In Hospital for heart issues

I’m being admitted to hospital for a cardiac work up. Some symptoms I thought were anxiety may be heart related. On phone so will keep this brief. Requesting prayer for the Lord to give wisdom to medical team & keep me focused on Him. Thank you and God bless you all.


I will pray for you and for the medical team. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Praying for you and your situation, dear SonshineLady. :hibiscus:


Praying for healing, sister. :bouquet: :pray:


Heavenly Father

Please bless @SonshineLady with an abundance of peace and calm in her heart and mind as she goes through the process of to find what is ailing her. Please bless the medical staff in charge of her with Spiritual wisdom and knowledge needed to overcome the obstacles of the unknown in her work up and change the questions into answers and the problems into solutions for both @SonshineLady and the medical team.

Please place a light shining on her continually through the day and allow her to feel your hand upon her shoulder throughout this time to concentrate on You.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you all so much!! Still in ER waiting for a room but wanted you all to know how much I cherish your prayers.


Praying for you, Sister. I just saw this.


God has his hands on you my dear. If he brought you to it, he’s going to bring you through it. I can testify to this as a cardic patient.


Thank you so much, Lya. Sounds like you’ve been through some stuff…I so appreciate your encouragement!!


Finally in my room…large private room with so much equipment it looks like a surgery room. Kind of scared me when I came in…I asked the 3 team members if I was THIS sick!!!

During the question time I was asked if I had any religious beliefs that would affect medical care decisions. I said yes, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, the Bible. Nurse said “But how does that affect medical procedures, like blood trasfusions?” I said I choose to not get the Covid vax for religious reasons. Nurse looked up and repeated “For religious reasons?” She made a note when I said yes. I asked if that would be a problem & she said no. Thank You, Lord, and prayer warriors.

I have to stay tonight but pray I can go home tomorrow as my cat is alone. I left out extra food & water but truly didn’t expect to be admitted. Thank you all again so much. (Edited to add: When I initially checked in at ER front desk, I asked the employee if a Covid test was required to be seen. I would have had to have done some quick praying if so and I really don’t want to be tested - I don’t trust it either - so I’m glad it didn’t have to be considered.)


I was a cardiac nurse in the hospital for a few years. Can you tell me what you are in for? You don’t have to divulge if you are not comfortable.
You should PM me if you want to talk about it.
I might be able to give you some information about what to possibly expect.


I am here if you wanna talk. Do you have text? We can even video chat - I would love to pray with you personally. If anything there’s someone who needs Jesus in that hospital. I pray the Lord will use you mightily and calm any fears you may have. God isn’t any stranger to what’s happening. He’s the answer before the question. Much love in Christ. Lya.


Just a heads up I sent you my text! I have had 3 major heart surgeries and use of one lung. I have congenital heart disease, 2 moderate to severe leakages. My left side of the heart is enlarged. And…on no meds. Well they really can’t as my BP is very low so it wouldn’t help matters anyways. I am still here - BUT God.

When doctors come to a conclusion remember not only is the Master of science, He’s actually the Creator of science. Nothing supercedes God. Mans knowledge is so limited. SO you’ve got the best doctor in the house. Daddy Dr! :wink:


I know it is late morning where you are…praying that you are released and your cat will only be glad to see you. Keep us posted, Sonshinelady.:hibiscus:


Saying a special prayer for you dear @SonshineLady
Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

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All the way from Africa


Praying you are resting at home with Kitty


Thank you so much @DallasT. I tried to keep up with responses while in the hospital but I’m used to my PC with a regular keyboard. I’ve never done much texting with my phone and I have big fingers so trying to type on it was frustrating. (I don’t use the cell as my main phone, still have a landline as part of my internet service. I get the cell service free as part of the Lifeline program for low income so I use it mainly if I needed to call for help on the road and a backup if my internet service goes down.) Now catching up with those I missed.

The Lord heard your prayers BIG TIME! The medical team/s (for the various shifts plus all Drs., techs, and related support) were like they were each especially selected for me. Each one was like a new friend and we shared interesting similar experiences. Three of the nurses/techs were at one time or are currently on anti-anxiety medication and shared with me the fear of running out and when running out occasionally how horrific the withdrawal symptoms are. I’d already been addressing this by telling my P.A., who assigned a home health team to work with me (1) with psych professionals to see if my medication needs to be tweaked as I just transferred them to the P.A. 5 years ago from my psych I saw for 30 years because I’ve moved and a 2 hour round trip for a 15 minute medication management appointment was getting too difficult for me - our expressways are starting to resemble Miami and now with the gas prices…ACK! P.A. took over but as she said, she is not a psych and not as conversant with what I need (2) a counselor (3) social services and (4) a weekly visit by an R.N. who I’ve been seeing for about 5 weeks and is an angel in disguise. I’d estimate he’s about 40, is very understanding and gentle and I think may be a believer based on some of his responses to my comments about my faith and is the person who said he wasn’t comfortable with my continued high BP readings that were the highest he’s seen at 173/something (higher than 100) last Thursday and told me if I had ANY symptoms of stroke or heart attack or felt anything that seemed different (I already have been) to not hesitate to go to the ER. As I mentioned in another post, I woke up at 3 am Friday, as usual, in a major panic attack, as usual and began thinking about symptoms I’ve had lately that are new, such as sometimes feeling like my head is “tight” (one time in the hospital it felt like it was going to explode and my BP reading was around 190ish), and that some of my anxiety symptoms may actually be blood pressure related. I’ve always had good (ie. low) BP so this is totally new for me but stress can cause high BP & for the last year and a half since my mother went into memory care (the pandemic & other world issues have been the least of my concerns in my personal life) it’s like my fight or flight mechanism got stuck in high mode. Plus my diet went down the tubes, recently I’ve been really scared about if my lease will be renewed in July (new managers, have had some issues with the owner in the past, and have heard of them not renewing leases recently - ability to be “pickier” due to people flooding to FL plus the housing situation in the U.S. in general, plus he’s raising rent by $70 for a 1-bedroom - ARRGGGGHHH!!! the BP is likely a combination of lifestyle and situational issues but still don’t want to be walking around with concern I might have a heart attack or stroke.

Back to the care team - I had an amazing conversation in ER with the woman in charge of registration. She shared with me that she is also on disability (apparently we’re permitted to work a certain number of hours and still keep benefits) and, due to a horrible life issue, now lives in a camper trailer in an RV park. Alternatives I would never have thought of. I like smaller places and have wished there was a “tiny home” park in this area…never know what may seem like a bad thing turns out better due to… :butgod:

It was like that with each person I encountered, including the woman who performed the echo-cardiogram and the woman who took our meal orders and delivered them. God bless you, my sister!!! The people couldn’t have been a better group!!!


Thank you so very much, @Gracings! I’m catching up with the prayer warriors I missed responding to while admitted. I’m back home…for now…and will post an update at the end of the thread. I so admire those with true gifts for prayer - you all are warriors for sure in the biggest battle of all existence!!!


@Susan I so deeply appreciate your prayers. Although I got a little scared when the ER Dr. seemed somewhat concerned and admitted me for tests and said since I was in the ER early, I’d likely get out that day, which increased when I spoke to the admitting Dr. who said my ER tests all looked good but needed to determine the cause for the high BP and listed the tests to be done then added that my mental health care was not being well-managed so they would help to address that as well. I said I couldn’t stay long (left extra food & water for my cat but not enough for an extended stay!!!) and was told the earliest would be the next day - Sat. THEN, after being admitted, the talk amongst the lead nurses and Doctor consults turned to…days - plural. I kept bugging everyone that I HAD to get out at least long enough to board my cat and take care of important business and would come back…at present that was handled with a “transitional out-patient program” that sounds like “rehab for heart patients” but I’m seriously considering seeing if I can be re-admitted as I know my Dr. wasn’t really happy to discharge me with my last reading still being moderately high (138/gah…can’t recall) and that was only due to being piled up with BP meds after a night of 180-190’s/100+. I’m still feeling extremely fatigued and, living alone, would feel safer back in the hospital. I have an appt. to get my cat’s rabies shots in the morning and will be able to board him if needed after that so will prayer to the Lord for what I should do. And back-up prayer for that decision is also appreciated. :grin: