Irreplaceable to me

I’ve frequently had this thought of:

What if there was some type of disaster and I only had a few moments to grab some things from my home before leaving…What would I take? What is irreplaceable to me?

A few things include: my wedding ring and the King James Bible I inherited from my grandmother.

Another would be this quilt. My great-grandmother made this quilt for me when I was a little girl. I know she made it with great care and love. Gazing at the quilt generates a recollection of precious experiences with her.

She was a good Christian woman. I remember her kindness, going to church with her on Sundays and the excitement of waking to special (mickey mouse) pancakes at her house in the morning. I know she is with the Lord now, I so look forward to seeing her again one day soon.


That quilt looks so beautiful. Looks like she put a LOT of work into that with all the embroidery in it as well. What a treasured gift to you. Thanks for sharing it.


Hi DallasT :raising_hand_woman:. Thank you. I really don’t know that much about quilting, so I appreciate the observation about the embroidery :grin:


I have two sisters that quilt and believe me, hours and hours of work go into it and they don’t even do the embroidery stuff. If she made that for you, she must have loved you so VERY much to spend all that time on it. It truly is a priceless treasure from her heart. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


Aww thanks for that DallasT :two_hearts:


Oh, how beautiful. What a prized and cherished item. I would certainly grab that to take with me just because of the wonderful memories attached to it.


I had a grandmother like that too and how I miss her. She used to tell us about things in the Bible and as I heard it when I was still quite young; the one about the two mothers and King Solomon stuck with me to this very day at 78 years young. They evidently slept in one bed with their two babies and one rolled on her baby at night and her baby died. She tried to say the other mother’s baby was hers. They went to King Solomon and he asked what should be done since there was only one baby. He asked if they should cut the baby in two so they could each have part of it. The mother whose child had died said yes; the real mother was horrified by the suggestion and he knew who the true mother was. My grandma prayed for us to come to Christ. I am so thankful her prayers were answered on my behalf. I would not want to live a day without Him; though I did not hear His call until I was 42 and then I joyfully ran to Him.