I could sincerely use some prayer tonight for an injury

Dearest friends,
As I was taking a pan with a very long metal handle out of a 400 degree oven grabbed one of my mini pot holders without thinking and before I realized what I’d done badly burned the inner meaty portion of my hand below the pinky. In the middle of the red portion of the burn are 2 white lines where I guess the grip was its tightest. Of course I immediately held my hand under cool running water but holy cow…I can’t remember a burn hurting this much. Luckily, I’ve some medical grade Manuka honey that I slathered on then covered it with an extra extra large non stick bandage.
Since I’m diabetic and must be super careful am praying that I’ve handled this as well as possible because unless I have a serious emergency don’t want to go to a hospital emergency room. I’ll clean and re-dress it again every day for a few days while being watchful. If you would pray for an uncomplicated speedy healing I’d be ever so grateful.
BTW, if you’re wondering what was in the pan it was a turkey tenderloin smothered in butter and apricot preserves. If my hand hadn’t been hurting so badly it would have been much more enjoyable! I’ll not make that mistake again.


Ouch! Prayers for quick healing!


I’ll be praying for a quick and total healing as well. I know what it is like not wanting to go to the hospital unless you absolutely have to.


I will be bless to pray for you, burns can be painful I would get in check.


With all of your prayers, thank God my hand is improving. Tho I’ve a nickel sized spot that’s kind of leathery and tender but it never blistered which I think is due to the use of Manuka honey. Praise God for His mercy!


Yes, praise God! It’s wonderful to hear some good news.

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Heavenly Father, Please hear your servant’s plea for quick healing so they can avoid going to hospital where they may not be safe. I ask you Lord to comfort your servant and bless them. We love you Jesus and we know you are the great healer. Thank you Lord. We ask all things in Jesus Holy name. Amen.