Its raining through my room

It’s dripping from the ceiling… Please pray that there will be little or no rain by Monday. A week ago I observed the dripping, since then nothing has happened. I was supposed to call the repair service a long time ago, but didn’t do that because it stopped again and this has happened before and then it never rained again… But tonight there was some… So the roofer has to come, but this will be difficult at the weekend… It just has to stop raining by Monday :pray:


Dear heavenly Father. We lift up our sister Ann to you in her time of need. Father please divert any rain away from the roof leak. We know that small leaks can lead to bigger problems and Ann is asking for your intervention to avoid potential hazards. Please lead, guide and direct Ann’s path to the right plumber whose schedule is free to address this problem. May you give Ann peace, strength and wisdom as you fine tune the details for the remedy of this problem. We thank you that Ann has a place to lay her head at night. We pray these things in the mighty name of your precious Son, Jesus. For your glory Father. :pray::latin_cross::purple_heart:


Father Almighty God

While jokingly, I ask this for @Ann1 that you’d pour a heaping helping of Flex Seal on her roof and cure it immediately; I do ask that You please help her with this debacle and let the repair be quick and not costly. Minimal and not major. If my prayer coincides with Your will being done, I ask You please dissolve the storms she’s facing right now (weather wise primarily) and allow the area to dry out for the roofer to safely accomplish and complete the task at hand.

I beg and plead this in Jesus’ name


Thank you soooo much for praying and answering :heart:
The problem first arrised two weeks ago and I missed to make a appointment immediately so I was afraid if this got worse I would have to call the “emergency roofer” with the highest costs…
But God…
Although weather forecast had foreseen rain all day for saturday, we had sunshine all day and on sunday it only rained once…
I have called the facility manager and he will come tomorrow, so I hopefully won’t be underwater…

Love you all


Just watch and see what God can do.:heart::pray::innocent::latin_cross:


Yes like Natok said watch and see what God can do. Amen. Much prayers. Sandra


Hey there Ann, @Ann1
I was just checking in to see how you’re doing and find out if your leak has been fixed. Thanking God for the sunshine and less rain than forecast.


For me it’s the beginning of Tuesday. Operating on two hours sleep right now so, 18 minutes into my day…,figure I’d see how Monday went for ya?


The roofer hasn`t been there yet. But the weather is quite good so far…I hope for the best. It has not been raining in my flat again since sunday…
I am waiting eagerly until the roofer will start to do his work…hopefully :grinning:


well… i’m going to go ahead and share my story of the same problem you’ve been experiencing @Ann1 … at first, i was too embarrassed to ask for prayers… my good friend Cathy has been praying for me and helping me talk to the apt manager about this issue that’s still not being repaired. I’ll share my photos from back in May

So this has been an ongoing problem since i moved into my studio in Jan 2020… the maintenance guy then said he fixed the leak but apparently he didn’t because it started leaking again in may (above photos) and the new maintenance guy pulled out the damaged parts of the ceiling to see where the leak was coming from and i was left with this for almost 2 weeks, (below photos)

The maintenance guy said he was busy so i had my friend Cathy contact the apt manager to see if he could cover it up and this is what he did, he put a blue thick cardboard over it and applied some type of paste and said he would finish it but never did and this is what it looks like now.

So Cathy my good friend and sister in Christ and myself talked to the manager to see if the roofer can come back out and fix the problem and hopefully the maintenance guy can caulk on the roof over my apt to seal any areas where the roof is interrupted by a pipe,vent, or any other structures. I’m just waiting… @Ann1 i feel your pain and i have been praying for you. I just keep hoping Jesus will come and take us home so i won’t have to worry about this. This is too embarrassing for me but i just want you know you’re not alone with this ongoing problem.
Anyway, my dad said they just put a bandaid over it and never got to the root of the real problem and it only leaks when it rains and i try and place this plastic covering on my floor when i know it going to rain.


Stacey, don’t ever be embarrassed to ask for prayer. An old Pastor of mine said to "pray about everything ". I try to follow that, but fall short often times. Home repairs are important to take care of. Small problems can turn major quickly. I’m learning to ask for prayer more these days. Its so awesome when we can see God at work. Nothing that concerns you is insignificant to our Lord. Or, insignificant to your brothers and sisters here. Praying for a quick resolve for you.:pray::blue_heart:


@Natok thank you Natalie :sparkling_heart:


i pray all the time… it was just this mess with the leaking from my ceiling that i was afraid that some in here would look down on me if they knew… i don’t know why i didn’t have with the courage to ask for prayers in here in the first place… only God knows. I’m just glad i finally shared this because i didn’t want Ann to feel like she was the only one going thru this.