🎹 instrumental worship music


I look forward to music in Heaven. I can’t enjoy most that’s called music here on this earth anymore.

I started out in Classical, went more with old style hymn type music and then towards a form of jazz that meshed with the Gospel. It’s a limited audience that likes that style of music and I just am not able to enjoy contemporary music, gospel or otherwise. I’ve tried and tried. Most of the songs people in the church world ooo and aah over being so “uplifting” are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I find that I do not listen to music at all anymore and rarely play anymore either. Used to be able to melt the heart with “I surrender all” or “I’d Rather Have Jesus” or “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”… but those days are long gone. If it doesn’t have somebody spacin’ out with a fog machine, heart altering sub bass rhythmns, and with hips grindin’ on a guitar, it’s boring.


music helps me when i want to worship the Lord from my heart :white_heart:

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Please don’t give up on your music BrianT. I too miss the good worship of yesterday and find the music being sold as “worship” is repetitive, without Spirit and meaning, and very few notes. I was a worship leader and have been a singer all my life. I would love for JD to include his worship on Youtube. He mentions songs a lot of times and they are old but good songs that have a life changing story behind them. I sit under both JD’s services and also Jack Hibbs, but Jacks worship team has that familiar unmoving music. I don’t mean to criticize and hopefully no one will take it that way, but I notice that when they pan out in the congregation, I do not see many worshiping. I am not sure where they get their music, but it seems to be similar to mass produced worship music without any Spirit behind it. Just sharing my thoughts. Hope you will continue singing a new song to the Lord each day from your heart. He loves that type of worship!


Here is my YouTube playlist, if anyone is interested:

What I do is hit the “mix” button. The songs are not arranged in any particular order.


I love Phillips Craig and Dean :blush:

I’m from the Philippines. I love the song (reading the subtitles).

Thank you. :pray:

This song is dedicated to ALL who feels rejected from this world. I hope this will bring blessings of comfort, peace, joy and acceptance to all. God bless God’s children. See you in the rapture! :kissing_heart:


Hi. Listening from the Philippines.

Can’t play this video in my country :thinking:

I wonder why this was disabled…

When I was listening to this song and from reading the TITLE I know that this song is about ISRAEL.

BUT, LISTEN CAREFELLY…I feel God is talking to us too. “…once I gather you in my wings. I will bring you all back home.” RAPTURE!!! Definitely, for me it’s about the rapture of the CHURCH :grin: :kissing_heart:


Let us Praise Him…Jesus ONLY…


I definitely don’t enjoy the CCM either. And I am often wondering what the Lord Himself might be thinking as He listens to it. Many well meaning Christian sisters and brothers, but to me it’s sad that given the heavy emphasis on the modern instruments in CCM, the singers’ voices are pretty much overpowered by the loud music and can hardly be heard. I could imagine the Lord wanting to hear the beautiful voices of His people! Many churches these days also offer earplugs so that people can bear the music. I find that disturbing. I also think that CCM is made to copy the world and to attract people by the style of music, which is backwards in my opinion as the Lord should be the reason to attend and the desire to worship Him. Not the music in itself. Church is supposed to be boring and unattractive to the world, to the unregenerate. We can’t draw the world in by worldly means. That only results in false converts. Or a revolving door of comers and goers, they don’t stay and grow in the Lord.

And I think that there is a kind of a “litmus test” to the state of worship music in a church, and it goes like this: turn the power off, leave the instruments alone and start singing the same songs. If the atmosphere remains flat and people will not get all excited and passionate about praising the Lord that way, it’s just the music and the instruments beating up and artificially elevating the mood. It’s emotional manipulation, not worship.

And to test the lyrics, if you can read them out without music, without singing, and it still sounds Biblical and like praise and worship from your heart, it’s a test passed. But if it feels all dumb and repetitive and vain without the background music and singing to the tune, it’s again just the music and it’s emotional impact on a person.

Music is very powerful and it can elicit strong emotions. It’s easy to misinterpret the powerful emotions from music as coming from the Lord, when it’s just plain psychology. It’s not always negative, music can heal, for example. It can relax, it can make us feel happy and joyful. And it’s good! But we can confuse natural and psychological phenomena as being a sign of the Holy Spirit being present and that’s what we should be careful about. It’s rampant today. Just because we’ve been all worked up into an emotional frenzy via music definitely does not mean it’s the Holy Spirit. Oh, and to add, in that state we can be easily manipulated, like, including the offering right after such music people are certainly much more likely to give, more than was there no music prior to it. We should gladly and joyfully give from our heart, but our hearts can be manipulated in so many ways. The big mega churches that deceive so many people use this tactic to their advantage. I was one of the deceived in the past, I was deeply moved by the music which directed my decisions regarding giving. Once the emotion faded away, I even regretted what I had given, as I was so poor that I could hardly feed myself. But I could not think clearly from the power of the emotion.

But I veered off from the main topic so I should just stop now. :slight_smile:


Not at all. I think you were dead on with the topic! Thanks for sharing! I think you expressed what quite a few feel but may have trouble putting words to.

I long for the days of just a piano and the old hymns. Occasionally, I’ll get just a hint of someone doing that online.


Hear!! Hear!! Love all you said and I agree with what Brian said.