If this isn’t the mark, what is it?

Guys, we need prayer for discernment.


Do not gamble with your salvation. Many Christians believe that if you take this vax it will jeopardize your salvation. It is a sad reality that those who are now asleep will most likely miss the rapture. The rapture is very near and we do hope that it will come before this school year is over for the summer.

God will always make a way for those who are faithful to him. Be encouraged because your redemption draweth nigh.


It doesnt matter what some christians believe. Its important to know what the word of God is saying. And if you are a child of god, you cannot lose your salvation! Never ever!!!


I think JD explains this well in his prophecy videos.
I believe that many of these current vaccines cause us bodily harm but are not the mark of the beast.
I haven’t kept utd re Bill Gate’s luciferase vaccine.
Has he pulled it out of the hat yet?


That’s what I mean…like you said - it will evolve into the mark of the beast. My question to that would be, should we partake in something that we know will evolve to that?


Hi Kris,

Unfortunately the Bible does not support your doctrine. The parable of the 10 virgins. The 5 wise one made the rapture the 5 foolish missed the rapture and the only difference was the amount of oil that they had, which is relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All 10 were Christians. There is also the parable of the wicked servant. Note that he is called a servant. He begins to abuse his fellow servants and the Lord returns and places him with the unbelievers. A Christian here is sent to hell!!

In Rev 3 Jesus rejects the Church of the Laodiceans by vomiting out of His mouth the lukewarm Christians. This is a very sobering reality and it is wrong to teach that once saved always saved as the Bible firmly does not support this doctrine and I do believe that the rapture will happen just to give those people that believe this a second chance to process truth.


We fully and truly do not know what is exactly in the vax but why take a gamble with your salvation?? Would you say whoops sorry I did not think that this would make you unredeemable to God??!!

It would be small comfort to anyone that goes down this path.

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Not wanting to debate the topic with you BTB but I will say that I won’t be taking ANY of these vaccines.


If I’m not mistaken mr. global developed a skin patch for that, as well as an oral V. It is also in the jab. Distribution of patch, some speculate may be through amzn. As for me, not partaking at all. To live is Christ, and to die is to be with the Lord.


And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Rev 13:16 KJV
That word “causeth.” Could that be translated make or mandate? To make mandatory? I’ve looked up the Strongs info on it and it seems it could. Much the same way the seven year covenant is affirmed. It already exits but it is made sure. Just wondering.


Sorry Boris but the 10 virgins prophecy is dealing with 2nd coming not the rapture. We are the Bride of Christ not virgin brides maids.


It is NOT the mark of the beast! The Bible makes it VERY clear that taking the mark will be after the Antichrist is revealed and he will require you to take the mark to your pledge allegiance to worship him. Since it’s still anybody’s guess who the Antichrist is, this cannot be the mark of the beast. I admit it is likely a test run to see how easily people can be controlled. I hope it’s a wake up call for people on the fence who have heard about the Great Tribulation. But many people are asleep.


Who made a peace deal with Israel and many? The UAE is composed of many Arab emirates.

A Christian CANNOT lose their salvation.

You are saved by God’s grace not man’s works. 1 Tim 2:15. I

Only 5 of the vigins represent Christians. The other 5 represent the world and were not ready for the bridegroom.

If a Christian can lose their salvation that means that their salvation is of their own doing and not of God’s. What assurance would any of us have if we could lose our salvation through something we can do?

Jesus came to teach us that there’s nothing we can do to be saved except believe in him.

When he was crucified on the cross at Calvary who took upon himself every single sin, past, present and future. So the only thing to separating the saved from the lost is whether they believe or not.

Read John 10:25-30. Jesus specifically says In verse 28 that no man can pluck a saved person from his hand. That includes the person themselves.

In 1John 2:19 John teaches that those who walk away from what appears to be a Christian faith were never saved to begin with.

Also how can a Christian be sent to hell. A Christian has the Holy Spirit indwelling in them, therefore God cannot send God to hell. Jesus went to hell as a man and the Father resurrected him as God so that no-one who believes in him as Lord and Saviour will have to go there.

Please read what the Gospel is teaching not what Arminius wrongly taught


Sorry that is incorrect. The ONLY difference between the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish is the amount of oil or relationship that they had with Jesus. The world DOES NOT look for the rapture of Jesus all 10 were asleep and were woken up. The world has no expectation that they will go to heaven. They know that they are sinners.

You never can obtain salvation by works lest any man boast but we do have free will and we can backslide out of the grace of God, or else there would be no free will on our part!!

The parable of the wicked servant is another example. He is called a servant (Christian) but he is wicked and begins to abuse the fellow Christians that are around him. Jesus comes back and places him with the unbelievers. A Christian is sent to hell! This is very clear and very sobering.

In Rev 3 the Church of the Laodiceans is vomited our of Jesus’ mouth. When you vomit something it is usually something that you do not want to be but you are forced to do so. This is a clear rejection of Christians by Jesus.

Why would it say in the Bible regarding the Book of Life? Jesus said that He would not blot out the overcoming Christian from the Book of Life. Why this statement unless it could be blotted out?

The solution for this problem He provides. He tells us to repent of our lukewarmness and to buy garments, gold and most important salve for your eyes. The salve is critical because then you will see clearly regarding your state of readiness as well other revelation will begin to flow. You will get understanding and the wisdom that the Holy Spirit will give you.

Once saved always saved is very very bad doctrine which does lead to lukewarmness and a lack of accountability as well as a lack of holiness before the Lord. Repent, become an overcoming Christian.

This bad doctrine is so very prevalent that I believe it is a major reason why God created the rapture. It is an underserved and remarkable second chance for a lot of people to reprocess truth!

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I do believe that the current vax is the mark 1 mark of the beast. Later versions will give you the chip. You can not buy and sell without this vax in Israel. We know that this vax will alter your DNA and I believe that this is one reason that it makes you irredeemable to God. If they have used the DNA from the Nephalim that the US obtained from Afghanistan then you will literally be transformed into part demonic. Another big problem is that the vax will destroy a portion of your creative area as well as what is called the God gene. It somehow severs your connection to God.

After the rapture occurs God is not going to give the AC a magic wand to overcome the saints of God. The AC will continue to use the vax and the element that destroys the connection to God as well as polluting our sacred DNA.

Do not take the vax at your peril!! Why would you want to gamble with your salvation?


I will say it does seem like something that can easily be twisted or Evolved IN TO the actual Mark.
think the effort within the amount of time amount of Money the Real Raw that it takes to successfully transfer to Every one of Earths citizens .Any product. it seems like its been a headache as is with this I don’t see them resetting that


You can’t be unborn.


I believe All these points are valid. Let me witness to you about my own experience. As a 13 yr old I lost my way and was seduced by the romantacism of vampires. In my folly and to my own peril I prayed to satan. For many years I was lost. Having been baptized as a baby I knew the Lord but became like a prodigal (daughter)son. By 17 I was truly lost and had no light in my life from God. At my weakest point I reached out for God and he reached directly down to me and I suddenly felt enveloped by liquid love! I Know we can become lost and it’s up to us to decide to call upon the Lord. It’s taking that leap of faith every day to stay connected to Lord Jesus and searching for him in life and scriptures that keeps our lamps burning!