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On this past Friday I started with some pretty strong abdominal pain. It was enough that I turned around on my way to work. Thought it might just be some constipation so I drank a couple saline solutions made with Epson Salt. Epson salt is magnesium sulfate. It is a mild laxitive in that form it is dissovled in water. That tended to flush the GI tract some and that seemed to help. Late Friday night pain started back but much milder. Saturday morning it was still there so I stayed home and started research. First thought was IBS as the location seemed to be across the upper mid abdomen in the general area of the transvers colon. Recent stool test showed clean of occult blood so colon cancer is not a likely candidate that is why I went looking at IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Later Saturday it got worse again and this time the Epson Salt could not do much as I have eaten so little during the day. By Saturday night I was back to almost what I was on Friday morning. Through Friday and Saturday I was thinking gut, bacterial infections so I made some turmeric tea and took some oil of oregano. While they helped with the pain some by reducing the inflammation still there is some residual pain.

Ok inflammation down but pain still exist. Something else must be going on. Did some more research of organs in that area, gall bladder, pancreas, liver are the main culprits. Looked up various problems with each. Glad to say gall stones are probably not the case. Liver is clean but the pancreas now that is another story. In my research I noticed that high amounts of certain minerals that I was taking may contribute. So I will back off the magnesium and Zinc to a few times a week. Daily may be just a little to much. But the biggest problem looks to be diet. Not so much what I eat although I do need to cut down on foods with sugar in them but how I eat. I tend to eat twice a day and in overly sufficient quantity to hold me longer. Turns out I will have to go back to grazing that is eating in smaller quantity many times a day. Snacks now will only fruits and vegetables, nuts, etc. Nothing that is processed in any way, no cookies, candies, or other sweet snacks.

So doing some more research this morning I stumbled on some info that I had disregarded in what I was experiencing such as pain radiating to the back up near the shoulder blades. Excessive itching as of late and large amounts of gas. It led me to something I was not all that pleased to see which is the pancreas. So I have not been to the doctor to get a confirmation but I may in a life battle with pancreatic cancer. Not worried about it so much as I am dealing with just getting into see a doctor for anything not Cov related.

I have already started on a diet change to drop sugar, go very high fiber, lots of nuts, berries, fruits, and dark greens. Will be grazing through the day to give the GI tract the ability to function more properly. I need that for my immune system. Also will be picking up some CBD to go along with my appricot kernals from this years supply of apricots. I will take and eat a couple of them two to three times a day. One good thing my wife is happy about is I really need to kick my intake of green tea up. Being she is Japanese and drinks it already now it is easier for her to make for both of us than just for herself.

Monday is call the doc, set up and appointment and get it confirmed or not for colitis(IBS) or pancreatic cancer. If you feel inclined please pray if not don’t worry about it.


Praying for you Jack.

/double takes
/looks it up
/unclenches righteous fist of fury

In Christ


@jasonacts177 “Occult Blood” is a medical term for blood in the stool. It has nothing to do with occult practices. Sorry I was not thinking in those terms at the time I typed it.

Anyway you can relax on that one unless it shows up in you then you may wanna go see a doctor.


Will pray it resolves.

Don’t jump to the pancreatic cancer idea, pancreatitis is much better outcome with the same symptoms you describe.


I know that but I have to give careful consideration to my family history as well as my medical history. Best for now that I plan to deal with the worst case scenario and if it comes up short of that then I am ahead of the game. Much of the same nutrition regime is used in dealing with both.


Dear BayouBushi,
I am sorry you are dealing with this now. I will pray this resolves and you have the peace of God transcending all understanding. Please consider if any of our discussion, which started right before your pain (if I have the timeline right) could be a factor. May God bless your day brother.

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Oh I am fine with it. It is a part of the aging process. Not worried at all about. Two out comes are possible it goes away or I do. No in between and I good with either one.


Jack, I’m sorry you’re having some health issues. I was going to warn you to stay away from WebMD, unless you want to scare yourself to death. But too late. Disclaimer—Not giving medical advice, so just ignore me. However, my wife has a variety of health issues in that area, and I’ve already noticed something about your diet. If you have digestive problems like diverticulitis, eating nuts is deadly. I would definitely drop that item off the menu until you can talk to your doctor. Concerning the other high fiber foods, be aware that you’re possibly adding additional stress to your already irritated digestive tract. Right now you need to be kind to your system and let it heal up. Look up Brat diet, and see the doctor ASAP.

Also, @Jonathan is right, don’t go straight to a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Those sites give you the worst case scenario.

Again, ignore anything I just said. I’m just an guy on the Internet. Do your own research. On second thought, stay away from those sites and see a doctor.


Second that. I’ve mis-diagnosed myself a gazillion times with my “Google MD” expertise. An embarrassing amount of times actually.

Call the dr…I suppose they are better at diagnosing things :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. I actually called my doctor out last time I was in ….you know, for the kidney cancer I was already positive that I had…I caught her with just the slightest smile as I was telling her how I knew it was cancer and I was at peace. We both giggled it out because I know that I’m extra :woman_shrugging: Actual diagnosis….stress. How annoying!

Praying all the same :yellow_heart:


Funny, you mention the zinc, which I had started taking and it caused me some gut pain. I cut it for a few days, pain gone.

I am praying for relief and answers for you. May the Lord bring healing and soothing relief to you.


I don’t rely on places like WebMD to diagnose. I look up specifics such as an anatomy book to see what is located where. Then I think through the possibilities and look up symptoms to see what matches what I am doing. Then I think about my medical history as well as my family’s medical history. I also see if I can relate what has happened to others that I have known. I do purposely look for the worst case scenario to see how likely that will be. I don’t think it is likely but there is a history of cancer in my family including pancreatic, my age is up there for things to break down easier, and if I expect the worse and it comes out to be the less then I am ahead of the game. Besides I contact a local clinic online today and talked to a doctor. He even mentioned liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. So I am in the ball park anyway. But fret not, as much as I despise doctor’s visits I have to go to get a final diagnosis. I can get the test run to verify on my own so I have to rely on them for that. But I am not worried even if it is a worse case scenario. I have beat stuff as bad in the past.


Dear Father , we praise Your Holy Name today and trust in Your Name alone for all things. Please provide BayouBushi with a wise, loving and kind doctor and staff for his visit. Please fill BayouBushi with Your Spirit and all spiritual blessings as he receives medical care. May he glorify your name to those who care for him and may you be near him guiding him every step of the way. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Hi Jack,

i said a sweet prayer for you from my heart :heart::pray: in Jesus name.


So sorry you are dealing with this miserable trial. I will be praying for your healing Jack and that God gives you wisdom on how to treat your body. Have you considered diverticulitis? Symptoms are similar and it can be very serious. I pray you have an answer soon…like yesterday!!


I had not because the pain is across the upper abdomen not down the left side. I did consider inflammation of the colon lining in the transverse colon but, once I started dealing with it I was able to realize the pain is deeper in the abdomen and almost exclusively in the area of the pancreas and gall bladder. I have considered gaul stones but I don’t have any signs of jaundice and it is now 3 days.

Actually it has settled some. I ate tonight a small amount of rice gruel with veggies and I did not have flare up in pain. On the off chance it is gall stone related and I don’t have apple cider vinegar I went with straigh lemon water and a touch of oil of oregano in case there is some infection involved and I think there is. It should hold me over till I get to the doctor’s tomorrow. What ever comes of it God is with me. He has seen me through so much like this in my life and kept me here in spite of myself. He is still here now. So I can praise him in this storm.


So happy to read your upbeat attitude. THE pain must be difficult to deal with but glad you have some of it figured out. Thank the Lord for the natural remedies He has given us access to!


No reason to be down. People get sick. Sometimes it is serious and others not so much. So I have found the best view is either way I am fine with it.

I am thinking this is more for me to learn.


First let me just say you’re probably gonna be fine it’s probably just a random ache and pains from aging and or diet irritability. A lot of the things you eat as people age they find it hard to digest and that includes nuts and too much fiber.

Anyways by the way you don’t have to have jaundice to have gallstones. Matter fact even your labs can be normal. Typically jaundice is from advanced liver failure, hep. C etc. And just because you have gallstones doesn’t mean the gallbladder Has to be removed although I lost mine. Gallstone pain is usually up high underneath the right rib cage. Same with liver.

Since this is only been going on for a few days honestly I wouldn’t worry too much about it. See if it goes away. Jmo especially since you said you already talk to a doctor online today snd are seeing on tomorrow. Try not to stress about it.

Maybe I say that because I live with aches and pains every day of my life now and for the last 5 yrs. Even after getting my gallbladder out I still get abdominal pain once in a great while… there’s certain foods that for sure will give me abdominal pain.

Here’s hoping it resolves on its own and everything will be fine. You might want to try adjusting the diet a little bit more see if anything helps. But you know taking food out of your diet it can take a while for your body to respond.


Dear friend Jack,
My heart and prayers are with you as I’m seeking God’s face to touch your body with HIS healing hand. I know your faith is great therefore, please just keep calling out for HIS miraculous blessing.

Please keep us updated for we love you dearly!


@464964 The trick is don’t self diagnose base on a few symptoms. I don’t do that. I look up what the symptoms are and see what fits closest to that. It is usually a few different possibilities. Then I go to the doctor and let them run what ever test are necessary to find out exactly what it is. Now if I had a lab and an x-ray room at home I might consider full self diagnosis.

Mainly it is all about getting some ideas of what might possibly be the problem and then if food is a trigger stopping those foods or drinks.

But there was the one time I did not have to d research on what was going on and went straight to the ER. Foud days later I had my chest cracked open and a triple by pass. So check the symptoms through research but let a doctor confirm with proper test. Then go forward from there.

Just a thought, maybe for me it is easier because I have studied a lot of first aid as well as common ailments as well as serious situations. I have a lot of medical material which is not common house hold medicine stuff. I have a Special Forces medical manual, an anatomy book, books on the circulatory system, and so on. So I do have some knowledge enough to narrow down a likely problem. I just don’t have the testing ability to confirm it. That is where doctors come in. Not a fan of most of them but still there are a few out there that are good. Finding them is hard.