I led my Dad using the ABCs

Please pray for him, he is in the ER and we cannot go see him. He fell down possibly due to stroke or heart attack.

Several years ago he agreed to come to a church retreat with me. This was a big step because we were a Roman Catholic family. One of the speakers was giving his salvation story when it occurred to me to write down the ABCs of salvation on my notepad. I also put a yes and no check box next to each A, B, and C category. I handed him the notepad and a pen. He read the ABCs I put down from memory after listening to countless prophecy updates. After looking it over he checked all 3 yes boxes and with tears in our eyes we hugged. We embraced as father and son but also for the first time as brothers in the Lord.

I am not worried for him being in the hospital as others may be who have no hope. If he goes to be with God then I know Jesus will be there to present him blameless. The accuser will point out his sins to the Father but Jesus will ‘cross’ examine “I’d like to call into evidence exhibit A…B…and C. Those sins are mine, give em to me!”

I had been thinking of making a “save the date” type post card with the ABCs on them and those yes/no check boxes on them. But instead of save the date, it will say “Date the Save.” Maybe one of you talented people on the forum could create such a thing.

God bless you all and thanks to anyone for praying.


@Wjpower77 Praise God!! I am rejoicing with you! Thank you Jesus! I want to ramble but awesome is what I’ll say!! Welcome to the family Dad!! Oh, you’ve got to be over the moon!! :clap: :clap: :heart:

Btw~ Date the Save is an awesome idea!! :grinning: I will definitely be praying for him and your family as well.


Beautiful story. It is so sad people can’t go visit the hospital for this reason

Praise report! Thank you all for your prayers. My Dad survived the emergency surgery. He still has some procedures to come but he is stable and even talking on the phone. He says he is bored which I said is the perfect thing to be in a hospital.

Also anyone interested in learning why you should leave the Roman Catholic church, I highly recommend this video of Pastor Mac. It greatly ministered to me.