Ivermectin and Praise

You won’t find this on YouTube. The “Ministry of Truth” forbids dissenting information that goes against the approved narrative.

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Can anyone help me understand this better? I have an earlier copy of this FLCCC I-MASK+ protocol from Jan 6, 2021 and none of the ‘second line agents’ were on it before. Just wondering how these would be helpful. Odd assortment of treatments each with their own list of side effects…

Dual anti androgen therapy (a drug used to suppress masculine traits)

Fluvoxamine (an SSRI ,treats OCD
and depression)

Monoclonal antibody therapy
(EUA status like the V should be; immune, lab-produced molecules designed to mimic the body’s natural response to infection.)

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If you go to the website they talk about what their updates are and why they’re using them each week. For instance the lipid lowering agents are used to help clear out the monocytes that are hanging on the spike proteins. Their updates are very informative


Don’t worry about the second line treatments those are more prescription medication‘s that would come from a provider. On their website they pretty much say just put the stuff in your medicine cabinet that you can obtain on your own (with the exception of the ivermectin which I got the veterinary formula but that’s just me).

I don’t agree with all of their protocol but I am very impressed with these doctors as they have a weekly talk that they do it’s a live video conference on their website. When they first began they were sold out gung ho for saying yeah yeah go ahead and get the shots as well as this. But now last weeks video they’re not promoting that so much anymore at all as a matter fact they’re starting to say don’t bother.

They haven’t quite had the lights turn on as to what’s really in the shots and honestly I don’t think that they are saved Christians— doesn’t seem that way but if they are they are clueless. At one point in time they were basically mocking the Christians and saying this is all a conspiracy theory.

But that was a month ago and slowly slowly I’m watching them come around to the reality. Now one of them about a week ago basically in the video said don’t bother with the monoclonal antibodies they’re already showing that they are not useful and they are expensive and a waste of time making pharmacies a lot of money.

But I’m surprised about is that it’s still on their protocol. From a Christian perspective I am 100% against it— as I’ve said it comes from possibly tainted blood from those who have had it and taken the jab (so blood that already has the chips etc. in it) or it can possibly come from “humanized mice“ enough sit on that. Furthermore it is mRNA-based just like the shots and by no coincidence just like the shots already showing a tendency towards aDE. This will show up more and more overtime just like it did for the shots. It’s poison in my opinion.

Anyways I still respect these doctors because they continue to do their research and when they find out that things aren’t working out they are the first to say so even though it takes them a little bit more time to come around.

But it has to their protocol just pay attention to what you can easily obtained for your medicine cabinet so to speak. The ivermectin is a transport mechanism to assist with getting zinc into the cells. It is actually the zinc that helps boost the immune system and stop viruses. The washes and gargles and nasal rinse is all help to stop viruses as well. If you go to their website you can watch and listen to their weekly talks and probably understand a lot of this because they talk about it every week.


Call their corporate office and file a complaint. Pharmacists are not to practice medicine. Where do you get the Neti rinse? Is that the Nasal Levage machine you are talking about? I use the same protocol except for the nasal cleanse which I haven’t been able to find a source for. Looking to start diluting 5% Iodine to 1% if I cant come up with another source.

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Thx for the info - wondering what dosage of HCQ you are taking daily and if there is also a protocal on dosage needed to treat if covid symptoms are suspected ?
I’m in Canada and this option might be easier to obtain than Ivermectin and as you say it is less expensive. The site I’m looking to order it from has only a 200mg dose option .
Thx for any advice you can offer .


I just read the small print on the order form and prescription for HCQ is required !

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Hi Adrienne, I’m using HCQ as a prophylactic, so as prescribed, my initial dose was two 200MG tablets. Thereafter, I only take one 200mg tablet once a week. My wife uses ivermectin, and she takes 4 tablets once a week. The ivermectin tablets are 3MG. Keep in mind, Ivermectin is much more expensive compared to HCQ. It’s our Sunday drugs.

Disclaimer: talk to your doctor on what’s right for you. I’m just a guy on the Internet.


Thank you ! !! Disclaimer accepted as info only with no medical opinion/advice inferred.

I currently don’t have a family Dr as she just returned to the UK and being accepted elsewhere depends upon whether you pass the meet’n greet interview which to me is code for are you anti vax and therefore not acceptable as a new patient !

I depend upon other like minded people on this forum and J.D’s weekly updates so am thankful for any and all articles posted .


I don’t rinse my nose out, but I blow my nose a lot :rofl:.

I follow the same protocol you do. I have not had COVID. NOT vaxed, either.

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If you go to the FLCCC webpage it will give you the Protocol and the dosage for Ivermectin by weight. The protocols are for prophylaxis , early treatment and Hospital treatment.


This is amazing!


Ivermectin is based on weight you should never ever base it on what someone else is taking

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