I need God’s peace for my meeting with HR tomorrow

God bless you Jaimie. I read these exact verses a few hours ago without planning to and you have confirmed the Lord is speaking comfort by repeating it. It is exactly what I need to hear.


O Holy Father, we love you. You are the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience God. There is no other gods beside You. Lord, this morning I lift up my sister Samantha to You. You know her situation and needs [Matthew 6:8] and you already prepared the solution. Lord, I pray so that she will stay strong on her faith no matter what she hear, see, or feel. Jesus said, ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.’ [Matthew 24:35] and so we stand on your word today. [Isaiah 54:17].

Just as Daniel’s three friends responded to Nebuchadnezzar when they faced with great challenge to be thrown in to the fiery furnace. Even though they did not know the out come but they knew their God and they decided never to compromise their faith or their love for their God. Today as a child of God my sister Samantha knows that we are living in the end time where Satan is the god of this world. But the world has no power over us because we may live in this world but we are not of this world. So, all this world can do is to take away our material possession and even they may threat to take our life but we know that absence from the body present with the Lord. You promised never to leave us nor forsake us. You paid the ultimate price for us so we may have faith in You.

O Father, may the Holy Spirit will encourage her through your word and edify her spirit so she can be bold in her Christian life and may your perfect peace will rule her heart. May she will keep her eyes on You knowing that You are with her no matter what happen - she is not alone! May she will have compassion upon those who are wronged her and she will be able to pray for them just as You did on the cross.

O Holy Father, we love You with all our heart. There is nothing in this world can change that. May my sister will remember that she is walking with her heavenly Father and people around her may see You in her demeanor and praise Your name. What enemy planned for evil may that turn to your glory. This I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


It has to be Him because I had no idea.



Praying for you and others who are, also, facing similar trials.
JD posted a link to:
A Voice For Truth

You can subscribe and request the “Vaccine Position Statement for People of Faith”

They really provide scientific research information and facts that are resourced with links, etc.

There is solidarity in knowing that there are People of Faith worldwide standing to speak for the innocent and vulnerable - including preborn children.

They give Scripture references to support your stand in obedience to God’s Word. They give helpful, practical advice in writing your personal statement of faith concerning abortion-derived fetuses used in cell line research, development, production; and/or “testing” of vaccines that WHO Manual for testing vaccines protocol, etc.

The Lord helped me find the information needed to submit to my doctor; hospital Advance Health Directive; and will also share with family caregivers who want me to take the Novavax vaccine.

The Some of the vaccines ie. Pfizer, Novavax, use HEK293 (abortion-derived fetus cell line) in some of the “testing” of the vaccine. They didn’t use any abortion cell line in the product; however, some of the “testing” for vaccine did use HEK293

A Voice For Truth has the information we can use to save lives of preborn children. JD suggested that we print out the material to present with your exemption (if I remember correctly)? I am keeping it for hard copy references. God is with us: Isaiah 43:1-3


Jesus told us ‘Do not fear’. He was talking about anything and everything that happens in this reality. It is not our home.

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Hi Samantha! I handed in my exemption back in August, for the vaccine as well as the bi-weekly testing. My facility then came out with more paper work so I resubmitted and was placed before a tribunal the first week in September. I have yet to hear a response! I was nervous also but the Lord allowed me to share my faith and where I stumbled, I submitted a second letter. I was informed that the Pope said it was okay to take the vaccine! I informed them, I was not a Catholic, Baptist, or Protestant. I do not follow the Pope, Franklin Graham or the Dali Lama! I serve the Living God! I also told them that they cannot do anything to me that is our if the will of my Father! I had to submit clinical reference fir use of fetal cells in pharmaceuticals, I was also asked to state the reference I use as the reason for not wanting the vaccine! I am having a hard time staying focused on my job, with all this going on around me! I know He is with me as I pass through the waters and into the fire! I can only pray my husband turns completely to the Lord! I was saved seven years into our marriage and have been praying for over 30 years. My husband doesn’t want the vax, but he is skeptical about what is happening! May he be drawn to the foot of the cross! I praise my God and King for these days in which we live! our daughter also raised a believer, worked in missions and teaching at Christian camp is completely blinded as to what is happening! Like so many others, my heart aches, but entrusted into His merciful unseen hand!!! Come Oh so quickly Lord Jesus!!! We are in desperate need of You!!! Praying for you!!! :two_hearts:


Welcome to the forum!!! So glad to have you! I don’t have time to frequent this site but am comforted by the many prayers!

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praying for you Samantha that all will go well in the name of Yeshua Jesus :heart::pray:

Will be praying.

I’m curious - what type of testing are they requiring? Is it the “spit” test or blood work?

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I think JD is correct when he says this type of situation will provide many opportunities for presenting the Gospel to people who are not saved!

My wife will no doubt have to go through something like this as well soon. I’m retired but I suppose they can try to attach my social security and/or retirement acct to their “mandate.”


Up the nasal passage test. Its the rapid test.


We are told not to discuss religion at work and now you have to discuss religion at work. Its quite the upside down world. I am rather shy so it is a relief to have this opportunity thrust upon me. It forces us shy Christians to make a stand. Scary but necessary at this time.


There’s a danger to that one. What I find fascinating though is that people who are double vaxxed have a 251 times higher viral load in the nostrils. Will be praying.

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I firmly believe that this time is going to give us greater strength because we are forced to rely on our Lord. It is going to separate the professing from the authentic Christians.

If we consider the three government mandates issued in the book of Daniel and how Daniel and his three friends simply respectfully ignored those mandates. Yes, there were consequences but God protected.

The other reality about this CV-19 vax is that it is still EXPERIMENTAL and is only authorized by the FDA under EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION. There is NO way that our government should be able to force that on anyone.

The Left is trying to get way in front of this fact by ignoring it, simply stating that the law is on Biden’s side. No it’s NOT.

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:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: Praying for you!

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I am praying now for you! I would encourage you to to wait on the Lord and see where He wants you. If He wants you there, you will stay there-but He may need you somewhere else (remember, we’re all missionaries-like Paul who trusted God and went wherever he was sent) and that means waiting on Him. You have MANY people praying for you. God bless and give us an update!


I am sorry to hear this.I will pray for you.

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Hey there, I am reading through this thread and am wondering what your current status is as of 11.13.21.

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After 3 weeks they turned down the exemption. I sent in additional information (8 personal biblical reasons why I cannot take the jab). It was written keeping in mind that it is an opportunity to witness/warn one last time to anyone who is forced to read it. No sugar coating but not rude either. Before they bothered to send me a second denial, time was up and I have been off for 2 weeks on a leave of absence without pay.

The Lord provided my husband with some unexpected overtime so we are good for this month regarding expenses.

During the first week off, the Lord put in my path a group legal action which I signed up for. I have also put in a union grievance as another opportunity to remind them that what they are doing is wrong. It cant be legally ignored now and I have to go through 2 hearings before the final hearing which may be in 1 to 2 years. Nobody else at the university is doing this so you can see how Christians have to stand up.

There is a possibility through the class action that I can be picked to put forward my case to the Alberta Human Rights office as an example of how the university/government is trampling on protected grounds. I welcome this opportunity although it scares me.

Fear of man is a snare and it is something I have always struggled with. The Lord is giving me an opportunity to overcome this.

Please pray that Jesus be glorified in all this and that He fights this battle for all the people who have been wrongfully dismissed. Pray that in my weakness I can be strong in Him.

Thank you for caring and for your prayers. I believe prayers dont have a time limit and that they are still at work in this situation but it always helps to send up more.

God bless.



Thank you for sharing! I will be praying for you are the people who review all of your documentation. Maranatha!