I need prayers badly please, dad just died

Awww, Tim, I’m so sorry… my heart aches for you brother. It aches for so many lost folks out there that refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. It aches for all brothers and sisters in faith who face this same heart wrenching issue. I pray that Kathy will allow you to present God’s definitive word to and for her, so she can finally accept Christ before her last breath. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!



Brother @hixster92, Tim -

Peace and grace to you from our Father and Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Initially I must confess I am sorry for the news given you over your mom. I weep that she has yet to listen to you towards salvation. I ask this for my benefit and for what I hope is an ‘in’ for you. While I’m sure you have proceeded to ask long before being here, if not, I hope you will now and if given an answer previously, I’d hope you would share as many times one of your brethren have been given a like-worded response and has a counter response not yet tried.

Why does your mom reject Christ? Has she ever answered that? Have you ever asked? (This is where since I don’t live with you, I wouldn’t know first hand and have to ask.) I would hope that at some point in the coming days and weeks ahead - you find a question she has to answer that has no course for side stepping the answer.

I have prayed for your mom and those like her for awhile now and I will share that I ask the LORD to convict, inspire, and also challenge the lost to identify and flee the prisons made of themselves and to seek out and accept the Truth of His Word. To repent and accept His Son, Christ Jesus, as Lord and become a far better Christian than I see in myself or those I’ve observed.

I have faith He will, through you or someone / something you present to your mom, she will get the point and understand. Sometimes there’s an underlying misunderstanding that has wormed its way into being some sort of truth they refuse to question or push from for years and decades. So, I hope it’s as easy as what I had to deal with pertaining to my dad before he died.

Don’t give up hope, Tim.


Morning Tim and Jon,


Just found this on YT from Bema Seat Academy channel:

Your will
Your way
for Your glory

Remember Tim, His ways are not our ways. Our Father has promised the desires of your heart that are in accordance with His will— and He is not willing that any should perish. Trust Him. Follow Him. Rest in His grace and mercy.

May the shalom of our Lord rest upon you and all those you love, Brother.
:heart: gr

Part of a prayer also from BSA this morning:

Oh Father, I am in awe of You. Let even me be a woman or man after Your own heart. Save my house. Save all our houses. Oh Abba, we love You.
Hosanna. Save us. Amen.

*Italics bold lettering, and “or man” added from original post. Channel’s Community section is full of honest, insightful, Biblical encouragement.



I am so sorry for your loss, I am praying for you and your family.


We are doing well my daughters and I. I miss all of you too. I do have a telegram to bring encouragement to like-minded Christians believers if you would like to stay in touch.

It is ran by lovely daughters and I :heart:

We do Q&A of the day, prayer requests, share Pastor JD content, prayer up dates, Encouragement and Edification Share Board, bunch of other things. Most importantly get the gospel out and focus on growth of believers needing encouragement of His Word in these dark days we are in.

Warmly in Christ, Lya & girls


Wanted to thank everyone again for their prayers and provide I final update on my mom, Kathy. She passed yesterday morning, January 18th. We were blessed by the Lord to celebrate one more birthday with her, her 77th, the day before. Her decline was very quick but we had wonderful support from our home hospice team and my siblings and their families. Our primary nurse, Birgit, was so kind, loving, and forthright with all of us and took great care of my mom in her final 3 weeks. She’s one of those special people you just see and feel God’s grace working through.

Now in the aftermath, I still have doubts mom came to faith in Jesus Christ before she died. She was unable to move or communicate during her last week, basically comatose. My siblings and I talked and prayed with her constantly and asked Jesus to please save her. Unfortunately I won’t know this side of heaven whether she did or not. I hope to God she was but there’s just no telling. She went peacefully and with no pain or discomfort. Now it’s time to continue forward in the faith and keep trusting always that God is in control and that all things work to His purpose and glory. It’s just me and the little dog now in the big house that I’ve spent most of the last 40 years in. Taking care of and being here for mom and dad was my purpose, and now I am unsure what my purpose is. I just lean on the Lord and trust He will show me the way He wants me to go. Thank you again all of you and God bless.


Awww, I’m so sorry to hear that brother! God bless and be with you and give you the peace that passes all understanding. I’m sure God will be leading you to your purpose soon. Just remember that Jesus is with you too and can more than fill that big house with all the love you need until that great and glorious day he takes us home.

Again, God bless you brother!



Hi Tim,
I’m so sorry your mom passed without you knowing for sure if Kathy had been born again. (It’s with great sadness that I removed her name from our prayer list.) I’m so thankful though, Tim, for your faith!

I’m sure our Father has plans for your time now that both your parents have passed. I hope the dog is keeping you company, giving you reasons to smile. I’m not a fan of little dogs, but we have two— and one is forever making me laugh. (They were rescues, in case you’re wondering.)

I’m sorry I didn’t see your last message until today. I know our Lord has been walking with you every step through this valley of grief (carrying you if needed). Stay strong in the Lord, Tim. Stay immersed in the Word and God bless you as you travel where our Father leads. May He continue to bless you and keep you. May His peace rest upon you, Tim.