Isn't this forum a blessing? Thank you, Pastor Farag

I was never big into social media. Spent some time there but so much non-Christian talk and arguing.

With cancel culture against Christians abounding I looked for something else and found this forum. I’ve been on this forum for a month. I find it refreshing to meet with like minded persons here. I’m learning a lot from you and enjoying sharing my bible knowledge.

Thank you, Pastor Farag, or whomever in your organization who thought of setting up this forum. It’s a great blessing to Christians.


Hi … this is a blessing to have this forum i agree…its great to have other people like minded that we can chat to from all different corners of the world and all with their own wonderful experiences to share

God bless cheryl x


I agree! I have only been aware and listening to pastor Farag for a couple weeks, and am being truly blessed and healed by the prophecy teachings.


Oh yes, I love it and I look forward to JD’s (and Pastor Mac’s ) videos every week!! I have been watching him since around May/ June 2020


Yes it is a blessing, to get to talk with other believers here…even if we may differ on some doctrines…we are all still learning with each other. What a time we live in…but God has given us this place to "gather":heart:


@1jewel Exactly. I look forward each day now to chatting with my brothers and sisters here. I cannot see why any solid Christian would rather be on social media such as Twitter or Facebook when Christians here know the word of God, respect each other, help each other even if we disagree agreeably.


yes, this forum is truly a blessing :yellow_heart:
Thank you JD & Team!

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It really is.


Thank you dear Pastor JD and team! This forum has been such a great blessing to me!