I need a miracle prayer!

My daughter, her family and my sister has disowned me, my heart is breaking over this. I thought about taking the vaccine but every ounce of me just thinks it is so wrong. Please, any encouragement, comfort or advice will help.


Janet, Jesus told us that families would be divided and turn on one another. Even though our Lord said it, it still hurts so bad, doesn’t it?

I feel like so many people around me are caving in to getting the V. They are caving like a landslide and we are helpless. That might be the worst part: the feeling of helplessness. We want so badly for our loved ones that sometimes I feel like grabbing them by the shoulders and shaking them…but you know what? It will do no good and that hurts.

All we can do is stand strong in our convictions and pray for those who haven’t taken that catastrophic action to their bodies.


Janet, is your family Christian?

The vax is not necessary and for a lot of reasons it’s a bad choice to take it.

But reject someone just because he takes the vax or not, is not serious/consistent.

I spoke a lot with my godmother who is catholic. That the vax is not the solution (medically). She told me that she will not take it. Finally last week she told me, she got the jab because his husband took it! I saw them outside several days later and spoke with them. They are always my family. They are not different than 1 month. The problem is they did a wrong choice. What the Lord would say if they die and that I closed the door to them!

Love your neighbors, love your father, your mother… always love. Even love your enemies.


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I am a Christian. I was baptiszed in a mennonite church. My daughter who disowned me took the catholic faith before marriage.

You are in the right place! It is time to connect with your spiritual family and here we are! God loves us so much, He has brought us together, in this place, for this time. You are loved with an everlasting love, not a conditional love that man gives! The LOVE of Christ and His Church. Together, we can take this journey.

“Love for God is the enjoyment of His loveliness and sweetness of His divine nature as one’s chief good. When once the soul is brought to relish the excellency of the divine nature, it will naturally incline to God in every way. It will seek to be with Him and enjoy Him. It will be glad that He is happy. It will desire His Glory, and desire to do His Will in all things. To once taste the loveliness of God makes one long for more of it.” Jonathan Edwards


I pray that the Lord protects you in this painful time. I’m sorry you family is treating you this way. If they’ve been vaccinated, you’re no threat to their health and safety. This world is as the Bible said it would be. Stay strong sister and focus on the Lord’s return.


I was disowned by my mother and father over 30 years ago. For my testimony in Jesus Christ. My complete family disowned me. It is part of the price of becoming a follower of Jesus Christ.
I know the pain in your heart. I have lived it.
I made a decision. I would rather have Jesus and go to heaven.
I still cry and hurt over it. The pain never goes away.
It is part of being a Christian in Jesus, God and Holy Spirit.


Oh Janet, a big virtual hug your way. It is very hard when family disown you. I will pray for you and for them that they have a change of heart . I pray for protection and comfort for you and also strength. Please remember that God loves you with an ever lasting love. Your brothers and sisters here also love you. We are in this together to love each other and lift each other up during these end times.


Jesus sees and knows exactly what you are going through. Continue to trust Him and hold to what you know is true. Continue to love and forgive those who oppose you and reject you. Know that God has you in the palm of His hand, that His grip on you is sure and that He will not let you go. You are squarely and securely in the palm of His hand. I will continue to pray for you, Janet.


@Fireflies Hey! Me too! My Dad and Step-Mother disowned me because of being a Christian; To this day, he refuses to call me and it’s been over 45 years! I call him and he just listens, thanks me for calling, and hangs up. That’s it. But I have since gotten family in Christ that I could NEVER lose. Many claimed Christ but as soon as you didn’t measure up they were out. I left a Calvary Chapel Church for the mishandling of my epileptic son. Have they called? NOPE.
So I watch Pastor Farag and I stay home. Now with the millions of people shedding protein spikes of COVID all over the place in the USA it’s safer now anyway.
(If you want to know what I said, watch this video all the way to the end. Warning, this Immunology Expert gets a little angry: https://onlyjesussaves.org/docs/videos/ImmunologyExpertTestifies-COVID19-GeneTherapy-WhattoExpect.mp4)


Thank you for sharing with me your personal story. You are right that God gives you a family in Christ Jesus. Thank you for the video.


Hi Janet,

how are you doing? i understand what it feels like when not having anyone in your own family that understands you and love you as you are. mine thinks im crazy and don’t talk to me, don’t check up on me anymore or invite me over for dinner. they think im crazy because i told them Jesus is coming and the v is poison. so it’s just me and my spiritual family and God. i long to see my family in Heaven soon! :white_heart:


I’m just tired of it all. I wake up and I just can’t wait for bedtime. Just plain old tired.