- so we may open it and read it when those emotions consume us, and Satan’s lies try to worm their way in.
The Psalms are full of words of wisdom and comfort :yellow_heart:


Very well said Ed and definitely an option. I would incorporate the JD Forum and JD’s and Mac’s teaching as well.