Introducing myself

Hi everyone

Im Liz. I live in a town called Bedford in England, UK. I have recently given my life over to Christ. I was brought up Catholic by my Italian parents who immigrated to the UK back in the 1960s. I then became a Jehovah’s Witness at the age of 20 untill i disassociated myself 16 years later. I then went into, what I can only call, a spiriual wilderness flitting from a non denominational Christian church to atheism to, most recently, New Ageism. Througout all this, however, I believe that our loving God was watching me and drawing me to him. Last year, round about Autumn time, my sister spoke to me of Christ being the only way to salvation (she had been seeing me post ‘New Age’ doctrine on my Facebook page, and challenged me about my beliefs. It’s thanks to God that he used my sister, in the way that he did, that I am now a follower of Christ and will be dedicating my life to him in baptism next month on 9th July.

I recognise the fact that we are now living in the very end of end times and knew, back in 2020, when everything was kicking off about Covid etc., that it was all a hoax. Most of my family and friends, including my beloved son, thought that i was a conspiracy nut job ( my unbelieving son to this day still believes that I am) but I now know, in my heart of hearts, that we are living in prophetic end times. I pray every day that my unbelieving son, loved ones and friends will have their hearts turned and the scales fall from their eyes so that they too will embrace Jesus as their Lord and saviour. :pray:

I.send you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ, much love and pray that we all stand firm in our faith in Christ in these last days. May the Lord give us the strength and courage to keep going forward proclaiming his word fearlessly until he takes us up with him when we are raptured back home with him. :pray::latin_cross::heart:


Welcome Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing your testimony. :yellow_heart:


Thank you Stacey. :pray::heart:


Amen @Belladonna15!

Praise the Lord you joined us here and our blessed family in Christ! There are so many lost souls out there who refuse to listen to logic and reason about so many obvious things in this messed up world. Satan has deceived so many and I pray for humanity to finally come to their senses every day, before it’s too late, and they have to face the wrath of God to come soon.

I, too, was brought up catholic until I felt a strong sense of disgust with them at the age of 20 and left them to seek the real truth that took quite a while to find. I went to many different churches and listened to several preachers and ministers from different denominations, but never got into the new age beliefs or Jehovah’s Witness. I just knew in my heart that God was leading me somewhere else… which lead me totally away from all organized religion. To this day, I only follow a few ministers of truth online that God has lead me to and the ultimate truth in His Word, the Holy Bible, which I listen to and pray about daily. As a matter of fact, I’ve been posting God’s word for anyone who’s interested to see and read on my Mewe profile daily and have been for several years now, so the entire Bible is there for them when we have all gone home to Jesus in the rapture. Only a few people pay any attention to it now, but I have a feeling God is having me do it so that those poor souls going through the wrath can finally find and have some comfort in it in the end. I welcome you and all to join me in reading and listening to God’s Word anytime.

I especially pray for the children that are constantly exposed to so many terrible things of this world, that God would take us all away soon so they may escape all of the things they should never have to see, feel or experience. It pains my heart to think of what our children and grandchildren see in this world, on the news and on social media nowadays and all I can do is keep praying for our soon rapture and for the souls of the lost that fail to listen or even care to know the real truth, which is God’s word, the Holy Bible.

May God Bless us all and may He give you his peace and agape Love that far surpasses all understanding.

In His Love, Liz,



Hi Joe

Thank you for sharing your story with me and your agape love.

Yes, the state of the world truly saddens me. The enemy has done a great job in deceiving the masses. Things seem to be stepping up rapidly what with our children being targeted in the schools with the perverse LGBTQ and trangender indoctrination, the role out of the so called ‘smart cities’, digital currencies and the Bible prophecies concerning the Middle East all begining to take shape.

I pray that our unbelieving friends and family soon open their eyes to what’s happening and come to Christ. In the meanwhile we must keep constant in prayer and allow God to guide us in our lives so that we do not stumble and fall at the last hurdle. :pray:


Wecome loved reading how you came to the Lord , praise praise to our Father … im from across the water in northern ireland :pray::heart:


Thank you Cara,

Northern Ireland. Great to know you’re not that far away. X


Thank you.

We all have a tesimony story to tell. It’s amazing how God draws us to him in very many different ways.

Love listening to JD’s sermons too. :pray:


Good to have you here! Welcome to the forum Elizabeth!


Thank you Susan. X


Welcome to the Family, Liz! Your testimony is as beautiful as it is powerful. I will bow my heart with yours and join your prayer of thanksgiving for your salvation and pray for that decision to be made by all those you hold dear (and as quickly as possible).

And welcome to the forum, too! I hope you find fellowship and edification here. We are delighted to have a new sister! I pray your baptism day is full of love and laughter. May God bless you and keep you, Liz.



Oh how wonderful to have a new sister in Christ. I too pray for the scales to be removed from my loved ones. I pray all the prodicals will have their “come to Jesus” moment soon. Any day now will be our “going home”.


Thank you.

Yes, we need to be fervent in our prayers so that our loved ones repent and turn their hearts over to Jesus. I petition the Lord night and day so thst he works on their hearts. :heart: Nothing is impossible to our Lord. :pray:


Thank you GR, I appreciate your warm welcome and your prayers.

I hope to get to know you all as time goes by. This feels like a lovely warm Christian community.
God bless you! :pray: :heart:


Welcome to the caravan of Christian cohorts of craziness and compassionate comrades. Trust me that took some time to think up. Praying that through your time here, it will be blessed abundantly with all that you require from brethren.


Thank you so much Jon for the lovely welcome.
It’s great to be hear amongst my brothers and sisters in Christ. :pray:


So very thrilled to meet you and know your testimony. This forum family is our safe place to exchange stories, prayers, laughs, experiences and excitement as we wait for our Lord to call us home by earthly death or the great and anticipated Rapture. We join you in praying for your son and friends, our family members and friends and the general public who are so lost.

Come here and engage with your new family any time. You are automatically loved and welcomed.

Michelle from the USA but as close as a message!:heart:


Thank you Michelle

Im so blessed to have found this online Christian family. Thank you for also sharing in my prayers for my unbelieving son and family. I lnow that our heavenly father will not turn away from hearing our constant petitions on behalf of our loved ones and those who are lost in the world. :pray::heart::pray:


Welcome Elizabeth!!
What an amazing testimony .

Keep praying for your son and loved one’s salvation.

So glad you’re here :heart::heart:


Thank you Stephmerm

I will not give up on them. :pray: