If your vaccinated my boss tells me

Well I started this job just a couple months ago, a few of you may recall me talking about how I am the only one out of 30+ employees who is not vaccinated. It’s also the same job I had a little ordeal with the forehead scanner I mentioned in a general discussion post awhile back.

Well now today I was told that those who have been vaccinated can gather in larger groups in the company vans…those who have not must stay with the smaller groups. Well I am the only one.

Just pray the Lord leads me. This may get interesting. But I trust the Lord no matter the outcome.

Thank you brothers and sisters.


That’s gonna be one small group! Lol…feel sorry for you…,this is gonna get bad for all of us soon :heart:


I pray that the lord will give you wisdom strength and Discernment to stand firm in your believe
Show your boss that you are willing to do the job to the best of your ability with out compromiseing your believes
Bless you mate


reminds me of the kid sitting alone in the cafeteria!!

praying for you!! so grateful for the strength you have. even if you lose this job you are blessed with the truth and God’s supply. upholding you in prayer and trusting that the Lord will lead you into what you need. we are with you when you gather alone there in the meantime!!!


That would be my dream. Watch all the others squirm while being forced to conform to the new rules while you sit comfortably adhering to GOD.


Praying and praising the Lord for His strength and fortitude displayed through you in this stand-alone stand-off.

Reading your post brought to mind Psalm 27.

Your brother In Christ


Kyle, I am so glad that you know that God is always by your side. And I applaud you that you stay strong. The times will get harder for all of us. But I have to admit (I dont have a job - due to illness) I have it easier as those who are working.

Stay strong Kyle :heart:


Father God,

Kyle is standing firm in his convictions. I ask that You bless him, continue providing for him, and honor him for being true to You and his commitments. He has been set apart by man, but will be honored by You. Protect him, minister to him during these times of man-imposed isolation. May these periods of time be a blessing, a personal time of worship, praise and ministry. As you did with Daniel when he did not bow down to the demands of the king, keep Kyle healthy and whole. May his continuing good health set him apart as a praise to Your faithfulness and Your protection. Establish Kyle as an example of faithfulness to You. Give him opportunities to share his convictions and beliefs with his co-workers as they inquire to his being set apart from them. Give him Your words to speak, give them ears to hear and eyes to see the truth of what is happening.

Thank You Father for watching over Kyle.


A good reminder brother amen.


Bless you for your faith. You sound very much like me. When I was in High School, I was never one to follow what everyone else was doing. I took the path less traveled. I still live my life the same to this day. Our LORD is so faithful and true. He is always with us. My husband and I will not take the “jab”. May our HEAVENLY FATHER Bless you and keep you.
Your sister in CHRIST.


Very encouraging Kyle. Thanks for this post and this opportunity to join you in prayer. And thanks for your heart toward Him in all of this. What a blessing. “Dear Lord thank you for our brother Kyle and how he desires to honor you and be a good witness before others. May you provide him strength and comfort by the Comforter and deepening love in his heart toward the lost…granting him many opportunities to witness in his faithfulness to you dear Lord.” Amen.


Amen Brother amen.


Kyle, I just had a thought. I wonder if this is one way the Lord is “calling you out of Babylon” and keeping you separate. Will pray for you too. I know you’re in a tough spot!


I never seem to know what the Lord wants me to do, the last time I thought he was calling me out of a situation I am afraid I did it on my own feelings and not from the Lord’s direction, but I do have great faith that I consider a gift, I truly do trust the Lord and I appreciate that you would consider the Lord keeping me separate in such a situation, I don’t feel that I deserve such accommodations from our King but the thought brings me peace.


We all have a role to play. More or less.

God knows what to do, where, when and how.
We don’t see the whole picture!


Thanks for sharing that Kyle. It ministers to all of us. I am sure most of us have been there. I seem to live there…lol. But even so…we overcome the world. Amen brother. :slight_smile:


I just spotted this… hopefully, you can share this.


I am very impressed to see The Lord using you to stand out for principle and His Glory.!. Believe me He will use it mightily.!.


Please Lord give Kyle the comfort that he is not alone in this dilemma. Give him strength and wisdom to work through these troubling times.
In Jesus’s name, Amen.


It is totally illegal for your boss to blackmail you like that. It is illegal to coerce you into an experimental vaccine that hasn’t been approved by the FDA for safety. Maybe your boss needs to rethink his actions?