I'm so thankful for y'all :) got a bit of a quandry again, and need more prayer and advice

First off, I just want to say how much I love you all. You have been there for me, for practical advice and much needed prayer when the Good Lord separated me from the family I was born in, in order that I would find you. My new family in Jesus. I am hugging you all right now in Spirit. :heart:
Ok, so here’s the new problem that has presented itself…You know I’m renting this room from this man. I have paid my rent for two months now, always on the first and have even helped him with the trash and getting it out to the road, etc. He had said before I EVER moved in here that he would help me with getting the housing i.e.providing transportation because I have none. (Housing Authority is in the next town over about 10 miles away)
Well ever since I was approved for housing and told to come get my voucher signed which was a week and a half ago, he has been letting his daughter take his van so she can use it and she never brings it back and he’s not making her. Almost like he’s doing it so that he has NO way to take me there. Either way, his word is not good and he couldn’t care less if i’m stuck here. And I hate it here. The sleep deprivation is not as bad but it continues. And other things I’d rather not mention. So yeah, I NEED to leave.
But I have a lot of stuff, a lot of things I’ve accumulated for my “new” apartment that I’m SOOOO excited about getting! Which altogether is probably about a full car and trunk’s worth of property. SO i can’t go to a shelter unless they have some room i could put all my belongings( including my air mattress) where they are safe and no one will steal it all. Any suggestions of what places or people or organizations i could email? Or what to do?? I would call but he is in the other room all the time and I can’t talk “openly” about all this. I know this is the enemy messing all this up, because he doesn’t want me to get my own place. mIghty prayers to go up for me please, as well as any practical advice on what to do, thank you brothers and sisters.


Praying now :pray: for you to receive all the spiritual and practical help you need to cope with this challenging situation.

I am relieved to know that you are still holding on in faith. (Hadn’t seen you on the forum for a while.) Very touched by your opening paragraph, so full of love and gratitude. :heart: Praising God with you that you have received the voucher you need for housing.

I’m so sorry for your seemingly impossible dilemma, however we believe in the God who does the impossible, who makes a way where there is no way.

With your permission @RepentantHeart I’d like to send the link to your prayer topic to a group of concerned members via the private message function.
Not sure if everyone sees all prayer requests daily. I know I miss quite a few myself.

Just wondering : Could you go for a walk down the street and make your phone calls?


thank you :slight_smile: I apologize if it seems like I’m always in dire straits, but I’ve been targeted ever since I turned my back on the ways of the world and until I am in my own space that’s just my own with no one having control over me, it’s just going to keep happening.
I would give you my permission to share this, but I’m not sure who and what intention they might have, so I need a bit more info. hope you understand <3


Wise answer. I realize I didn’t explain properly.

I believe I am allowed now to tag (for want of a better word) a certain number of prayer forum users with a private message. I was thinking to send the link to this prayer request to some faithful prayer warriors on this forum who might missed seeing your prayer topic.

Please let me know if that’s OK .
I would include you, of course, so you’d know what I’m saying . I would only make a brief comment with the link.

Maybe this is not necessary now. Since I suggested this idea, 5 more people have “liked” your post, which I presume means they will also pray for you.


Yes that would be great, and hopefully get some assistance since none of the agencies here that are suppose to be giving out grant money are not doing it here in this county, it’s a shame and so evil that they are suppose to be helping the poor and disabled, and not doing it!!! Vengeance is the Lord’s and He WILL repay.

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Could you get the voucher signed through the mail? Need to be careful he doesn’t see it in the mailbox first, though (P.O. box instead)? Or maybe through email somehow? If they have an online form or electronic signature possible? If you can leave and call and explain your situation they may have a way to assist and accommodate you. If you can go to a library… printing and scanning/taking a picture? What about a cab or uber/lyft ride where you need to go? I will pray God helps you find your way in this situation and He ultimately leads you to a more peaceful and comfortable home. :heart:

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No she didn’t give me any other option, I have to go in person to sign.
Yes I could use Lyft on the 1st when i get money, but it’s going to cost so much to use them for everything that I won’t have money left to move in to an apartment. ssi doesn’t give much.


Dear Repentant Heart, I :hugs: you back and pray into this difficult situation that you find yourself in. May our Lord Jesus, by His Holy Spirit, protect you, and keep you safe in His love. Our Great God is the God of the impossible! Hold fast to hope! Hold fast to your faith in Him!! He will rescue you!

If often pray in song! So . . . Here is one for you. . . Zach Williams . . . “There Was Jesus”

If I could, I would include a link right here, but perhaps someone who knows how that works will do that for you?

The only other thought that comes to my mind now is, can you reach out to a local church or pastor who might be able to arrange transportation for you? I pray that there is SOMEONE in the area which would be willing and able to do that! Perhaps email a church nearby and share what you need?

Until the answer comes, God bless and keep you. God turn his face toward you and be gracious unto you. God give you his perfect peace even in this hard place.



Here’s the link to the lyrics


Thank you for sharing.
This is our task from the Lord to support each other in our time left not only holding back the enemy but also holding up our brothers and sisters when at all possible…
I have and will keep praying for a breakthrough in this situation.

I am also looking and hoping to see Abba do a might work here, also will pray for the man’s heart to change even though our sister needs to move on to a much better environment either way.



Thanks for your prayers (and reassurance.) Yes, and also for the reminder to keep praying for a change of heart in the person causing problems for our sister in Christ.


Let’s try this again, since someone decided I wasn’t cool enough to finish and post a prayer.

I am beyond limited in what I know of to help you in your valley. What I know you could fit on the head of a pin with room left over for the novel War and Peace. I am sorry. Also, you mentioned here that you’re sorry for always having some dilemma, that’s what we’re here for and why God is here too. For us to lean on Him and ask Him for help. To trust in the Lord with all our heart and let’s face it…if we don’t ask for what we need, how will we get what we need, when we need it? Help or otherwise? Right?

Ever Merciful and Gracious Loving Heavenly Father

We come to you today in response to a call for help from @RepentantHeart in her journey to obtain housing. Please bless her with provisions of transportation to and from the housing authority offices to deal with a woman in charge of her case. Please place upon the man she’s dealing with for a rented room, a message of woe to him for his placating her life and restricting her ability to be free, and to adhere to the agreements first given to her. Please instruct him upon the wonders of Christianity and that being, we do for others. Please instill upon his heart and mind that the activity we are hearing, is not conducive to a repentant heart nor a Christian, nor a decent human being.

Educate this group of people @RepentantHeart is faced with, on the matters of what will happen in the end for the judgement carried out towards them by You for all they’ve done both good…and bad.

Back to @RepentantHeart - Galvanize this woman with continued protection against those who are not of You, and maintain blessing her with bold strength and courage, not just with her faith, but with following through with what You wish from her to do. Please settle her heart and mind daily to hear that quiet voice You speak to us with through the Holy Spirit and grant her the abundance of answers and solutions she requires to meet her one goal of money…getting her own apartment.

May You O Lord place upon those she deals with from housing authority, this man and his daughter, and all those she encounters and touches with understanding. Touch their hearts please to activate something in them to notice the dire need in her eyes and heart and movement that she needs to gain this place to dwell, if not for a little while. Please Lord bless her with transport and even a place to store her items that she may need for this new place. But may they never be but mere trinkets as the glory and treasure awaits us elsewhere far from here.

Please aide her in her quest, Lord. As you deem necessary and fit.
We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thanks for posting that, Pax!!! :heartpulse:


You’ve gotten many practical suggestions @RepentantHeart so I won’t offer more. :wink: What I will pledge is to keep you in prayer, that whatever wise action you decide to take will be blessed by God. He promises to keep us despite the worst circumstances. :heart:


Praying for you @RepentantHeart, though I’m far away and unfamiliar with your processes. I’m so sorry to hear you’re in this situation and not for the first time. The Lord knows what you need and He will provide. Look to him FIRST for your solution through prayer with faith in your heart that He will deliver. I reiterate the suggestion to take your phone out for a walk and make some calls. Who knows who you will meet along the way or what inspiration you’ll receive outside in the fresh air, reminded of the beauty of God’s creation (including you! - remember how much you’re loved) to steer you in the right direction. The Lord’s ways are not our ways and you might be very surprised by what pans out.

Please do keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing and that you’re OK?

God bless you with peace and strength through your faith,

Emma :pray: x


Thank you so much for the prayers and advice, I have posted over on the other thread that Pax posted regarding this dilemma. There is record high temperatures here this week and next (98-101) so it’s going to be a doozy trying to find a place and get moved. Not looking forward to it. I hope i don’t have any panic attacks from all this stress,goodness gracious…Praying for better days ahead for us all in Jesus name!


Hi @RepentantHeart !

I’ve been praying for you and your situation. I pray that God will send people to you. I mean really send people. I pray for financial provision, wisdom, comfort, peace and joy. I pray that somehow you would also find a Bible-believing church and that people there might guide you properly.

As I was reading your message of prayer request, I had the impression that you are with the wrong person and in the wrong place. I felt that you are not supposed to be there. I felt that you are in danger. Sorry, I don’t want to scare you and I didn’t want to sound paranoid so I didn’t reply or made any comment.

But please know that you are in my prayers and if you can, get away from that person and from that house. That is just how I feel. Please check out other people’s thoughts about this too if you like. I am really hoping that people will be sent to you as soon as possible. I mean, Godly, Christian people.

Please always be careful. Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean we can’t be too careful about other people. Always ask for guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

Praying for you from the Philippines. :pray: :heart: