Information on Nebulising hydrogen peroxide

I’m just looking for information on how to use hydrogen peroxide through a nebuliser. I’m a great believer in hydrogen peroxide and have used it all my life for cuts and infections which I’ve had many of as a farmer. I’m also a great believer in being prepared to try and deal with situations myself. I live in Wales and our National Health Service is in a mess and trying to see a doctor is nearly impossible. I already have ivermectin in the form of horse paste and know how to dose it and have taken several doses prophylactically. Please if anyone knows what is the procedure of using hydrogen peroxide. We have a nebuliser from when my wife used to get bad asthma from mould in an old house we used to live in so I’ll check it out to see if it’s still working, if not I’ll buy a new one. I’ve also seen that saline to use through a nebuliser is available easily online. Myself and my wife are on a daily regime of vitamin d, zinc, garlic tablets, and vitamin k. Anyway all advice will be gratefully received thanks.

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You can obtain medical grade normal Saline for a nebulizer online without a prescription as I did so myself more than a year ago— i’m sure the expiration date is approaching now but I had an on hand just in case.

Likewise I bought an inexpensive nebulizer and T kit. Actually multiple T kits so I could dispose if I was actually sick with a virus. However these things may become more scarce and hard to obtain the same as Ivermectin has done in the veterinary form if you notice the Internet is pretty much wiping online orders availability even on DuckDuckGo. It is abundantly clear that those running the agenda do not want people self treating at home.

But I’m not worried about using hydrogen peroxide as a matter fact FLCCC has said the data is showing it is not affective against this bio weapon.

Instead they are acknowledging the research of the likes of David Brownstein MD who successfully has and continues to treat it with nebulized lugols solution i.e. 2% iodine. The FDA attacked him immediately and made him take everything down but there’s still copies of his initial explanation of this somewhere I’m sure— in a nutshell he said put a couple of drops of it into the Normal saline that you would normally put in and use that 3 to 4 times a day if you’re sick with it. He actually said no virus can survive in the midst or presence of iodine.

If this is true then you can see why FLCCC is also recommending iodine nasal swabs and or rinses.


There is a book called rapid virus recovery that goes into detail regarding the use of hydrogen peroxide… nebulizing.
I have not read all of it yet but the reviews for it are really good.
Wish you the best… will keep you in my prayers.