Hypocricsy/Ignorance/Corruption in Churches (SBC in particular)


A wise choice Michele. I would not go back either.

Thank you for that response. It really does help to know that we are not alone. I wish those of us to have her eyes open to know the truth could all be in one place worshiping together and doing church together. I know what day is coming soon when that will be but in the meantime that is what I am yearning for.
I have tried to speak the truth to those around me but nobody wants to listen. And then I am told they cannot talk about this or that because it is going to offend somebody. So it’s very hard to be part of a church body right now that are split split in half I guess I would have to find the right half?
It should not be this way. For this I am dismayed. I don’t like conflict or causing trouble so I mostly stay quiet. It doesn’t feel right, it seems very wrong in light of what I know.
I can’t force people who have been brainwashed to listen, nor do they want to. I hate this so much because I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. That’s what church represents to me right now.
Its an awful place to be.
I don’t want to live where I live anymore. Its a very liberal state, very entrenched in the globalist agendas.
Its not a good or safe place to be.
I am very glad to hear that where you live there are no mask mandates and they are not pushing the vaccine that is in would be a breath of fresh air.
And I would continue to go also if I were in your place for as long as you can until they do.
God bless and thank you for responding because at least I know one person out there understands.


You would think that in this day and age, just about any “flavor” of church would be easily found.

I’m an oddball, for sure. I want meat, not milk. The Word is where it’s at, primary focus. I also am very turned off by contemporary worship music and contemporary worship styles. What’s left? Usually an odd group with a huge hangup, often like rabid KJV only teaching, or way out doctrines that I just don’t wanna sit and listen to.

The “style” I like most is played out pretty closely by Sugar Land Bible Church. Basically, two hours of pretty indepth Bible teaching and a bit of hymn singing (the kind where they had the old church hymnal and a piano, not the rock concert and light show). While I don’t hold it against those who enjoy contemporary styles, I just can’t. I’ve tried again and again. It’s kinda like meeting someone who just HATES red beets. Everyone wants to tell them how “if you just try them this way, you’ll like them” and yet every single way is repugnant… that.

I’ll also add that I really appreciate Andy Woods but do not always agree with him on every point. Our points of disagreement are usually minor and we agree on an awful lot, including the basic doctrines surrounding salvation, faith alone in Christ alone. It is amazing how many churches profess such but when getting deeper into the weeds don’t believe that.


One would think, but we need to remember that we are living in the Laodicean Age of the Church, with too many churches going off the rails into heresy and syncretism.

We also know that Paul warned that in these end times, God would send a delusion so that lies would be believed. It’s happening in the world and it’s happening in too many churches.

What troubles me most are the amount of pastors who do NOT even preach on the end times. It’s like it’s not really important to them at all. I think if more pastors took the time to educate their flocks about what the Bible actually teaches regarding the end times/last days, we’d have more educated Christians yearning to live for the Lord. Instead, we have too many pastors and parishioners who are willing to compromise with the world and its system.

They have absolutely no clue about the coming final world kingdom to be headed by Antichrist as first revealed in Daniel 2. None.

Churches that do not delve into the truth about the end times are more easily caught up in the lies of this age. Just take SBC as one example. My wife and I used to be members of an SBC church, but I cannot push myself to join another one. We found one church, where the pastor preaches expositionally and he is very good. Yet, he is not really concerned with end times and he also denies that Russell Moore of SBC (though he left for Christianity Today recently), is an avowed LEFTIST. Marxism is taking over that denomination sadly.

I honestly think that more and more churches are going to either collapse due to their unwillingness to go along with the world, or they will grow BECAUSE of their willingness to go along with the world. I also believe as I think I said before that as time progresses, more and more authentic Christians will find themselves involved in home-based churches.


I’m guessing there is a lot of “milk” being served these days. Some of the “sermons”, if you can call them that, that I’ve tuned in to in various mega churches have been more like “prosperity gospel” pep talks. There is a New Age element that is becoming prevalent among even the secular population that is finding its way into churches, the idea that utopia is coming, i.e., Trump is coming back, a new and better monetary system is being implemented, all the bad guys are goin’ to prison, and on and on. Last I checked, that’s not the scenario the Bible lays out, at least not for us here and now or in our very near future. Seems like lines get blurred too easily these days… politics, religion, spiritual stuff, supernatural stuff…

Looking forward to Christ’s return! This world isn’t goin’ back to “normal”. And the things that happen before the Second Coming are setting themselves up now. Kinda like that illustration about seeing the Christmas decorations in the stores and knowing that Thanksgiving must be getting really close.



I love your response. It brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful song!!! Thank you for sharing!


I listen to Max Lucado , one sermon he praised God and how God gave the scientists the knowledge to come up with a vaccine so quickly.

The days we live in, and the things we hear…

So astonishing…

When He comes, will he find faith in the world?

It is certainly faith that saves and not church attendance.


Love Adrian Rogers - got saved from the Love Worth Finding ministry

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You were put here for a reason. Be that force for change unto Christ He’s calling you to in your heart. Gather like-minded people and start a reform movement.

Let’s get our churches back to Christ!


You may want to watch this video. Did God really provide the knowledge to create the vax or was it in the works as far back as possibly 2002?

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I get the impression that when He returns, He will NOT find faith on the earth…


Good info here.

I don’t agree with all topics he covers but he does his homework on things like this.

He does not believe in the Rapture and does not discuss this here. He sadly has not been positive about Pastor JD. Just listen to the facts!


This is something I shared before. Put the pieces together. And the numbers. Ironically where my last two posts on the numeric line.