If this isn’t the mark, what is it?

I believe the mark is coming. I believe the rapture is coming. And I believe the Mark cannot be forced. We have to choose. But I also have the blessed hope. Christ is on his way… any day!!:grin::heart::wink::blush::pray:


I hope it helps. You’re very welcome.:wink: Ty for the response!!

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I truly believe this is the mark because it states clearly in the Revelation 18:23 “for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” The word “sorceries” in greek is “Pharmakeia” from which in English we have “Pharmacy”. In my native language, Romanian, the word “Farmece” it means literally “SORCERIES”. Please do your own research.

And by the way, who imposes all those things on the people? The biggest merchants of the world.
Who are they? WorldEcoScammingForum is telling you something?


The Mark will be mandated by the Antichrist. So where is he??? Oh he is not here (now). So no, the so called vaccine is not the mark. It is the persecutor. And that verse you postet is about the whore Babylon and her justice over the evil she did.

Pharmakeia is the great illusion, the snake is overall visible. And we were told, doctors are there to help us. But the medicine is the illusion, God is our doctor and the so called vaccine was created to kill many people in the future.

But please dont spread panic and fear here in this forum. This cannot be the mark, because the Antichrist will mandate it and you have to worship him!


Not if they belong to the LORD



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I do not adhere to the doctrine once saved always saved. Salvation is only the very start, the beginning of our walk with Jesus. He permits if you so choose to backslide out of the grace of God. Can you really tell me that Jesus who will vomit out of His mouth the lukewarm Christian and then right away rapture them?? I think not, and the rapture will be a very big wakeup call for many. It will be a glorious second chance for the many that hold this view.

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Dear Boris,
I see you are back with your unique teachings that do not necessarily conform to the rules of JD’s forum.

I think it would benefit you to study other protestant forms of Christianity first, before telling others that what they believe is not supported by the Word of God.

The Word of God in CONTEXT speaks for its self.

It is not necessarily what you may have learned in Sunday School in your particular denomination.

We do all try and get along here


Well then I will pray for your eyes to be opened to the truth. Once you are saved nothing can take you away from the Lord, you can not lose your salvation.

Please read Hebrews Ch 11 and 12 to see what God does to authentic Christians who backslide.

Yes I can, because they are not authentic born again believers so, Jesus vomits them out.

Only authentic Christians will be raptured.

Now this we definitely agree on. Either you are born again of the Spirit of God or you are NOT.

What view is that, that they are lukewarm??? Best read all of Rev 3: 14-22 in Context. Not all of them are abandoned, some heed the call to repent.


Hi Andrew,
You have a few interesting thoughts here just a little out of context or rather mixed up. I will try and get back to you on Friday and explain what I mean. But keep in mind that the vaccine is not the mark of the beast yet. I believe that it will become the mark in the 7-year trib, but we will not be here.
See you tomorrow.

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I just clicked on the link for the video and got a message from youtube stating that they don’t allow people to watch videos anonomously. They track who is watching. When did this happen?

I could be wrong boristheblessed, but the two parables you mention speak to me about hypocrasy, not losing one’s salvation. I would suggest that if you were saved and then behaved as if you were not saved that perhaps you were never really saved in the first place. God knows all of our hearts. If we go down the path that all our behaviour determines whether or not we are saved, it is a wrong idea and leads to the belief that our “works” will save us. I think this is an important distinction. I do believe that Christians can wax and wane with their faith as time passes. That is why it is important to continue reading the Bible, praying and fellowshipping with other Christians. That is why so many of us today feel very isolated and anxious. We need the support of the body of Christ. God bless all of you in here and thank you for all the discussion. This is the only church I have right now and I appreciate the priviledge of being here.


boristheblessed, are the Laodiceans filled with the Holy Spirit? Were they ever saved? I still think your interpretation of scripture is treading on the dangerous ground of preaching that “works” can save. When you are saved, the Holy Spirit dwells in you and you desire to grow in your faith. It is an important discussion. The 5 wise virgins are sincere and saved. The 5 foolish virgins were never saved in the first place. How can you be filled with the Holy Spirit and not respond to the Holy Spirit? Having said that we, as humans, are all sinners; we all fall short and we all need to keep renewing our faith while pursuing our walk with Christ. We all stumble along the way. Be careful what you are saying to your fellow Christians. Salvation is a gift. We were written in the book of life. I see no scripture that says we can be erased out of the book of life.

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Thank you for your reply. I would direct you to the words of Jesus in Revelation where He declares to the overcoming Christian. (This is by the way the desired state that Jesus wants us to be in.) He said that He would not blot their names out of the Book of Life. Why would He say this if it was not something that could be done?

I am sorry but you do error in the parable of the 10 virgins. The Bible tells us that they were all identical except for the amount of oil that they all had. That clearly puts the 5 foolish virgins as Christians that had a lack of relationship with Jesus.

Non-Christians are not looking for the rapture. They are asleep in this area and will remain so. There is also the parable of the wicked servant. He beats the fellow Christians, and abuses them. He is clearly identified as a servant of God but he is placed with the unbelievers. This is a clear statement about a Christian sent to hell.

Psalm 119:118 "You reject all those who stray form Your statutes. "

My concern is that many people will miss the rapture because they lack a proper relationship with Jesus. It is not works that I am promoting but repentance of being lukewarm and walking in a deep fellowship with Jesus. It is Jesus that will decide who will be taken and who will stay behind. If we could not backslide then we would not have true freedom of choice.

Please ask our Lord if there are issues in your life and He will talk to you and show you. May God bless you.

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I know, strange huh?..it’s been like that for a while, from what I’ve noticed… but sometimes there is another place offered to watch it right next to the YouTube box.

Thank you for your reply boristheblessed.

In my opinion, you are making inferences with regard to the words of Jesus. Just because He said He wouldn’t blot us out of the book of life does not logically follow that He does blot some out of the book of life after writing their names in the book of life. I would suggest that statement refers to the decision to put names in the book of life in the first place. Your name is there or it is not there.

The discussion about lukewarm Christians is very important. There are many people, going to church, who call themselves Christians, for example. But why are they attending church? Is it just a social club for them? They could probably quote Bible passages, but do they have the Holy Spirit? Were they ever saved?

Those 5 virgins could know about the rapture because they learned about it, but they are not walking with the Lord because they are not spirit-filled Christians. They missed the point. They were never saved. The virgins were all the same in outward appearances and behaviour; the difference is that some were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and others were going through the motions.

As for the servant who was abusing other Christians, I could make the same argument. You are assuming that the scripture indicates that he is clearly a servant of God, but I disagree. He could be presenting himself as a servant of God when in fact, he never was in the first place.

I agree that Christians can backslide and that is not a good place to be. You are correct when you state that Jesus will decide who is taken and who is not. My concern is that you are presenting scripture in a manner that would result in saved Christians doubting their salvation which the enemy would enjoy. There are plenty of anxious humans today, including Christians. I don’t think it is helping the body of Christ to present information that suggests we need to work toward salvation to hang onto it.


Thank you for your reply Kris. In my opinon the things are crystal clear:

After they have injected a person with this so called “vaccine”, they will issue a certification document that will be mandated everywhere (transportation, pubs,concerts etc.), like nowadays in Is ra el. They will intentionally allow that those papers will be falsified in order for them to gain the authority to say "those papers are not safe enough, it will be much better to put a vaccination proof directly on the person’s body. This is gonna be some type of barcode or QR Code which by the way both of them are containing the number of the beast in them.
I do not think the evil one is so stupid to tell the people : I am the deceiver, here is my mark, take it.
Please tell me from where do you know that the Antichrist himself will force you to take the mark?
Maybe I am wrong but as far as I know, the SECOND BEAST will do that. Revelation 13:11-18.

Is it not an act of worshiping if someone lets the authorities to inject something strage in his/her body?
By something strange i mean an mRNA injection which leads automatically to a genetically manipulation of the human genome. Jesus told very clearly that as it was in the days of Noah so shall also be at the coming of the Son of Man. Do you know what the Fallen Angels have done to mankind?

Another fact, Microsoft owns the Patent number: WO2020060606 - Cryptocurrency System using Body Activity Data. Can this be related to the fact that no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark?

Dear Kris, please analyse yourself what BillGatesofHell has done with his GMO’s, Vaccines and so on.
And now what is he planning? To throw some particles in the atmosphere to reflect the sunlight? Does he really act as he is God? Now he wants to sit in the Temple of God (Human Body) as God, by the means of those mRNA vaccines??? Sometimes I cannot believe that this is the world we have to live in.
But God, as JD says, he will not endure this too long. I truely believe that Jesus will come really soon, and He will gather his elected from the four corners of the world, and so we will be with him forever.


I am with you totally and in everything you wrote. It will happen like you said. Everywhere. But it is not the mark, because there is no Antichrist.

Its a persecutor, but it is not the mark!

And no it is not an act of worshipping, because I have to worship someone - not something!

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We are being tracked and our data is being mined.


Hi Bonnie,
Do you mean they are trying to splice CV19 into vegetable plants, or the CRSPR gene?