I have some updates

I asked for prayers awhile back. I had been seen 3 different drs which each one giving me a different diagnosis: psoriasis, eczema, and itritant cobtact dermatitis on my scalp. This led me to cutting my hair much shorter and not dying it anymore (I’m starting to actually dig the gray lol). It caused alot of stress for me and money. Each dr would prescribe something different with nothing working. I prayed constantly over it. I decided to try one more dermatologist. On my way there i told God “this is it, I’m tired of going to all these drs. This is my last one, i can’t do this anymore. Its all in your hands now. Please let me recieve good news today, if not thats ok to, I’ll accept it”. When the dr checked over me she got right in my face and said “you do not have any skin disease”. She asked if i had any neck probkems or have had an injury. I told her i have osteoarthritis in 3 discs and it causes nerve prbkens in my shoulder blade called notalgia paresthetica. She said she has that to. I’ve never met anyone else who has that. She said the skin issue is from nerve problems from my neck just like my shoulder blade.
Also sunday night i had a small area of redness on me and monday morning it had increased to baseball size. I prayed… and couldn’t get in anywhere to see a dr monday, but got an appt yesterday. I went to the dr and she said it was cellulitis but it hadn’t spread anymore and was going away. Praise God for answering my prayers.


I guess this is good news. God answered prayer, but your infirmity is still with you. It must be a relief to know what it is, finally. It is also great that you are digging the grey hair. I lost my hair and then when it came back, it was so white that I just cried. I loved my blond/brown hair, but I have had so many comments on my color now, that I will never go blond again…lol. God has a way of changing our perspective when things don’t always go our way. He sure knows what’s best for us, doesn’t he?

Praying for this skin issue to be cleared up. Just because the Dr says it won’t go away doesn’t mean God will just let you suffer with it. Happy for you, LA for this answer to prayer and rejoicing with you! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’m so glad I saw your praise report! Thank you for sharing!


What treatment can you get for the nerve issue to heal the skin?


She told me to see a chiropractor. I use to anyway for the notalgia paresthetica in my right shoulder blade, which is caused my impingement in my neck also. I can always tell when i need to see him cause i get intense itching there lol. It does help, not completely but it does calm it down some.