I'm so ill...PLEASE keep me in prayer

For all of my brothers and sisters here who are familiar with my health struggles know how I’ve continually suffered from head to toe for years on end with numerous painful conditions. Now at 73, a few weeks ago began enduring severe pain in my right calf so excruciating it’s effected the quality of my life. Then it painfully traveled to my groin leaving me to believe it was a clot. I am on blood thinners so was relieved that THAT was suddenly resolved.

Then several days ago began dry coughing non stop…which quickly turned into a wet congested cough. It may be a very bad chest cod or even a flu…with little sleep and exhausted. I don’t have a fever or sore throat but the mucous coming from my nose is endless.
I just made myself a cup of vanilla almond milk with brandy and honey i hopes it will relieve the congestion and knock me out.

Please keep in your prayers that this won’t worsen into pneumonia. May Jesus hear your prayers and have mercy upon me.


How are you now? Did the symptoms improve?


I just realised you have written this only hours ago…so I pray it will get better very soon!



Since it’s just a few days into this no. My back, chest and entire body hurts like the dickens from coughing and it’s not yet breaking up enough to spit much of the yellow phlegm out. It’s amazing how much mucous my nose is producing but at least it’s clear. Thank God I don’t have a sore throat or fever. My appetite is gone and I’m exhausted from a lack of sleep because the wheezing is so loud.
I really do appreciate your prayers!


Do you have a vaporizer? This has saved me so very often! And ambroxol as medicine for the inhalation, this medicine works for a wide range of medical conditions and relieves the lungs quickly! If you can, get such a vaporizer and ambroxol…
For oral medication NAC could be helpful as well!
And you could also try a mixture of onions and sugar. You get a Sirupe after a while…this will help you also!


So sorry you’re feeling this bad. Praying and praying for you to feel better. I post this video a lot because it gave me instant relief when I was sick. It’s apple cider vinegar steam.



ill and need prayer

I’m sorry that you are having such a time… :pray: :two_hearts:.

What a relief that your calf and groin issue are being resovled.

As for your terrible cough, I do have a recommendation. After Christmas, I developed a near kidney infection on top of walking pneumonia. With it, I had a cough unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It was day and night and my body was sore from it. It was so bad that I had to squat down and hold myself to try and “minimize” the damage. Along with an antibiotic and tylenol, I decided to get Robitussin Maximum Strength Elderberry cough suppressant and it was a miracle in a bottle. After the first dose, I was getting significant relief but took the whole bottle for good measure :wink:.

Prayers my friend for a healing and restoring :pray: :two_hearts:.


Unfortunately for some reason even a slight whiff of apple cider vinegar nauseates me…so that’s not an option.
But thanks for the suggestion.


Oh how I wish I had this right now but sadly I’ve no way to get it for me. My son lives too far away and no pharmacy delivers. It’s often hard being alone.


Loving, Heavenly Father, your daughter, Vicki, is sick and all alone. . . But we know she is not really alone, for we believe the promises in your word. Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us. He is the same yesterday and today and forever. He came, and still comes to heal the sick. We pray that Jesus will provide all that Vicki needs now to heal and strengthen her body and her spirit. We ask that you send angels bearing gifts of medicine and good food. . . Comfort and company . . . May she know that she is never alone, that she is loved beyond measure, and that her Father in Heaven sees and hears and provides. May Vicki be relieved of the cough and rise up tomorrow restored to health. . . We ask in the name of Jesus, and for the honor and glory of your name! Amen


Praying right now for you :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


Father God, we lift Your daughter Vicki to the Throne of grace, asking for a miraculous healing of her body from head to toe. It is very hard to be alone with no one close by to help. Be her Helper Father, and please bring healing to her sinuses and her lungs. thanking You in advance for what You are going to do. In the mighty healing Name of Jesus, I ask. amen.



:blush: I would be more than happy to order it online from Walmart and have it sent to you…if you’d like…no cost to you just need your address (only if you feel comfortable in doing that and completely understanding if you don’t :+1: :wink:.)

If so, just tag me here first and I can add your name to the list of those I allow to PM me.

…just let me know :two_hearts:.


What a generous gesture…words of thanks aren’t nearly enough.
I already have an account with Walmart and place monthly orders…however, they don’t carry or deliver this specific Robitussin Elderberry Cough+Chest Congestion DM syrup. If they did I would have already ordered it at your suggestion.
I’m going to contact my doctor today just to keep him informed of my condition to get his feedback. I haven’t been to his office in almost 2 years but rather have scheduled phone visits about every 4 months because I’ve not been sick. You see, his office is located in a hospital and I’ve simply not wanted to unnecessarily expose myself by going into one.
From what I’ve read, without a sore throat or fever antibiotics aren’t advised or helpful so am just stuck here doing what I need to do…rest and stay hydrated.
From my symptoms doubt very much if it’s Covid but will see if I can locate a pharmacy that will deliver an in home test and hopefully the Robitussin. There is a very small one nearby but it may not deliver.
The problem is my age and multiple health conditions I’m already dealing with BUT GOD is a God of miracles and it’s all in His mighty hands.
Thank you sweet friend…
PS…My PCP wants me to do a home Covid test but unless I leave my sick bed to go out for one I’m kind of in between a rock and a hard place because no pharmacies deliver.
Since this all began less than a week ago will stay put, be patient and prayerfully watchful. Should I take a turn for the worse will go see my doctor.


Lord, You are our Great Physician and we come to You to ask that You touch Vicki and heal her of this horrible illness. Lord we pray You will minister to her special needs and give her rest and peace. In only Jesus name we ask and for Your glory and Vicki’s benefit, Amen.


Thanks to all of you…my friends who are reaching out and lifting me in prayer. HE is the great healer so will trust in and wait on HIM.



You’re welcome, my friend :tulip:.

There are two pharmacies that deliver, I believe, and they are CVS & Walgreens. Do you have one of those where you live?

I understand not wanting to put yourself at risk by going into a hospital for an appointment. I use to see a doctor that had that and I wasn’t a fan either :wink:. The only upside is if you need labs, xrays, etc.

I’ve checked Walmart.com (not any local, but the main one) and it is letting me add it to my cart and is available for shipping. If you change your mind, I can order at your ready and have you set to receive the delivery :blush:.

Thanks for the update to let us know what’s happening and if we can help :two_hearts:.


While I more than appreciate your wanting to help have looked into all of my options and those pharmacies will only deliver prescriptions…so I wouldn’t be able to get a home Covid test or the Robitussin.
So PLEASE don’t ask about that or Walmart again.
Yes, I’m well aware of the benefits of going into the hospital to see my PCP and will if it becomes absolutely necessary.
I’ve a very low grade fever and am gargling with warm salt water…resting and hydrating.
With MUCH thanks!

May the God of healing surround you and help you to know and understand you are already healed.

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This works. Truly does.