Is America's Frontline Doctors Legit?

Does anyone know if America’s Frontline Doctors is truly a legit organization? I have been getting the run-around trying to get my dad an appointment. They emailed him back and said they could not do anything about our system. We don’t have a system. We’ve tried 3 times within a week and the last time we got a success message but now they say he does not even have an account but he does. We are able to log in but it won’t let me create a new appointment because one is pending yet, they do not see him in their database and then point to the issue is with our system. I’m very confused and troubled.

Thanks for your help!


I’ve used them many times for phone consultations and Rx refills. I have only been able to get a PC to work with their system; a Mac simply won’t work, no matter what I do. Their system also chokes on certain web browsers.

I don’t like using Chrome on a PC for transactions like this, but it’s the only thing that has worked for me.

Yes, they are legit.


Thanks, I did use chrome and I got a message that said it was successful but he never got an email like myself and others did. I sent a message to customer service to confirm they would call and they said they have no record of him and he needs to create an account. I’m able to log him in again but he can’t make another appointment because one is pending. :slightly_frowning_face: further, they called me several days ago but no pharmacy call back yet. I got concerned that they were not legitimate. Glad to hear they are

That’s good to know if I ever decide to try using them… I have Macs mostly, but do have an old PC laptop.

From what I know they are an organization. Yet from the sounds of what you are saying is they are not all that organize. It sounds like their site, database, and other computer related stuff may be a mix mash of software that does not work all that well together. That would not be surprising considering they were kind of thrown together just a year or so back.

On the other hand it may also be that they have been hacked some and are trying to make it where hackers don’t get easy access as they are likely state based hackers.

That being said, I would say keep trying as it may take a while. One thing that may also be part of the problem is that as people wake up and do their own research they be inundated with new members. So that is likely to be overloading their abilities.

But from all that I have seen they are a legit organization.


I heard that they were slammed not long ago with lots of people seeking their services all at once. Maybe that could be part of it? I’ve never personally tried them, but I’ve heard good things.

Anybody know how much they charge for ivermectin? Hydroxychloroquin?


I wondered about the hacking aspect, as well, when I experienced how clunky their system is.

I started ordering from them in late 2020, and it was easier then. I think that they are experiencing tremendous demand now that more people know about HCQ and Ivermectin.


Don’t expect it to be cheap. I just ordered refills of one HCQ Rx and one Ivermectin Rx, and the combined total (with some cheap zinc and vitamin c thrown in) was about $230. I understand that HCQ is cheap in the third world, but that’s not the case here.

I just consider it a blessing to be able to have these supplies on hand to help our family or other believers if they get sick. I wish they were cheaper, but at least we can still get them. We have already been able to help two extended family members who recovered from the virus in 48 hours, with the help of HCQ.


Don’t give up. I had to wait on hold for 75 minutes to talk to the pharmacist to get my refills. They are overwhelmed.


Maybe a glitch, or maybe they’re just overwhelmed right now. Word is getting out on Ivermectin, and there’s been a run on it in the Atlanta area this week. I think this is the same group, but my wife and I used Dr Stella Immanuel from FrontlineMDS with great success. Referred many coworkers with no problems.

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My experience was excellent with AFLDS.

I have heard they are extremely busy…and keep in mind, this was an organization that was quickly put together, not that that should be an excuse for incompetence.

I received the bottle of HCQ within a week as I was not a priority because I don’t have COVID.

The comments below are correct, it isn’t cheap, it was $90 for the consult + $40 for the HCQ = $130.

***I just looked at their website, it is running very slow, I am guessing they are quite busy.

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My husband and I have paid the 90 dollars to fill out the patient account form. That was over 2 weeks ago. Haven’t been able to proceed any further with meds. I don’t think they were prepared for the response from people wanting the meds. We decided to consider it a donation. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes - I did twice - once for me and once for my wife - no problems and got meds - also have reordered ivermectin

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UPDATE: I did get a call back from the Pharmacy for mine but still no call for my mom and still not able to get my dad signed up. He’s the one who needs it the most. Glad to know they are legit. That was my main concern. I’ll keep trying to get things worked out for my dad.

When was the last time you re-ordered? When I spoke to the Pharmacy they said there was a nationwide outage of Ivermectin.

Got my last ivermectin 2 months ago - no problem - re ordered 5 days ago and have not received yet.

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I placed an order last night. Based on info from someone else on these forums I discovered one does not have to speak to a Dr. to obtain the prescription and it states somewhere in the questionnaire that the medication could be dispensed more quickly with an “asynchronous appointment.” Odd word but I took it to mean I did not need to speak to a Dr. I indicated on the questionnaire that I have no symptoms of Covid but want to have a prophylactic med on hand.

I indicated I would prefer to be notified by email. This morning I received an email receipt that my application had been accepted and my account charged $90. I also received two additional emails that a 200 mg HCQ tab at 50 mg Zinc tab had been approved and I would be contacted by the pharmacy within 2 days to arrange payment/delivery of those. I am using a laptop Windows-based PC and was pleased with how quickly I was contacted.

Again - I didn’t not realize one does NOT have to speak to a Dr. - I think that causes a slow down but if one needs or wants to speak to a Dr. first it is available.

We used them in March of this year. Used my Mac. No problems then. They are legit. I bet they are swamped as the word is getting out.