It’ll be as it was in the days of Noah

For in the days of Noah the fallen angels/sons of God were said to have mated with women & gave birth to mighty men men of renowned.

Meanwhile if this latest Covid 19 vaccine changes Mans God given DNA. then that means according to biblical historical record. that not since the Days of Noah has the DNA of Man been altered.

something that may be valuable to keep in mind.


In some of the ancient texts (I wish I knew which ones), I remember of something odd, which could be some kind of reaction to an mRNA vaccine. What I remember was, “obese but not”, that suggested something that would make people “fat” but not necessarily overeating, perhaps something more like heart failure, or some other type of reaction that would cause swelling. There were two things, I can’t remember the other for sure but I’m thinking something that had symptoms resembling Alzheimer’s.

If someone knows where that is, I’d be interested in seeing it again. Jasher? Gad the Seer? I’m kinda thinkin’ somewhere among similar writings. Factual or not, it’s interesting.

I’ve always wondered about King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. He dreamed about a great image. The image represented a succession of empires. The last empire being the ten toes. They were part iron and part clay.
Daniel 2:43 KJV
And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.
Who are “they” that are mingling? Does anyone have any ideas?


@Keith93 - intriguing notion, however something also to consider:

The common sense Golden Rule of Interpretation

When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense, lest it result in nonsense.

Christ is King and so is the context of His Word

A verse of Scripture should be read within the immediate accessible and semantically relevant context. This may require going back to the beginning of the Passage, Chapter, or even Book.

Scripture Interprets Scripture

Allow God’s Word to decipher God’s Word. He often does so within nearby verses, as in this case.

Reading Matthew 24 again with these principles of exegesis firmly in hand can we really glean that Christ was talking about DNA jiggery-pokery as opposed to the simple fact that the world will once again be oblivious to the imminent and righteous judgement of God?

37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38 For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

Yours In Christ



  • Pressure to take the vaccine will increase. Possibly in dramatic fashion.
  • UFO/UAP “Alien” Phenomenon will increase and enter the mainstream media.
  • The final lock down will be initiated. Possibly April - May

As the executive in reserve President Harris takes the reigns it will most likely be her who will execute the final phase of processing the American people. Once we enter this lockdown you cannot exit it until you take the Vax/G-Therapy. How much and how deep we go into this I do not know. But Jesus will be on time.



Good to see you posting.


Excellent point @Keith93. This is exactly what is going on. I feel great sadness for those who are accepting the vaccine as my research has turned up that it has great potential to corrupt the image - this cutting recipients off from the Spirit of the Living God, and damning them to the second death - if what I suspect is going on be true.

However, I have been reading in the books of Revelation, Joel, Daniel, and Ezekiel a lot lately and I am seeing a different picture when viewing current events through the renewed lease of the scriptural description of last day tribulation events, than is traditionally taught. In short - I believe strongly that pastor JDs warnings about the vaccine are well warranted and it is certainly not worth the risk, especially against a virus that we have actually not seen proof of existence, and even if it does, the data shows us that the recovery rate is 99.98% for most, and still only 99.96% recovery rate for those most susceptible to illness (immune compromised, I.e. very elderly, etc.)

I see two marks, one is the mark of the evil doers who are participating in the horrific child rape and blood sacrifices to Ba‘al… these I believe are the ones who are referred to as those who’s name were never written in the book of life.

The second group being those who accept the mark in order to buy and sell, there is clear evidence that makes this vaccine (so called) a very good candidate for. (Reference what is going on in Israel with the Green Passports).

Since we know that this one is designed to change the DNA, thus corrupt the image, that is certainly not a risk I am willing to take and I have been encouraging others here who choose to make a similar stand.

For those who are still on the fence about it, there is a wealth of testimonies out there from people of all walks of life.


Hi @Gigi! Long time no read, I Hope you are doing well! Blessings to you!

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If this be true, then we are at the 3 and a half year marker. Counting months by the Hebrew calendar since the sign of the woman in travail (reference Matthew 24) which appeared in the sky on September 21, 2017.

This is very interesting Brian. I’m going to look deeper into this. I do have a copy of the extra biblical texts.

Have you read Doug Hamps book, Corrupting The Image?

This is the first couple paragraphs of Chapter 5 - Vampires, Zombies. Transhumans and other fiends of a book called Rapture Ready by Terry James.
One particular thing made God regret that He created man, according to His own Word.

"And God saw .....that every imagination of the thoughts of (man's) heart was only evil continually (Genesis 6:5)

This is what the collective mindset had come to by the time the Flood of Noah’s day was sent to kill all life on earth that breathed air — with the exception of Noah and his seven family members. Every form of evil had saturated the earth to the point that even the genetics of life forms were corrupted. (end quoting from book.)

I believe the Daniel 2:43 scripture speaks to the time of the end when Satan’s angels (demons) will again co-habitate with earthly women and corrupt mankind’s DNA. We are either at that time again or very close. Here is a headline from, "Government Agencies are about to disclose what they know about UFO’s that will be a dramatic paradigm shift. " Apparently, President Trump gave some government agencies 180 days to disclose all they know about the UFO sightings that have been witnessed and all the technologies they are aware the UFO’s have. This will be a great deception upon the world. These so-called aliens are non other than satan’s demons that have come to corrupt and destroy mankind. This is a must-read article. This government disclosure is also written about at

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@Lara - I have not, but thank you for the pointer. Can’t promise I’ll actually get around to picking up a copy - God’s word is enough to occupy me till eternity…which I assume is the point :]

Apologies for delayed response, only just seen your comment.

In Christ


Jesus did say that it would be as in the days of Noah. The battle over our DNA is quite ancient. I would also refer you to the Book of Enoch regarding the genetic experiments that were preformed.

There was also a Nephilim that was killed by a squad of US Navy Seals in Afghanistan. (see giant of Kandahar) Therefore we know that the US have in possession this corrupt DNA. and there is speculation that elements of this are in the big V.

If this is true then anyone that takes the needle would have a portion of demonic DNA and that would make them unredeemable to God.

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I’ve wondered the exact same thing. You know, I’m bothered by the “dolls” in the store. I went Christmas shopping for a doll for my girls. Big oversized eyes, small nose, small tiny mouth. Not very human at all. Same with the kids shows. Always big oversized eyes. Big oversized sunglasses on celebrities. Hmmmm. Are we being conditioned to accept something?

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The Book of Enoch was never supposed to be part of the Biblical canon on God’s orders. The Book of Enoch starts off with addressing those who are in the tribulation!!

It was for a distant generation ours!! Enoch foretold of the formation of the Bible and how we would be judged on our obedience to it. God clearly intended this authenticated prophetic word that is referenced in the Bible for our generation! Although Enoch prophesied the formation of the Bible there was a clear order that it NOT be part of the Bible.

We are also instructed not to despise prophesy especially something like this when its track record is 100% and the Bible does reference it. The Book of Enoch foretold the need and justification for the flood many years before it did occur. It also give details on the genetic experiments that were an affront to God and the eternal punishment for the fallen angles as well as their children the Nephilim.

You can buy the Book of Enoch on Amazon. Dr Ken Johnson has a web site where you can get a copy. No the Book of Enoch is not Biblical canon but God did very clearly tell us to read it. We can thank Chief Rabbi Kaduri for becoming a believer in Jesus and allowing the treasures of the Dead Sea Scrolls to be released to us. This information is undeniably the very hand of Almighty God.

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boristheblessed, I, too, really appreciate the work of Ken Johnson. There are a few minor things I don’t necessarily see quite like he does but I truly appreciate his thoughtful work digging into things most barely even know exist. Many times, they do open up a perspective we just don’t have today. Many of the writings he’s delving into were written by people who were living in Bible times, in the culture of Bible times, and sometimes offered their commentary on what are now our Scriptures. I wouldn’t call them infallible, but I do tend to pay attention to the things they say, in large part, because they were there.

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Noah must have had The Book of Enoch and other writings aboard
the ark. (Even though it’s not Canon, Book of Enoch must have had some credibility, as Jude quotes from it.) Anyway, here’s a possible connection of Nephilim teaching man to mess with pharmaceutical stuff, and today’s vaccine debates in the news:

Rev. 8:23 ----> “sorceries”
Greek root word translated in Revelation as “sorceries” is “pharmakeia”. We get the modern English words “pharmacy” and “pharmaceuticals” from this term. Ancient “sorcerers” could control the minds or actions of others, by herbs and chemicals.
I remember reading in a Book of Enoch commentary about Nephilim teaching man to do drugs. . . . so, I can see a possible point here, concerning end times relevancy to “the days of Noah”.

Wise as J. Vernon McGee…good response.

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This verse reminds me of the enmity of the seeds spoken of in Genesis. And to some degree, Revelation 12, and the Book of Jude. Thanks for sharing this. I need to look this up again. Another thing just came to mind, Jesus parable of the sower, along with Wheat and tares. The key word, being “seeds”.