I asked Jesus to come into my heart

I asked Jesus to come into my heart at a big revival meeting in San Diego when I was 5.
It was 1961.
The name of the preacher, has been etched in my mind for about 60 years now. His name was was " Tony Fontane." Wow I just looked him up, right now, What a story …

(i thought he was a preacher) He was a singer.

Tony Fontane (1925-1974) was an American recording artist in the 1940s and 1950s who gave up his career in popular music to become a gospel singer following a near-fatal car accident in 1957. Due to his high, clear tenor voice and unrelenting sense of purpose, he became one of the world’s most famous gospel singers , performing in concert halls and churches around the globe and recording many …

I feel kinda blessed knowing more about the person who led me to the Lord. I just read about how he broke almost every bone in his body in the car accident he was in … how it took two and a half hours to get him out of the car!! They thought he was dead …but he wasn’t. In the hospital he went into a coma …and when he came out of it, he gave his life to the Lord completely…He refused to sing anything but gospel music after that, and got sued for not honoring a previous contract. He lost all that he had and he lived in poverty singing in churches that would let him…for some time. But then the Lord blessed him and he became richer and even more famous than he ever was before … as a gospel singer.
What a story what a testimony …
I am listening to a you tube of him singing Amazing Grace right now…

So as I was saying I became a Christian when I was 5, at a big revival meeting in San Diego.

I later rededicated my life to God in 1970 in the Tent in Costa Mesa and got baptized
in the ocean at Pirates Cove in Corona Del Mar California …


Amazing story! Thanks# for sharing!

Thanks Nprblondie1,
I was really so surprised myself, finding all that out right in the beginning of trying to write my salvation story. I had a lot that happened after in my young life…and having Jesus in my heart kept me knowing that I was greatly loved in spite of hard circumstances that came about the following year.


Amen and Amen KiminCalie

Hey Kim in Callie,

Love your testimony! I was born in 1953, (Houston TX) and fell in love with all saltwater sports. My family in the 1960’s built and developed 2 different Surf Shops, in TX, and yes there is surf in TX. Just not as often as Callie. I lived in Encinitas CA, in 1971-1973. Loved that West Coast Line.

I too was led to Pastor Chuck Smith Ministry, that began the “Jesus Movement,” that help save many Vets, severely traumatized, by The Vietnam War. Dropouts, Hippies and Beach Lovers of all types, and just injured adult children that were down and out, & just plain lost!

Wow. How amazing is our Father in heaven and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I remember Fontain’s voice well
His testimony is incredible!

How awesome is this forum. I love JD’s method of teaching, with his Passion for our LORD and His Son, who is the Word of God. Amen.

Being in this forum, reading about our brothers and sisters in Christ, their burdens, praises, and crosses they carry, has helped me so much.

Communicating with others, across Oceans, far off is so uplifting, too. And I relish the day we will be worshiping and ruling and Reigning, with Jesus our King and all who passionately ADORE HIM. See ya on the other side!


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Hey Rael,
You are such a blessing …It is wonderful how the Lord makes us all one …
I have truly found a home at Kaneohe Calvary Chapel…it has kept me in the Word and looking to Jesus

one foot in front of the other some days…but steady. Thank God for the fellowship, I would be so crazy trying to make sense out of all the things that just don’t .

Thank you for your kind response …and Yes Chuck Smith!..his voice comforts me to this day…He loved the water so much like you. It is interesting how the Lord puts us right where we need to be where we are accepted and understood.
God Bless You​:sweat_smile::heart:Kim

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